Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 354



Chapter 354 

Mommy, what’s wrong with you, why do you looked so tired?Zoe noticed something was wrong, and immediately asked with concern

Upon hearing their sister’s words, the two adorable babies turned their gazes at Jane expressing concern, Mommy, what’s wrong?they asked worriedly

Hearing the worried and concern voices from the three, Jane felt that her mood was lifted up

Crouching down, Jane hugged the three children, then sighed and said, Mommy is fine.” 

Is Mommy having problems at work? If you have any troubles, you can talk to Zane. I will definitely find a solution for you.” 

And me, Mommy, Zach can help too.Zachary said not to be outdone

Mommy is really fine!Jane shook her head, and brought the three cute babies into the house

Inside the house, April saw Jane coming back, she was lazily slumped on the sofa and didn’t want to move, she still felt a little uncomfortable

Honey, you’re back!” 

Jane walked over and asked worriedly, Are you feeling better?” 

Well, it’s better.April nodded, her face still blank



still vomiting like this. We can invite a doctor at home to see you.Jane comforted her

No need, I have no problem. Compared with the previous weeks, I vomited better these two days, and today Zoe made small pan cakes, I ate two.April said with a smile

Just as he was talking, Zoe had already bring out the small cake she had made

Mom, this is the little cake I learned to make from the pastry chef in the house today, try it.” 

Hearing this, Jane was also delighted, picked it up and tasted it, the sweet taste spread in her lips and tongue, and her irritable mood dissipated a bit

After eating the whole cake, Jane gave Zoe a thumbs up, Zoe is really capable now, and the cake is delicious! Thank you baby.” 

As long as Mommy likes it.Zoe smiled sweetly, a little sweeter than that little cake

By the way, your motherinlaw is here.April said suddenly

Hearing this, the pleasant mood on Jane’s face dropped, and she looked at the three cuties, wanting to ask them what Courtney was doing here

If it is to see the children, she has no objection, but if she wants to trouble them again, it depends on whether she agrees or not

Daddy reserved a room for grandma in the house. Grandma played with us for a while in the morning. When she was tired, she went back to her room to rest. She said she was waiting for you to come back and had something to tell you, Zach said

Among the three of them, Zachary and Courtney have the closest relationship, so he told her what his grandma had said

Chapter 354 

Your motherinlaw is quite powerful.April also commented

Jane didn’t take it seriously. Of course Courtney was amazing, otherwise it would be impossible for her to support the entire Warner family and make it better after Mr. Warner’s absence

But thinking of her way of maintaining it, which was to send the younger generation of the Warner family to that place, Jane disagreed very much

Just when Jane was thinking about what Courtney would say to her, the servant came to invite her

Madam, Mrs. Warner said, she’ll be waiting for you in the study.” 

Hearing this, Jane glanced at the location of the study with an indifferent expression

I see.” 

After the servant left, Jane sorted out her emotions and walked into the study

In the study, Courtney was playing with an ornament in the house, when she heard Jane’s voice entering the room, she turned around slowly

MadamJane said lightly, after what happened with Zane, the estrangement between the two of them could never be resolved

Courtney didn’t care about these things either. After Jane came in, she first sat down on the main seat, and then called Jane to sit down

sit down.” 

Jane sat down, and the two were relatively silent

I heard from Drake that he wants to hold a wedding with you?Courtney said slowly, parting her red lips

Jane nodded with a generous attitude, Yes.” 

She agreed to hold a wedding with him, but if he doesn’t have a reasonable explanation for Annie’s matter, it will be uncertain whether the wedding could be held

I have no objection to your wedding, but you should make it clear in advance about Zoe and Zane.They are the children of Warner family after all. Although they have the same household registration with you, but you surname is Bentley” 

Before Courtney could finished speaking, Jane already knew what she was planning, and her face turned cold instantly

As days goes by, she really couldn’t understand Courtney at all. Now that she hadn’t acted like a monster for a day, does she felt uncomfortable

Madam, if your purpose is to change Zane and Zoe’s surname, then that is impossible.Jane interrupted her coldly

They are the children of the Warner family!” 

Courtney was also slightly upset, because of Zane’s incident. Jane had been treating her coldly, and she could still bear it. But now that it was about Zane and Zoe’s family surname, she couldn’t bear it 


I gave birth to them.Jane responded to Courtney without giving in

Why can’t her children follow her surname

Furthermore, Drake didn’t say anything about it, but she, a motherinlaw doesn’t have to mingle into 

this matter

Jane, I’m discussing with you right now. Put away your emotions. You and Drake will be having a wedding. You still need to display the children’s pictures of memories, by then everyone will know. When that time comes, how can we explain to the public that the two children of Warner family wasn’t named after us.Courtney snapped

Then there will be no wedding!Jane was originally upset about Drake sending Annie back to the Carltons home and didn’t provide any explanation to her. And now her motherinlaw used the wedding to force her to change the children’s surname. She was so angry that those words just came out of her mouth without thinking

Courtney was so angry at her words that she stood up trembling and pointed at Jane angrily

Jane, don’t be ignorant. There are so many women who wanted to marry my son, and you’re not a loss to this family. What are you” 

Jane also stood up, and looked back at Courtney coldly, “You can just find another woman for your son, anyway, it’s not the first time you’ve found one for him.” 

Jane will never forget that woman that Courtney found for Drake before, and that woman did something that hurt her child

Jane’s words completely angered Courtney, she glared at Jane angrily, but couldn’t say a word

Jane was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, so she left the study directly

Courtney was too furious at the moment and thought that, just because she had given birth to three children to Drake, so she started to act presumptuously

Don’t think that you are the only one who can have children for my son. In Silverbourne, there are too many women who’s willing to give birth for my son.” 

At this moment, an impulsive thought came to Courtney’s head

That is, to find a woman to gave birth to Drake’s child, if Jane’s children doesn’t want the surname Warner, then she can just find a woman who is willing to let the child’s surname be Warner for Drake

Courtney originally wanted to wait for Drake to come back in the villa, and tell him about Jane’s presumptuousness. But she didn’t know that Drake will come back late at night, so she lost her patience and had to leave first





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