Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2337

Chapter 2337

Norah laughed out loud at these words.

Sean was also crying and laughing, children’s thinking was really too cute.

Norah asked a few maids to take the three children downstairs for dinner, and also ordered someone to invite Charlotte, at this time, someone outside hurriedly came to report: “Ms.Lindberg has returned to H City, just left for the airport, asked me to convey it.”

“This…” Norah looked at Sean.

“Got it, I’ll report it to sir later.” Sean smiled, “Out for so long, I guess the Mr. Nacht is rushing, the wedding tomorrow, now rushing back are a bit rushed!”

“Ah? Ms.Lindberg and the Mr.Nacht’s wedding tomorrow?” Norah asked curiously, “Then won’t sir go over there?”

“Naturally, I have to go, but I have to wait for the two of them to wake up from their nap.” Sean smiled, “Auntie Norah, please take care of the children, I have to go and arrange some things, when Mr.Lindberg and Ms.Felch wake up from their sleep, we’ll just go straight to the airport.”

Norah: “Well then, leave the children to me, you can rest assured.”

Just as Norah went downstairs, the three children gathered around her again, chattering and asking, “Grandma, who did Uncle Sean say was having the wedding, was it Daddy and Mummy?”

“It’s Auntie and Uncle.” Norah explained.

“Didn’t Auntie and Uncle already have a wedding?” Zola asked curiously, “We even wore pretty dresses and had our pictures taken together.”

“Yes, yes, and you were also photographed together, and we sat on Auntie’s shoulders.”

Zuri said as she ate her mashed potatoes.

“That was a wedding photo shoot, not a wedding.” Sean explained with a smile, “But it seems like they were going to get married before, the wedding was held twice, and each time it was terminated due to an accident, this time it will definitely go smoothly!”

Only after saying this did he realise that the three little ones’ attention had long since shifted to the food, children this old would only ask questions and not have the patience to listen to the answers.

Sean shook his head with a smile and quickly left to make arrangements for the next event.

Strangely enough, the snowy day, which was always gloomy, turned out to be sunny today.

A long-awaited sun appeared in the sky, the snow was melting, and although it was a little cold, the sunlight sprinkled on one’s body, warming and comforting.

Sean let out a long sigh and could not help but exclaim, “Finally, the rain has cleared up!”

“Yes, this time it’s completely and utterly rained out.” Gordon was also lamenting, “After all this, it has finally settled down, now the two Lindberg and Nacht families are living in harmony, no one can shake them, no one dares to provoke them, including the new president!”

“That’s natural.” Sean laughed, “Can’t you see, after the two Lindberg and Nacht families reconciled, how many people came to offer their goodwill?”

“One family would have dominated the world, now that the two families have joined forces, they are even more invincible.” Gordon was also very happy, “Then again, it’s all because of Ms.Lindberg!”

“Yes, Ms.Lindberg has resolved the feud between the two families and brought back such a large sum of money to help Mr.Lindberg Tide over the difficult times together!” Sean said while arranging matters on his mobile phone, “So, we have to prepare well and go to H City to attend their wedding!”

“What about Mr.Lindberg and Ms.Felch’s wedding?” Gordon asked curiously, “I thought we were going to do it together.”

“It’s too rushed, I think Mr.Lindberg should have other plans.” Sean laughed, “He and Ms.Felch are both people who like peace and quiet, perhaps simple and low-key would suit them better.”

“That’s right too.” Gordon nodded, “I’ll go and prepare the special plane then.”

Sean: “Good.”

As the two were busy, Charlotte had already boarded the special plane back to H City.

Just as she sat down, Zachary called on the video call, “Boarding?”

“Mm.” Charlotte pointed the camera outside, “The sun is out in Xendale today!”


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