Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 567

Chapter 567

After Sasha and Demi argued for a while longer, James finally landed both his palms on the table with a loud thud before he roared, “Shut up, both of you! I’m not going to make it hard for you, Sasha; we don’t need billions of dollars. You can just invest 300 million into the pharmacies.”

Her face fell as she thought, even 300 million is an outrageous amount!

On the other hand, Demi looked rather annoyed as she said, “You’re being too nice to her, Dad. Why is it hard for her at all? She’s the chairman of the board; she gets to decide how the funds are allocated across the whole company, right? Why does an outsider’s pharmacy get up to a billion while we are only given 300 million?”

With a wave of his hand, James showed his disagreement toward Demi’s words. “The company can’t place all of their funds into our pharmacy; what would the headquarters do if they need money to expand the business? On the other hand, 300 million isn’t significant enough to affect any business expansions, and it’d make things easier for your sister as well.”

As Demi nodded, she turned and side-eyed Sasha as she said, “Did you hear that, Sasha? Dad and Mom are always so thoughtful, but what have you ever done for them in return? You’d be an inhumane creature if you don’t provide them with 300 million at the very least!”

Sasha became nervous upon hearing this. “The company doesn’t have 300 million at the moment, Dad! It’s currently focused on expanding itself and there are loads of orders that haven’t been completed; all of our funds have been invested into other items.”

Her dad’s face turned stone cold as he replied, “Sasha, the company previously received a deposit of billions of dollars; don’t tell me that’s all gone. Furthermore, Wellness Herbary has been earning quite a bit recently—I even heard that profits have gone up to billions as well.

Isn’t that considered money? I didn’t even ask for a billion; all I need is 300 million. What’s so hard about that? Are you treating us as parents or do you see us as beggars right now?”

Impatiently, Sasha uttered, “The deposit we received was used to purchase equipment, land and raw materials while the rest of it was used to pay the workers; all of these ate into a good part of our money. We’d only be able to get an income once we complete the orders, and everything before that is just an investment. Wellness Herbary is indeed earning, but that money belongs to that branch itself…”

“Who cares if it’s the branch’s money? Isn’t the branch’s money also the headquarters’s money? You’re the chairman of the board, so Julian would have to hand all the money over to you if you ask for it, right?” Demi sneered.

“You’ve worked in the finance department previously, Demi—you should know all about this. Usually, the headquarters does not get involved with each branch’s operations and financial issues. I don’t have that much power even though I’m the chairman of the board. If you want to use that money, you’ll… You’ll need approval from both the board and the branch itself!” Sasha exclaimed exasperatedly.

James threw his hands up as he said, “I don’t care about all that! I just want to know one thing, Sasha. 300 million—can you or can you not give it to us? If you can’t, then it just shows how useless you are as the chairman of the board.

Since you’re so useless, there’s no reason for you to continue as chairman; you can just hand all your shares over to me tomorrow. I can show you what it truly means to be a powerful and bold chairman!”

Demi was the first to clap her hands as she beamed and said, “I think you’d make the perfect chairman, Dad. You’re the head of our family, after all! Furthermore, you’re well-organized with your work and you’re much better than Sasha.

If you’re the head of both our family and the board, you can make sure that our family’s property doesn’t get stolen by some outsider!” Her words were an indirect insult toward Matthew.

Feeling extremely angry, Sasha felt tears welling up in her eyes. What is my father thinking?! “You’re forcing me into a corner here, Dad! The company’s shares are mine, so h-how can you ask me to just transfer them to you?” she shouted angrily.

James smacked the table as he stood upright and bellowed, “Just the fact that I am your father alone gives me the right to do so! The fact that I was the one who brought you up! The fact that I gave you so many opportunities to grow into a person capable of being a chairman on the board!”


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