Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 349

Chapter 349

Jane didn’t care about what happened to Charles and her mother back then, but after he was separated from her mother, he soon got married and had a child.

Moreover, the child he gave birth to was Annie, which was the biggest mistake and a debt that would never be repaid.

Jane will never forgive Annie, she won’t hate Charles for that, but she would choose not to have anything to do with him at all.

Hearing Jane’s words, Charles felt even more sad, and still didn’t want to give up on acknowledging Jane.


“Okay, Mr. Carlton, I have nothing to say any more, and please don’t disturb my quiet life.”

When she’s done, Jane turned around and left without giving the man another look.

Seeing Jane leave, Charles’s eyes were full of disappointment, but he had no choice but to concede first.

And just after the two left, a woman came out slowly in the dark, looked at the direction where the two left and immediately took out her mobile phone, and made a call.

When Rosaline answered the phone, she was still irritable and her tone wasn’t good.

“What’s the matter with you? I’m not in the mood to go shopping now.” Rosaline said impatiently.

The person who called Rosaline was an old friend she had known for a long time.

Because she didn’t fare well with her marriage, so usually flattered Rosaline to earn some favors.

Rosaline is indeed happy to have such a follower, and usually gives her some small favors.

“Rosaline, I didn’t want to invite you for shopping. Guess who I saw outside the mall just now?” The woman made a fuss.

Rosaline was still worried about her daughter’s situation, and she is in a bad mood, “Whoever you see, has nothing to do with me, if there’s nothing else I will hang up as I’m busy.”

“Don’t hang up, let me tell you something, I saw your husband’s ex–daughter, the one you showed me in the photo before, what is it called… Jane… Bentley, right?”

Hearing the woman mentioned Jane’s name, she didn’t hang up the phone.

“What happened?”

“Let me tell you…a shocking secret…”

After hanging up the phone, Rosaline looked happy, and went to Bentley company the next day.

Jane was having a meeting with a group of executives to discuss the merger of Spirit and Bentley company, when Rosaline broke in and interrupted the meeting.

“Jane… come out!” Rosaline barged into the conference room angrily.

The meeting was interrupted, and Jane, who was sitting in the main seat glance at Rosaline. Although she didn’t speak, her expression was already so cold that it made the people inside turned

Chapter 349


Afterwards, the front desk hurriedly chased after her, seeing that Rosaline had interrupted the important meeting, the receptionist turned to Jane and said,

“Ms. Jane, I failed to stop her…”

Jane looked at the weak girl and then at Rosaline. She can’t blame the receptionist, and let the girl go first, then she got up and looked at Rosaline indifferently.

“Come on, what do you want to say!”

Jane’s intention was to bring her inside the office to see what she had to say.

No, Rosaline’s goal was to expose Jane, and the more people knew about it, the better, and then she started shouting.

“What are you going to do? I’m here today to let everyone know that you, a bastard, is not qualified to inherit your father’s company. You should return the company to us.”

Hearing Rosaline’s yelling, Jane frowned coldly.

How did she know about this? Charles revealed it?

Thinking of the meeting with Charles last night, Jane suspected that the other party revealed this matter, and wanted to use the public opinion to force her to admit that he was her father.

Thinking of this, Jane expression became a little bit colder.

Jane didn’t say a word. Rosaline thought that Jane was really scheming them, and became even more unscrupulous with her words.

“Hmph, I didn’t expect that shameless mother of yours. She dared to tell me a shameless, when she herself married your father with a child in her stomach. She is the most shameless. At least my Amy is a biological a child of the Bentley family.”

“Even if something happens to Amy now, it’s not up to you to make decisions about the company. You should return the company.”

Rosaline looked at Jane aggressively, and was already making plans in her mind that after getting back the company, she would sell it and leave Silverbourne to live a life of a rich woman.

As for her daughter, she already has money, so what else does she want her daughter to do.

Thinking of the beautiful life in the future, the smile on Rosaline’s face deepened.

Jane also recovered from her contemplation, and looked at Jane indifferently.

“Did Andrew consent it?” Jane said coldly.

Hearing this, Rosaline choked, that’s right, before she had the time to tell Andrew about this, she ran here by herself in order to get the company first.

However, it was impossible for Rosaline to tell the truth, so she immediately said, “Of course your father consent it.”

“No, he can’t be considered as your father now, after all, you are just an evil seed, not your father’s


Rosaline looked at Jane triumphantly and said.

Chapter 349

“By the way, your biological father is also a rich man. Don’t stare at such a small company as the

Bentley company. It’s still not too late to go back and inherit your biological father’s assets. As far as I know, the Carlton family…”


Although she didn’t want to recognize Andrew as her father, Jane didn’t want to have anything to do with Charles Carlton at all.

Rosaline was taken aback by Jane’s aura, but then she’s even more celebrating inside.

Jane was so baffled about this matter, it seems that she can really use this to gain benefits. Rosaline thought to herself.

Jane didn’t care what Rosaline was thinking, but she gave the two assistants a look and told them to disperse the people in the meeting room first.

The two assistants understood, and immediately drove everyone out of the conference room. Seeing this, Rosaline said quickly.

“Hey, don’t leave. I haven’t finished my sentence yet. Jane is not President Bentley’s daughter. She is not qualified to inherit the company. You don’t have to listen to her in the future.”

Rosaline wanted these people to stay so that she can continue to play their feelings and drive Jane out of the company.

However, her wishful thinking was in vain. The current senior managers of Bentley company have all been screened by Daniel.

Those who choose stay are all people who knows the current affairs, and the new ones have been instructed to follow Jane’s order only. No one will question her.

Soon, all the people in the conference room left, leaving Jane and Rosaline behind.

When they were alone, Rosaline felt a little timid, but decided to open her mouth boldly.

“Don’t think that, if you send everyone away, this matter is over. Let me tell you, you’d better return the company now, otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?”

Without the presence of outsiders, Jane’s domineering attitude strike her and her dark eyes fell on Rosaline coldly.

Rosaline couldn’t tell talk for a while, but she didn’t want to give up such a large fortune.

“Jane, let’s be more open. Your biological father is rich, why do you have to occupy such a small company as the Bentley’s?”


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