Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2333

Chapter 2333

It’s a week before the wedding of Zachary and Charlotte.

In order to force Francesca to show herself, Danrique locked all her assets and jewellery in the safe in his office, waiting for her to throw herself into the net.

With several eagles in tow, Francesca stormed into the president’s office in a fierce manner.

Danrique was sitting in a cocky pose on a black leather chair, twirling the pen in his hand, narrowing his eyes and staring coldly at her.

“Lindberg ba*tard…” Francesca was about to speak when suddenly, a familiar voice appeared on the stereo-

“I, Francesca, swear to the heavens that I will repay Lindberg ba*tard for saving my life in the future, and if I have nothing to repay, I will give my body to him, and if I regret, let me be struck by thunder and lightning and be damned to death!!!”

As soon as these words were finished, a sudden burst of loud thunder struck down outside, frightening Francesca with a shiver and immediately wimped out.

“D**n woman, remember? This is the oath you made yourself!” Danrique stood up and slowly approached her, “If you don’t remember, let me remind you.”

Francesca remembered when she was forced to swear by Danrique on the mountain, and remembered half a year ago, when she sent the children to his company and then ran away.

But none of that mattered, what mattered was that she had to get her money back now!

“Danrique, cut the crap and give me back my money.” Francesca swept the office and quickly dropped her gaze to the safe not far away, which still had a photo attached to it.

In the photo, Danrique cocked his head with a cold face, while Francesca, wearing a red wig, came up to him.

The two people’s lips were pressed together, yet they didn’t look like they were kissing.

The two accidentally touched and were inadvertently photographed, both with somewhat dismayed expressions, but this had been the only picture of them being intimate.

Francesca couldn’t remember when this was secretly taken, but seeing the two of them being intimate reminded her of all the good old days again.

There was a moment of hesitation in her heart, debating whether to stay or not.

But soon, she was firm again inside, she couldn’t forget the torture she had gone through, the death of her auntie Layla and uncle Lincoln.

This place, this life, had already cast a shadow on her heart.

She didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

“Fine, if you have the guts, go get it yourself.”

Danrique sat on the sofa, elegantly sipping his tea, seemingly unperturbed.

He wanted to see how she could open the safe and take her money, and how she was going to take the stuff away from here.

She was so furious that she turned her head and shouted at Danrique: “Ba*tard, open it for me.”

Danrique ignored her and continued to sip his tea, as if he hadn’t heard her voice at all.

“Danrique ……” Francesca pointed the gun directly at him, “I told you to open it, did you hear me?”

These two years of experience had made her more and more open and irascible, and now her temper was even windier than before, and of course, she was also more powerful than before.

“Shoot if you have the guts.” Danrique wasn’t afraid in the slightest and didn’t even look at her.

“You ……” Francesca shouted angrily through gritted teeth, “You think I won’t do anything to kill you? Your dog’s life was saved by me, I can save you or I can kill you!!!”

“Shoot!” Danrique looked at her with raised eyebrows, “I’ll see what you have to say to the children.”

“You ……” Francesca was speechless, yes, this son of a b*tch, after half a year of living together, had gradually won the children’s affirmation, although not as affectionate as Zachary, but the children were also calling “Daddy Daddy” every day.

She really couldn’t kill him, or else the children would hate her.


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