Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2332

Chapter 2332

Mylo hurriedly led the men up to help, hands busy and careful, for fear of upsetting those three little ancestors.

These three little ones were so cute and delicate that they were afraid of breaking in their hands.

When Danrique looked at the three cute little ones, there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

He had also envisioned that he would have children in the future, but never thought that this day would come so suddenly.

There was no warning.

Suddenly, three little ones fell from the sky and came into his world, and inexplicably, he became a father.

Danrique’s mind was dumbfounded, he looked at these three little ones, just like looking at three little ancestors, suddenly see, felt like he had an extra soft spot.

That blood was thicker than water kinship was very subtle spread in the heart, but more was a kind of anger!

Francesca gave birth to three children to him, he actually did not even know?

“Sean!” Danrique bellowed angrily.

“Yes, sir.” Sean panicked and handed the little one over to a few female staff members, then hurriedly ran to Danrique.

“Did you already know about this?” Danrique stared into his eyes.

“I ……” Sean couldn’t help but blink and panic in the face of his questioning.

“Very well.” Danrique found the answer from Sean’s evasive eyes, and he looked at Gordon again, “What about you?”

“I ……,” Gordon lowered his head in a panic, not daring to let out his breath.

Danrique’s face was even harder to see, gritting his teeth and saying, “You all knew about it and actually hid it from me, how dare you!”

“Sir, don’t be angry.” Gordon hurriedly knelt down on one knee and opened his mouth, but he didn’t know how to explain.

Anything said now seemed to be making excuses.

“It’s my fault.” Sean stepped forward and admitted his mistake, “I was the one who asked Gordon to hide it from you because…”

“Bang!” Before Sean could finish his words, he was kicked away by Danrique.

Sean hit the conference table and fell to the floor again, knocking over a row of bookshelves, covering his heart and wincing in pain, spitting out a smear of blood from the corner of his mouth.


The three little ones cried out in fear, their little faces flushed red, their big watery eyes filled with fear.

Danrique was about to get angry again, but when he saw how the children looked, he put back his anger and ordered, “Take care of the children!”

Then he turned to leave, calling Francesca angrily as he went.

The phone was through, but there was no answer.

Danrique was furious and returned to his office, kicking over his desk, spilling the information on the desk and dropping a recorder with three words engraved on it: “D**n woman”!

Danrique picked up the recorder and turned on the only recording inside, a familiar voice came out.

“I, Francesca, swear to the heavens that I will repay Lindberg ba*tard for saving my life in the future, and if I have nothing to repay, I will give my body to him, and ……….”

Listening to this familiar voice, thinking of all the past events with Francesca, Danrique’s mood was even more complicated than words, he immediately sent this recording to Francesca.

The memories were retrieved from here, six months after the time span.

Within these six months, Danrique had gone through all sorts of trials and tribulations, and Francesca once again came to his aid in his moment of distress to help him through his difficulties, and also inadvertently saved Danrique’s brother-in-law, Zachary.

However, after the dust settled, Francesca ran away again because she did not want to live a life of fear and deceit.

The first thing that happened was that, because of Charlotte and her six children, Danrique and Zachary miraculously turned their enemies into friends.

The two families, which had been fighting for decades, began to work hand in hand to dominate the business world, and no one dared to provoke them anymore.


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