Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2336

Chapter 2336

Danrique saw the real high emotional intelligence from Zachary, he used to think that the so-called high emotional intelligence was to please others and care about others’ feelings, he always scoffed at this and disdained.

The actual fact was that he could find a lot of things that he couldn’t do with power and money, for example, getting close to his children, coaxing his wife, and reuniting his family!

The family was something that needed to be run, any person, no matter what social status he had or how capable he was, but the family would always be the most important and precious thing he had.

Family and everything was prosperous, this sentence seemed ordinary, but now, Danrique was really comprehended.

As long as the family was reunited and there was peace and harmony, only then would he have the heart to do anything else.

Perhaps, this was where the fulfillment of life lies.

Danrique was dejected all the way back home, Francesca tried to escape on the way, in fact, it was not without a chance, with her current skills, escaping alone was no problem at all, but escaping with the children would be too difficult.

Unless she could really give up her children, she would have to compromise.

After being coaxed home by Danrique and the three children, Francesca knew that she had fallen for a trick, but this trick, in fact, she had willingly fallen for.

Anyway, the fact that Danrique was able to get the children’s approval in such a short period of time was something she had not expected and was the point that touched her the most.

Even though there was still some uneasiness in her heart, but seeing the way the children were clinging to Danrique, all the worries in Francesca’s heart could only be put to rest.

Yes, the children need their mother and they also need their father.

She was not qualified to deprive them of the right to enjoy their father’s love.

By continuing to be obstinate, she would be leaving her children without something, and for the sake of her children, she had no choice but to compromise.

This was the reason she had given herself.

When Danrique flung her onto the bed, she even warned fiercely, “Danrique, I’m warning you, I came back for the sake of the children, don’t think I still like you, what are you doing, what are you taking off my clothes for, hey, hey… ooo..”

The room was in full bloom, outside, the three little ones waddled downstairs, one exclaiming like a small adult, “Daddy and Mommy are acting like children, what a worry!”

“Yeah, yeah, especially Mummy, ugh..”

“Anyway, Mummy’s finally home, so we’ll be able to drink the delicious chicken soup we didn’t buy for the stew later!”

“Haven’t had it in a while, craving~~”

“Granny, is the rice ready?”

The three children called out to the floor.

“Okay, okay, I’ll have it brought to the dining room right away, be good, don’t run around, Grandma’s coming to get you.”

Norah scrambled upstairs to pick up the three children, but the children returned to knock on the door, “Daddy Mummy, dinner dinner!”

“Daddy mummy, dinner is ready oh!”

“Daddy Mommy…”

“Hey hey hey!” Norah hurriedly stopped the children, “Good girl, stop it, daddy mummy is busy, granny’s taking you downstairs for dinner.”

“What’s daddy mummy busy with?” Zoie asked curiously, tilting her little head.

“This ……,” Norah said for a moment, not knowing how to answer.

“They’re busy making younger siblings for you guys.” Sean suddenly came in, “Do you guys like it?”

“Huh? Another baby?” Zola frowned with a hurt look on her little brow, “There are so many kids in the house, and still having babies?”

“That’s right, plus Brother Robbie, Brother Jamie, and Sister Ellie, we already have six children. if we have more, the family can open a kindergarten!”

“Well, that sounds like a good idea, let’s have a kindergarten at home then.”

“Yes, it seems like Auntie and Uncle are going to have one too.”

“Adults are such a nuisance, they make us worry all the time.”

“That’s right!”


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