Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2334

Chapter 2334

Francesca blew a few whistles outside, and soon, several eagles flew in aggressively, attacking Danrique ferociously.

Danrique’s eyebrows were raised and a cold light appeared in his eyes, the eagles actually hung in front of him, not daring to come closer.

The first thing she needed to do was to get a good idea of what’s going on.

She knew that Danrique had been taming pets and could summon some of them, but his summoning ability was an acquired one and could not be compared to hers at all.

But now, he could actually block her summoning?

“Stand down!!!” Danrique shouted sternly, and several eagles left in fear.

Francesca froze for a moment and shouted “Come back”, but the eagles did not listen to her and flew away.

Francesca was so angry, but there was nothing she could do about it, so she had to forcefully threaten, “Open the safe for me right now, or I’ll blow up your building.”

“Go, go now!” Danrique was not at all threatened by her, “This building, but your daughter’s property, worth ten billion, if you are not afraid of the children crying, go ahead and blow it up.”

Francesca was about to explode with anger.

“Alright.” Danrique suddenly pulled her into his arms, cupped her chin and ambiguously moved closer, “Be good and go home, don’t talk about these things in the safe, all of the Lindberg family’s property is yours!”

“Get lost!” Francesca pushed against him angrily, but his strong and powerful arms confined her in his arms, she could not break free no matter how she struggled.

“You’re a mother now and you’re still so grumpy, even if you don’t think of me, you have to think of the children, right? Do you want them to have no daddy or no mommy?” Danrique began to attack Francesca with a wistful strategy.

“They were born to me, how could they not have a mummy?” Francesca was instantly fired up, “I didn’t even die when you died.”

“Everyone will die, sooner or later, they all have to die, you can’t stop living a good life just because you’re going to die at the end.” These words casually spoken by Danrique suddenly caused Francesca to pause.

It seemed, really, to make sense.

Yes, maybe she really wouldn’t live long, maybe she would die before he did, but one couldn’t start running away now just because one would end up dying.

“Before, when Lindbergs was unstable, I was afraid of picking you up and not being able to protect you, but now it’s different, now I have enough power to protect you and the children.”

Danrique cupped Francesca’s chin and made her look at him: “I promise, nothing like that will ever happen again, and I won’t restrain you, you can continue to be a doctor if you want, and I can accompany you when you want to travel the world, as long as you go home!”

Danrique rarely said these words with such emotion, this was not like him, Francesca was a little uncomfortable.

He had to say, he poked her heart and said all the issues that she cared about.

But ……

The lesson from that time was too profound, and there was no way she could step over that threshold.

As she was thinking, the door to the conference room suddenly opened and Sean led the three little ones in, seeing the scene before her and turning around in a panic again.

Sean: “Sir, the children are brought in.”

“Daddy, mommy!”

The three little ones waddled over on their short legs and crawled nimbly onto the sofa, like kittens on top of Danrique and Francesca, their fleshy little arms hugging their necks and pampering them in a milky voice.

“Mommy, I miss you so much, Mommy, come home with us.”

“Yes, Mummy, come home, Zola misses you too, and Daddy misses you too.”

“Zuri misses you too, we all miss you.”

“Zoie, Zola, and Zuri, mummy is here to take you home.” Francesca hugged the three children and scolded Danrique, “You quickly open the safe for me, I want to take my possessions and children home!”


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