Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2335

Chapter 2335

“Okay, go home!” Danrique unfolded his arms to the children, “Zoie, Zola, and Zuri, come here!”


The three children immediately jumped into his arms and pampered themselves in a good manner.

Francesca looked dumbfounded, Danrique had never been able to bring up children, before in the night house, he even told ghost stories to scare the children, the children were very rusty with him, how come they suddenly became so close to him now?

“Good girls, let’s take mummy home with us, okay?”

Danrique held the three children in his arms, his tall body formed the most adorable height difference with the three little ones, this picture looked especially cute.


The children answered in unison.

“Great!” Danrique picked up the three children and walked straight out.

“Hey, Danrique what are you doing? Give me back my children.” Francesca hurriedly chased them out, “One one Zoie, Zola, and Zuri, come to mummy.”

“Mummy, let’s go home together, Grandma Norah has cooked lots of delicious food waiting for us and Daddy is looking forward to you coming home every day.”

“Yes, Mummy, come home with us, Daddy has bought lots of beautiful jewellery waiting for you.”

“Mummy come on!”

The three children did not have the slightest intention of breaking away from Danrique, and even extended their little hands to Francesca, summoning her to go home with them.

These three pairs of little hands were like fish hooks, guiding Francesca to follow behind.

“Danrique, give the children back to me.”

Francesca was so angry that she stomped her feet, yet she had to follow the children.

Danrique just led her to the car, Sean hurriedly closed the car door outside, the children lying on top of Francesca, now, couldn’t even run away if they wanted to.

The children were on top of each other.

The two of them were at a standstill in the Xendale, and Francesca refused to go back to the Xendale with Danrique, and Danrique couldn’t do anything about it.

The two of them were at a standstill in H City, and Francesca refused to go back to Xendale with him.

Sure enough, as soon as Francesca saw that Danrique was looking for a girlfriend, she immediately rushed over in a fury!!!

In her own words, she didn’t care if he was looking for a girlfriend or not, what she cared about was what kind of stepmother Danrique would find for her children.

What if he abused and bullied her children?

But Francesca was not stupid, she thought that Danrique might be deliberately provoking her in this way, so she did not go to the door to mess with him, but tried to take the opportunity to sneak into the Lindberg house and take the children away.

But Danrique was so guarded that Francesca couldn’t sneak in and couldn’t even see the children. Not only that, but he had Anthony kidnapped, took out all her belongings and locked them in his safe, so that she would come to him automatically.

Then he used the children to lure her home.

Of course, this presupposes that during this time, Danrique had already used every possible means to mingle with the children, gained their trust and won their affection.

Not only that, he also painstakingly taught them that they must work together to coax their mommy home, a painstaking effort that was more dedicated than any big project he had undertaken or any enemy he had dealt with.

Finally, now they see the results!

He’s done it!

At this moment, Danrique was sincerely grateful to Zachary in his heart, and for the first time in his life, he admired a man!!!

The two families had fought for so long, Danrique and Zachary, neither one of them was convinced by the other, and they even wanted to get each other killed at one point, although later, Danrique became Zachary’s brother-in-law, and Zachary had to lower his noble head and take the initiative to show goodwill for the sake of his wife, but Danrique did not put him in his eyes either.

Until Zachary helped him to recover his wife.

Only then did Danrique thank him from the bottom of his heart and admire him.


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