Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 564

Chapter 564

Right then, Demi leaned over with a cold grin. “Dad, don’t you guys understand yet? Sasha isn’t crazy; she’s just utterly fooled by this man from the Larson Family! She’ll believe in whatever he says while she never trusts our words; she’ll do whatever he wants her to do.

Arranging for a few men to enter the company is no big deal, but sooner or later, the whole company’s probably going to turn into the Larson Group Wellness Herbary! When that happens, the rest of us will probably get kicked out and be left to fend for ourselves!”

Just then, Sasha pushed the door open just in time to hear the other girl’s words. “Who did you say is going to get kicked out?”

“Whoa, Sasha’s back! No—just pretend that I didn’t say anything. I don’t want others to start gossiping and talking bad about me behind my back.” Demi smirked.

With her eyebrows pressed together, Sasha glanced around the room before she asked in a deep voice, “What are you guys trying to do?”

James, who was still fuming, growled, “Sasha, you came back right in time. Tell me—were you the one that approved for Matthew’s friend to become the general manager of Wellness Herbary?”

She nodded. “Yes. What about it?”

In an outburst of anger, James slammed a hand against the table as he shouted, “What are you trying to do here, Sasha?”

“What is it, Dad? Why are you losing your temper?” Sasha was stunned to see this.

Helen interrupted. “What is it? When we were at Wellness Herbary, you kicked us out within days of us working there. Now, you’ve gotten one of Matthew’s friends to be the CEO and another to be the general manager; the entire company is filled with Matthew’s cronies. Sasha, you…

Do you know who you’re the closest to here? We are your biological parents and Demi is your biological sister, yet we aren’t allowed to be in the company. Why can Matthew’s friends overtake the CEO and general manager positions then?”

At this point, Sasha was starting to get frustrated. “Dad, Mom—is this what you guys are angry about? I didn’t make this decision alone. Wellness Herbary is the company with the greatest profits in all of Cunningham Pharmaceutical’s businesses; it earns even more than the head company itself.

Because of this, the Board of Directors place a lot of focus on Wellness Herbary; there have been times where several important meetings were hosted in the company itself. I wasn’t the only person who decided on the switching and shifting or appointment and dismissal of the workers; we all discussed it during our Board of Directors meeting. Similarly, this current shift of workers was decided during the meeting, so everyone agreed to it as well!”

James and Helen froze as they no longer knew what to say. However, Demi quickly grinned as she commented, “Hey, members of the Board of Directors must be pretty close to Matthew! How can the Board of Directors appoint someone who has never stepped foot into an office to become a general manager immediately upon entering? Sasha, is Matthew’s friend that amazing? Why haven’t I heard of him?”

By then, James and Helen had returned to their senses as they chimed in as well. “Who was the one that introduced this man to the company? Do the Board of Directors even know this man? Did you and Matthew pull some strings so that he could get in and become the general manager?”

With a rather frustrated look on her face, Sasha explained, “Julian and Tiger were the ones who introduced this man to the Board of Directors. His current role as the general manager serves as a probation period; the Board of Directors haven’t fully agreed for him to be the CEO. They’d have to observe his skills before agreeing to let him take over the whole company.”

However, Helen was quick to catch onto something that Sasha had said. “So Julian was the one who’d introduced him, huh? I’m sure Matthew’s somehow involved in this, then. In the end, Matthew is just trying to get the whole of Wellness Herbary to fall under his control, am I right?”

With his cold glare fixated on Matthew, James then growled, “I’m warning you right now, Matthew. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you know a few men here and there. I am going to give it my all and go against you should you ever plan to claim the Cunningham Group’s company for yourself!”


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