Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 565

Chapter 565

Huh, James’s thought process is quite interesting, thought Matthew to himself as he fell speechless. On the other hand, Sasha was furious as she shouted, “Can’t you be a little more rational, Dad? Who’s planning to steal our company? Isn’t Matthew part of our family too?”

James shouted in return, “How is he part of our family? Is his surname Cunningham? Does he have any blood relations to our family? He’s just a live-in son-in-law—do you really think he’s one of us?”

Stunned, Sasha fell silent for a moment before she quickly defended Matthew. “Dad… how could you say something like that? What’s wrong with being a live-in son-in-law? Has he done anything wrong to our family’s name? Has he treated any of you badly? Where did you get the house that you’re currently living in?

Who sacrificed everything to solve all the previous issues in the company? Back when our company was on the brink of falling apart, who was the one that helped to deal with everything?” Her words got James tongue-tied as he didn’t know how to answer her.

However, Helen replied quietly, “Why are you bringing up the past? It’s true that Matthew has done a lot for Wellness Herbary, but isn’t it only right for him to do something for the company when he has been living in our home and feeding off our meals everyday for the past few years? It’s the same if I own a dog…”

Sasha completely lost it at this point. “Enough! I’ll say this again—Matthew is my husband! I love him, and I will not allow any of you to insult him! If you guys continue to humiliate him, I… We’ll both leave Eastcliff together and we will never come back!”

Her words came as a shock to Helen, who then fell silent for a while as she was too stunned to speak. She knew how rash and stubborn her daughter could be—Sasha might actually stick to her words if she was forced to do so. Meanwhile, Demi stepped in to mediate the situation once she noticed how tensed everyone was. “Sasha, we have no intentions of humiliating Matthew.

I just think that it’s a little too biased of you to make such decisions, don’t you think so? Matthew’s friend gets to take control of Wellness Herbary while we—your direct family members—can’t even work in the company. Don’t you think it’s quite unfair to us?”

Angrily, Sasha replied, “Don’t you guys know why you were chased out of Wellness Herbary? What did you guys do in the company previously? Don’t you remember the time when Wellness Herbary encountered that huge incident where we nearly lost investments worth tens of millions?

Back then, the Board of Directors wanted to find the real culprit and send all of you to prison; who was the one who solved this whole matter for you guys? Demi, don’t you remember that time you transferred 300 million out of the company’s account?

Mom, Dad—the two of you got scammed by that boss and you nearly lost the whole company. I’m sure you guys haven’t forgotten about that, right? Who was the one who got the money back? Who was the one who saved you guys from getting into prison? Who was the one who rescued the company when it was at the brink of bankruptcy?”

The people in the house all looked at one another, all of them too embarrassed to speak. After a long period of silence, Helen finally heaved a sigh before she said, “Sasha, it’s true that we’ve made a few mistakes in the past. I know that you’ve always felt displeased with us; both your dad and I never got to study much, and your sister quit her studies to work so that she could pay for your school fees.

It’s true that we’re dumb, and we certainly deserve to be scammed because we don’t have the knowledge and awareness needed to run a business. Whatever you say is true… We’re nothing more than a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

Sasha was infuriated. How dare this woman use such tactics just to gain my sympathy at this point in time? “Mom, do you really want me to put everything out there? Sure—you and dad never got to study much since everyone was poor during your generation.

However, what about Demi? Are you sure that she really dropped out just to pay for my school fees? Do you really want me to bring up everything about her past?” she uttered.


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