Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 352

Chapter 352


Even after Annie’s words, Drake didn’t move for a while, his cold eyes were fixed on Annie all the


He couldn’t figure out why did she lied to him for so many years.

Regaining his senses, he still looked terrifying right now. Amidst the turbulent in his mind, he still gave orders to the two men beside him.

“Take her home.”

Hearing his order, Jane was startled, then she glance at Drake’s retreating back.

He took himself out to vent his anger, but in the end he really believed Annie’s words, and even ordered to send her back to the Carlton’s house, so what is she? A joke?

Jane was a little annoyed, she didn’t care that Drake was colluding with Annie in order to find his unrequited love. But how could he agree to all her conditions without discussing with her, and just send Annie away.

Jane took a deep breath and glance at Annie, who was looking at her provocatively.

It seems to be saying, look, I have already said it, I let you decide for us to talk alone but you didnt listen.

Annie’s provocation was too obvious, and Jane felt that her whole body was going to be blown up out of anger, but she finally endured it.

Man, really is unreliable!

After Annie was taken away, Jane also resolutely turned around and left without saying a word to


When Drake came back to his senses and turned back, Jane had already left.

“Where’s Madam?” Drake was puzzled.

“Ma’am has left.” A man on the side replied.

Drake frowned, but didn’t think much of it and then left the place.

Jane held her own breath, thinking that the man would call and explain to her, or just say something.

But when she arrived at the company, she still didn’t receive any call from him, and she became

even more angry.

Not long after she arrived at the company, Daniel came to bid farewell, saying that it was Drake who ordered him to return to Warner Group. Jane’s face turned even colder.

After dismissing Daniel, Jane could no longer control her emotions.

Since that bastard didn’t intend to help her vent her anger, then she could vent her anger herself.

Immediately, Jane went directly to the Carlton’s house with her driver.

It was the first time for Jane to set foot in the Carlton house. Because of the relationship between Annie and Drake over the years, the business of Carlton family that has a deep foundation has also grown bigger and expanded, they even lived in a luxurious villa in the city.


Chapter 252

After getting out of the car, Jane was stopped by the security guard at the door. After giving her name, Jane waited at the door.

After a while, Charles’s Carlton came out from inside, and was a little surprised to see Jane in his doorsteps.

“Jane, why are you here?”

Jane watched Charles as he came out in person, dressed neatly, and didn’t intend to bring her in, so Jane said immediately.

“I have something to talk with Mr. Carlton. Would you care to invite me in?”

Hearing this, a bit of hesitation flashed across Charles face. Normally, if Jane said such words at other times, he would never waste a second to invite her in, but today…

Of course Jane knew why he hesitated, because Annie had already been sent back.

And she came here just to find Annie to vent her annoyance.

“What? Is it inconvenient for Mr. Carlton, I’ll just go then.” Jane knew how to use some leverage then she acted like she had really decided to leave.

Charles didn’t wait for Jane to leave and immediately stop her.

“Jane, it’s not what you think, if you want to come home, no one will stop you.”

Then, he gestured to invite Jane to follow her in.

Jane walked in without any hesitation, but didn’t let her driver follow.

As they passed the lawn after entering the gate, Jane looked at the pleasing small courtyard and the decoration of the villa. Rosaline was indeed right, that the Carlton’s family was richer than Bentley’s.

This may also be the reason why Charles wasn’t able to marry her mother into the family back then, because their family’s standard was too high.

When the two walked into the living room, Jane didn’t expect to be greeted respectfully and be invited to sit. On the stairs, a completely new Annie walked down slowly.

Compared to her looks, when she met her earlier, at this moment, she already had a shower, changed into clean clothes, and her whole face were oozing of pride.

And when Annie saw Jane, her sunny expression immediately subsided.

“Jane, why are you at my house?” Annie asked sharply.

Hearing Annie’s voice, Jane put on an indifferent smile on her face. She came to vent her anger, so she wanted to get back the place she had lost even before she was born no matter what.

“Annie, don’t talk like that to Jane.” Before Jane could answer, Charles scolded her in a low voice.

Hearing what he’s father just said, Annie’s expression turned ugly, “Dad, she is an outsider, why are you defending her, I am your daughter.”

“Jane is not an outsider.” After Annie’s words, Charles immediately retorted.

“She is not an outsider? can you stop being so mean to me, I am your daughter.” Annie roared angrily. “Jane… is also my daughter.” Charles seemed to have made up his mind, and told Annie the truth.


Chapter 252

Hearing Charles’s words, Annie froze in her place, with a face full of disbelief.

She recovered from being shocked, her face was still pale, “Dad, what are you talking about, how could she be your daughter?” Annie ask disbelievingly.

Annie really couldn’t believe this fact, Jane and her were enemies, how could they become sisters.

“Dad, are you confused? Mom only gave birth to me and my younger brother. How could she be your daughter? Could it be…”

Annie thought of a possibility, could it be that Jane was his father’s illegitimate daughter?

Thinking of this, Annie’s face turned even paler, and she looked at Jane with hatred and anger.

No! She won’t accept this, no…

Annie immediately walked down the stairs, walked up to Jane, looked at her who had always been calm, and she roared angrily.

“Get out, get out of my house, whoever allowed you to come to my house!”

Jane still didn’t speak. Looking at Annie who looked like a crazy woman right now, she felt very comfortable. This is what she wanted.

If Annie made her unhappy, then she wouldn’t think twice of getting back either.

“Annie!” Charles yelled again in a low voice, trying to calm her from getting agitated towards Jane.

At this moment, Jane said calmly, “It seems that Mr. Carlton’s daughter isn’t very accepting of me today, so we will talk about my affairs next time.”

With that said, Jane turned around and was about to leave, but Charles didn’t intend to let Jane leave just like that. Since the matter has been revealed already, let’s just clear it once and for all.

“Jane, don’t leave, this matter will not be concluded by Annie’s outburst.”

“Annie, whether you accept it or not, Jane is indeed your sister, and I hope that you sisters can get along well in the future.”


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