Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 566

Chapter 566

The look on Demi’s face darkened the minute she heard this. Back then, she dropped out of school because she had fallen in love with a thug that wasn’t studying and often skipped classes to be with him. The thug got arrested and was brought to prison later on, but Demi could no longer return to classes.

She was the only one to blame for not completing her studies; it wasn’t anyone else’s fault. Liam didn’t know about this, and it’d be difficult for her to explain herself if the truth came to light.

James and Helen glanced at each other awkwardly. Finally, Helen waved her hand dismissively as she casually said, “Fine, I’m done talking nonsense to you. Sasha, if you really think of us as your parents, you should be a little more fair with your decisions.

Wellness Herbary is worth billions now; you should either get us into the company or at least provide us with the funds to start a new retail pharmacy chain. We’re your parents, so the funds you’ll provide for our retail outlets shouldn’t be less than the amount needed to start a pharmaceutical company, right?”

Sasha froze for a moment as she finally realized why her parents had bothered to start this fight in the first place. It’s all about money in the end, huh. Not only that, she’s being so greedy about it—how can she compare the amount of funds needed to establish several retail pharmacy outlets and those required to start an entire pharmaceutical company?

The pharmaceutical company is now worth billions of dollars; does she need billions to start a retail pharmacy chain as well? “What are you talking about, Mom? How much money do you need to start these retail pharmacies? You’re asking for a few billion here… Are you planning to fill the entire province with your retail pharmacies?” Sasha asked impatiently.

The other woman’s eyes lit up as she said, “That’s not impossible! We should make it a big thing if we are to start it. We can fill the province with our pharmacies, and Cunningham Pharmaceuticals would have two profiting companies. By then, our pharmacies will definitely earn a lot more than Wellness Herbary!”

Annoyed, Sasha muttered, “You’re also aware of the situation at the company right now, Mom. How can we provide you with so much money? Furthermore, this is the first time you guys are starting such a business; why do you want to make it such a huge thing?

Billions of dollars invested into a single project—won’t Wellness Herbary collapse along with you guys if the project fails?”

“What are you trying to say right now? Are you saying that we will fail in whatever business we start?” Helen was starting to get annoyed as well.

Her daughter quickly clarified herself and said, “That’s not what I meant; I’m just saying that you’ll definitely win some and lose some when starting a business. However, I think you shouldn’t invest too much into a single business—especially when this is the first time you guys are using such a business model.”

At this point, Helen simply held a palm in front of her face as she said, “You don’t have to say anything more; I understand what you mean. You just think we’re useless people after all. Fine, I’ll admit it—we are pretty useless.

We’ve never been to school and we don’t have the level of education you do, but know this, Sasha—your Dad and I were the ones who worked hard to bring you up and pay for your school fees. You don’t have to respect us, but you can’t look down on us!”

Sasha’s frustration was reaching its peak as she uttered, “Mom, when have I looked down on you guys? I-I’m just telling you guys to take it slow! That’s the way businesses should be operated—you start small and gain experiences along the way before expanding it. There isn’t anyone who’d invest such a huge sum all at once!’’

With a bone-chilling voice, Helen responded to her and said, “I get what you mean although you’re not saying it out loud.”

“W-What do I mean, Mom?” Sasha was confused.

Her mother glared at her. “Let me ask you this—starting a pharmacy is a simple business, so why would we incur any losses? You say that we need to gain experience, but what experience is there to gain? You’re simply looking down on us; you just think that we’ll lose money because we’re incapable of doing anything.”

“That’s not what I meant at all, Mom!” Sasha was completely and utterly speechless at this point.

Demi then piped up and said, “If that’s not what you mean, you should invest more into Dad and Mom’s pharmacies. If you trust them, you should help them expand their pharmacies!”

Sasha was about to lose her mind. This whole conversation keeps going back to the topic of them wanting money!


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