Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 353

Chapter 353 

Dad, what nonsense are you talking about? How could she and I get along well? From the very beginning, we were doomed to be enemies. In this lifetime, it is impossible for us to get along.” 

The same thing was said by Jane to Charles. At that time, Charles thought it was just Jane’s excuse because she didn’t want to admit him as his father. Now it seems that the relationship between the two is indeed incompatible

Annie, can you calm down a little bit.Charles said helplessly, looking at Annie who had been dazzled by anger and disbelief

Dad, how can you make me calm down? I have been fighting with her for so many years, and now you tell me that we are sisters, and you want me to get along well with her. How is that possible?” 

How is it impossible? Isn’t it just because of a man? Is it worth it, for a man?Charles scolded angrily

Oh, you don’t understand anything.Annie looked at her father coldly, her words were tinged with coldness as well

What she cared about was never a man, but fame, status and money. She had planned for so many years, and even offered her youth and time for several years, but she still failed to achieve what she wanted. How could she be willing to have such a result

You did it on purpose, right? Bitch, you knew it from the beginning, you just wanted to annoy me, didn’t you?Annie finally came to her senses, looked at Jane like a mad dog, and barked loudly

Jane didn’t deny it, nor did she intend to deny it, because she really did it on purpose

Her triumphant smile deliberately letting Annie know, annoy me, then I’ll make you unhappy yourself.If you want to think that way, then I can’t help it.Jane said nonchalantly

Annie was enraged again, her face looked horrifying, Jane felt that she had achieved her purpose of coming into the house of Carlton’s, and then she was about to leave

Just as he turned to leave, Annie grabbed a fruit knife on the table and stabbed at Jane

Her resentment towards Jane had reached its peak, and she just wanted to kill her so badly to prevent her some future troubles

Seeing Annie’s actions, Charles stood in front of Jane without even thinking about it

Following the sound of the knife entering his body, was Charles muffled grunt in pain, Jane heard the movement, turned around, and saw the scene where Annie inserted the knife into Charles body. Jane froze for a moment, and Annie couldn’t believe it. She slowly let go of her trembling hand holding the knife, her hands were covered with blood, and she kept retreating back

Nono, how could this be, Dad, why did you stand in front of her, why!” 

Jane finally came to her senses, knowing that Charles was stabbed by Annie because he blocked the knife, and her heart was indescribably complicated

NoIt’s not my fault, it’s not me!Annie was still muttering to herself, probably stunned by the incident of stabbing someone herself

lane didn’t care about anything else, and immediately took out her mobile phone and called the mergency number

When the ambulance pulled Charles into the car, his hand firmly held into Jane’s hand, refusing to let 

  1. 10

Jane had no choice but to follow the stretcher into the ambulance and accompany him to the Iospital

lane’s mood at the moment is turning complicated. She never planned to recognize Charles as her ather, but he blocked the knife for her. After this, how should she treat him

Jane, I’m sorry about you and your mother, don’t think too much, if I don’t make it through this time, lon’t worry, I have already made a will to give you half of the Carlton’s family assets.” 

Hearing his words made Jane feel even more uncomfortable, so she could only respond ndifferently

I don’t want your money, and you’ll be fine.” 

Jane suddenly regretted her sudden visit at the Carltons house today. If she hadn’t come and ingered Annie, would what happened today wouldn’t happened instead

Jane, no matter whether you forgive Dad or not, I want to ask you one thing, please promisepromise me, please!” 

Hearing Charles request, Jane hesitated. She was in a state of confusion at the moment, but she could still guess what he wanted to asked of her

Sure enough, the next moment that he spoke up, he begged her to let Annie go

Jane, I know you hate Annie so much, but no matter what she had said, she is related to you by blood. For the sake of your blood relationship, please let her go, okay? Today’s matter never happened in the first place.He emphasized

Charles words did not soften Jane’s heart, but she still said coldly, Impossible, as she said, she and I are doomed to be enemies forever, and it is impossible for us to reconcile.” 

Janecough coughCharles wanted to say something, but he coughed violently, and mmediately, blood overflowed in the corners of his mouth

Seeing this, the doctor at the side immediately stepped forward to give him the first aid, and Jane stepped aside

Looking at the dying Charles, it would be a lie to say that she didn’t show any emotion, but she would not let Annie go just because of this

What she did must be repaid by herself

Jane closed her eyes, showing a somewhat tired expression, she could be considered as unsympathetic, but she would not regret the choices she had made

After Charles was sent to the hospital, he was quickly pushed into the emergency room

Because no one came from the Carltons house, and there was no family member, Jane was forced to wait at the door of the emergency room

In any case, Charles was injured because of her, it’s the least she could do for him saving her life

After more than three hours of rescue operation, Charles was finally pushed out of the emergency room. Jane immediately went up to inquire and was relieved when she found out that there was no signs of complication and he’s out of danger

After putting him in the best ward and finding a nurse to take care of him, Jane left the hospital

It was already evening when she walked out of the hospital, and her phone was turned off because of the lack of battery, Jane was in a state of disarray

Madam!Just as Jane was in a daze, Thea came up and called out

Jane turned her head and looked at Thea, thinking that she must have seen her getting into the ambulance and followed her

Getting inside the car, Jane leaned back wearily, and said lightly, let’s go home.” 

The car started, and an hour later, it stopped at the gate of the villa

Thea turned her head and was about to tell Jane that she was home, but found her leaning back and falling asleep

Thea didn’t have the heart to wake her up, and the three little guys who heard the sound of the car came out to meet them. Seeing that it was Jane’s car, they knew that Jane had returned, and called for Mommy loudly

Jane heard the sound, and groggily opened her eyes, only to realize that she had arrived home

Go and rest.Jane said to Thea, and then got out of the car

The three little guys rushed up immediately, hugged her thighs from left to right, and Zirui stood at the front calmly

Mommy, you’re back!” 

Looking at the three cute babies, Jane’s cold heart also softened



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