Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 355

Chapter 355 

Jane slept with the three little guys at night, because she was mad at Drake, but seeing that the man didn’t return all night, she felt worried again

Jane, who was so worried, couldn’t fall asleep all night, and finally lost her temper, so she called 


However, after the call was connected, it wasn’t him who answered the call, but a woman

Hello, the other party responded politely to Jane on the phone

Jane who was already angry, heard a woman’s voice instead of Drake’s, her mood became cold in an 


Where’s Drake?” 

Mr. Warner drank too much and hasn’t woken up yet.” The woman said teasingly

Hearing this, Jane wasn’t stupid enough not to understand what was going on

Although what he did during the day made her very angry, Jane still believed Drake, thinking that he would not do anything to offend her at this time

And now that Drake’s mobile phone is being held by a woman, it means that something is wrong 

with Drake’s situation

Jane straightened out her emotions, and calmed down her anger and immediately asked who the woman on the phone was

Who are you? Where is Drake!” 

Who am I? I’m Marina James.The woman replied calmly

Jane was stunned for a moment, and then realized who Marina was, wasn’t she that shameless woman who was chased away by her when she climbed onto Drake’s bed

She actually got entangled with Drake again. Jane felt annoyed

What did you do? Jane’s voice became cold

Nothing, just want to taste your man. I have never met a man who makes my heart beat so much. How can I be satiated if I don’t sleep with him for a while.” 

Marina’s words were calm and composed, without any ounce of shame, which made Jane even 

more angry

Cursing the shameless woman in her heart

But the most crucial thing right now is to quickly find Drake, otherwise, He will be tainted by this slut

Jane didn’t dare continued to imagine about it. If he really did slept with that woman, she would probably have a shadow in her heart

As a woman, you are too shameless.Jane cursed fiercely

Why would I be afraid of being shameless? What you are afraid of, is me being shameless, and I will get what I want.Marina didn’t care about Jane’s words at all

She was born as a mistress, and gave birth to a son for her lover. For her, her sense of shame has 


Mr Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


uped away

She had slept so many old men, and this is the first time she has been obsessed with a young man, so naturally she has to sleep with him successfully

Whatever you say, I’m going to taste your man now, so I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore.Marina hung up the phone directly, when she finished talking. Jane dialed again, but the connection 

was lost

Jane’s anger ignited instantly. Don’t let her find this shameless woman, otherwise, she won’t let her go easily this time no matter what

While thinking of this, Jane immediately called Daniel and asked about Drake’s whereabouts for the 


Who would have thought that Daniel, who had always been following his boss closely, wasn’t by Drake’s side tonight

Ma’am, Mr. Warner asked me to come out to do some task. It is the other assistants of the 

company who went out to socialize with him today.Daniel replied cautiously

Call the assistant who accompanied him to the event and ask where are they right nowJane was in a hurry, for fear that Drake would be really tarnished by that woman. 

Okay, got it.Daniel hung up the phone, and immediately followed Jane’s instructions

Perhaps it was because Jane spoke too loudly that Zane, who was already asleep, opened his misty 


Mommy, hasn’t Daddy come back yet?Zane asked in a low voice

Jane comforted him, It’s okay, something happened at Daddy’s side, sleep back first, and Mommy has to go out for a while, okay?” 

Jane must go out to find Drake, she was afraid that if she went out, the three little guys would be 


Fortunately, Zane was mature, Zoe and Zach did not wake up, after Jane coax Zane to sleep back, she changed her clothes and went out

Thea her driver followed her to avoid other accidents

As soon as the two of them drove out of the villa, Daniel called again, saying that he can’t contact the assistant who accompanied Drake out to the event

Hearing this, Jane’s frowned deepened even more, where should she go to find him

Just when Jane was at a loss, Zane sent her a message on her mobile phone, which turned out to be a fivestar hotel

Jane was stunned for a moment, and then understood that Zane probably hacked his father’s phone to locate him, after she went out

Jane was overjoyed and praised her son for being smart

Afterwards, she let Thea drive the car directly to that fivestar hotel

When they arrived at the location, Zane sent another video of the hotel corridor before Jane could find a way to find out the hotel room where Drake was


Chapter 355 

A woman helped Drake into a presidential suite, and the room number was clearly displayed in the 


Jane once again gave Zane a big thumbs up in her heart, she then went straight to the presidential suite on the top floor of the hotel

Soon, Jane stopped at the door of the suite and rang the doorbell

Because the hotel’s sound insulation is really good, Jane couldn’t hear any movement in the room. It took a long time before a woman’s voice came

Who is it!” 

Jane really wanted to strangle the woman inside, but she had to wait for the door to open, so she could only pretend to be a hotel worker

Hearing that it was a staff member, the door opened soon, and the woman wrapped in a towel slowly opened the door

However, before she could see who was there outside the door clearly, a punch was thrown directly on her face, and then she was kicked back inside the suite by that person

Jane hated that she didn’t wear high heels when she went out, otherwise, it would have been more painful

Marina fell back into the room, making a painful sound, Jane immediately closed the door, punching and kicking Marina on the ground

Sounds of painful scream rang after another and her scream was more miserable than the other. Marina finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and begged loudly

Jane didn’t even put in too much strength, she just kicked the woman with her feet. Moreover, she had learned fighting, so she knew the spots where it hurt the most

After beating up Marina, Jane finally calmed down a bit, and then found that Thea was also in the room, so she gave orders to her

Take her out, and then take off her bathrobe. Since she is so shameless, then there’s no need to give her a face.” 

Hearing that Jane wanted her to be taken out naked and be watched by people, Marina panicked instantly, enduring the pain all over her body and stood up to escape, but Jane instantly grab her

Grabbing Marina by the robes collar, Jane handed her over to Thea

Thea didn’t waste any time, and took Marina downstairs



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