Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 351

Chapter 351

After being furious, Annie calmed down, and then burst out laughing.

Jane didn’t held back her laughter, instead she felt creepy. As if this would be her last struggle before dying.

It took a long time before Annie stopped her creepy laughter, and her messy face was full of mockery.

Jane stared at her coldly. Annie’s laughter really made her feel a little bit upset.

“Why were you laughing?”

Annie stopped smiling, then looked at Jane and said, “Jane, can we talk alone?”

Hearing this, Jane refused without even thinking, “You and I have nothing to talk about in private, if you have anything to say, just say it directly.”

Hearing her reply, Annie gave Drake a meaningful look, then raised her eyebrows, “Are you sure?”

“This matter is related to the relationship between the both of you, are you sure you want me to speak out in front of him?”

Hearing Annie’s weird words, Jane looked up at Drake, hesitating.

But she thought that Annie has always been scheming since the beginning, so Jane calmed down again, and then said directly.

“There are no secrets between me and him. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

Upon receiving her approval, the previous smile appeared on Annie’s face again, and she immediately said, “Okay, since you have decided, I have nothing to say about it.”

She then looked up at Drake and said lightly, “Drake, I have been pretending to be your unrequited love all these years, what can I say, but thank you for all the things you have done for me.” When Annie’s words fell on their ears, both Drake and Jane’s faces were slightly cracked.

What does she mean by that? Isn’t she the unrequited love who saved Drake?

Drake also looked at Annie in disbelief and couldn’t believe what she said.

She has done so many things that hurt Zachary and Jane and caused them to separate, and yet here she is still safe and sound, all of which thanks to his gesture of respect to their former friendship, but if she isn’t the person he was looking for, then those things she did to Jane, no it’s more than outrageous. She’s simply brutal.

Jane was equally baffled, she didn’t expect Annie to reveal such words.

Before Jane could make a move, Drake’s figure had already arrived beside Annie. He raised his hand and grabbed Annie’s jaw, almost crashing her chin with his exerted strength.

“What did you say? say it again!”

Annie’s jaw was pinched by the man so hard that her face twisted in pain, but she still showed her unscrupulous smile.

“I said… I am not your unrequited love, I’m a fake, Mr. Warner do you understand!”

Annie’s words came out clearly word by word, if Drake couldn’t hear it clearly, then he was the deaf


Jane felt a little complicated in her heart, and she didn’t understand Annie would disclose this truth at such a time.

If she continues to pretend to be Drake’s unrequited love, maybe he will forgive her out of respect to their previous affection, but she is making it difficult for herself.

Why is she doing this? Scraping her thoughts for an answer.

“Where is she? What did you do to her? Why is the jade pendant I gave to her was on you?” A series of questions could be heard showing Drake’s care and nervousness towards the once young and affectionate person.

“Ahem… Drake, let me go…” The man’s strength was too great, and it was difficult for Annie to even caught a single breathe.

Seeing that Annie was really out of breath, Drake let go of his hand, but his eyes were so cold that it felt like freezing around them.

“You’d better explain clearly, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what? In this world, only me knows where your unrequited love is. If I die, you will never see her again, and you will never know who she is, heck…” Annie let out a weird laugh again, and looked at Drake without fear.

Looking at Annie in this state, Jane had understood what she wanted to do. She wanted to use what Drake cared the most about to protect herself.

Drake obviously didn’t have that much patience, and said coldly, “I’ll give you one last chance, you’d better explain what’s going on, otherwise, I won’t make it easier for you.”

Hearing this, Annie didn’t show any fear at all, instead she looked at Drake indifferently.

“You can try, Drake, I have nothing left either, the biggest thing is that I don’t have a life now, but you… really don’t want to know, who is the person who was by your side when you lost your sight?”

Annie’s words made Drake fall into contemplation and didn’t say a word, but Annie could see clearly that the man really wanted to know.

From the things he indulged her time and time again, it can be seen that he really values the person he met when he was young.

Jane’s mind was a bit complicated, and it could even be said that she was a little sad. After such a long time, Drake still cared about his young love.

She didn’t know whether to say that he was just an affectionate person or angry.

As his current wife, she should be angry. After all, who would want their husband to miss another woman, even if this woman had accompanied him through the darkest moments of his life.

After a long silence, Drake finally spoke again, his voice was low and devoid of emotions, “What do you want?”

“I want you to meet my three conditions, and I’ll tell you who that person is.” Annie showed a smile of


Hearing this, Drake didn’t agree immediately, but said coldly, “I won’t marry you again.”

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“Hehe, who is going to marry you? You couldn’t have think that the reason I’ve worked so hard to marry you all these years is because I like you, did you? Drake, you are too narcissistic. From the beginning to the end, I only wanted to marry you. It’s just that you are too greedy for the fame, power and money of your esteemed family, if it were another man who is richer than you, I would’ve catch up.”

Having torn her facade, Annie simply stopped pretending and just let it go.

Jane’s mood turned even more complicated when she heard what Annie said.

She can’t say if Annie just dared to provoke him, or she has completely given up on him.

Looking at Drake’s face, the man’s expression turned even gloomy and frosty because of Annie’s words.

“Hehe, okay lets iterate my conditions. My first request is that, I want the compensation you once promised me, whether it’s a house or a car. The second one is that, I want you to help me settle this matter. I expect to return home safely. The third… I haven’t thought about the third one yet, I’ll talk about it when I do, but I can also tell you something about that woman.”

“I took the token of love you gave her from personally. Moreover, I know everything between you, so I can only say that she had stayed by your side for so many years.”

As Annie’s words fell, Drake’s expression turned even more frostier. Seeing Drake like this, Jane had the urge to strangle Annie to death.


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