Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 356



Chapter 356 

After Marina was taken away by Thea, Jane immediately went into the room to see how Drake was doing

Jane breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that he had only been stripped of his upper body clothes and his lower body was still neatly dressed

Stepping forward, he softly called out to Drake, DrakeDrake” 

Jane patted Drake’s shoulder lightly, trying to wake him up

Drake opened his eyes slightly, but his eyes were blurred, and his face was also flushed

At that instant, Jane immediately knew that his drinks might be spiked with drugs when she saw Drake’s situation right now. She secretly scolded Marina for being so shameless for doingsuch a thing

Drake, how are you feeling? Wake up.Jane patted him again in the shoulder lightly

Drake opened his eyes slightly, and managed to see the person in front of him clearly, but he wasn’t sure if the person in front of him was real

Janeit’s you!” 

Nowhy is my Darling here, stay away from me, get out of the wayDrake raised his hand, trying to push Jane away

Jane saw that even if he had become like this, he would still reject other women close to him, so she suddenly lighten up

Grabbing the man’s hand, she responded softly, Drake, it’s me, I’m your Darling” 

Hearing the familiar voice, Drake finally confirmed that the person in front of him was really someone he cared about

Immediately, before Jane could react, Drake had already reached out and pulled her into his arms

His scorching breath sprayed on Jane’s neck, and his deep magnetic voice rang on her ears alluringly

Darling, I don’t feel good” 

Needless to say, Jane could already feel the changes in his body

DrakeJane’s body also warmed up, looking at the man who was different from his usual demeanor, Jane also felt a little moved

The next day, at dawn, Jane woke up, and when she turned around, she saw Drake who ravaged her all night was still asleep. She couldn’t help admiring the handsome man

The eyelashes are so long, I don’t know how he grow them.Jane couldn’t help reaching out to touch the man’s thick and slender eyelashes, feeling very envious

The three adorable babies were all looking like him, they have completely inherited their father’s good genes

Thinking of the three adorable babies, Jane’s mood improved a bit


Mr Wamer Your Ey

While she was still admiring the handsome man, her phone vibrated. Jane picked it up and looked. Surprisingly, the caller was a person whom she hadn’t contacted for a long time

Jane hesitated for a moment, then answered Ash Raiver’s call

Yes, it was Ash who called. Since that incident happened last time, Jane has been sending him messages several times, but he didn’t reply

Jane thought that he was planning to part ways with her. Just as they hadn’t contacted each other anymore, suddenly he called her. Jane answered the phone immediately

*Jane, are you free? Can you meet me?To Jane’s surprise, after the call was connected, the man’s voice on the other side was not as intimate as before anymore, and he didn’t even call her sister

Slightly stunned, Jane immediately responded, Yes, send me the location, and I’ll be right over.” 

Okay, I’ll sent you the location. I’ll see you later.” After hanging up the phone, Ash sent the location 

to Jane

After receiving his location, Jane glanced at Drake who was still sleeping, and got out of bed first

After entering the bathroom, she washed up, she then left the hotel after changing her clothes

Arriving at the address posted by Ash, which was a coffee shop, Jane found him who was already sitting by the window

To her surprise, Ash appearance also changed a lot

He has been walking a neutral lifestyle before, so he has an indistinguishable look

But now Ash, with his long hair cut into short, smartly dressed, and he even looks quite masculine

Seeing Ash like this, Jane was a little surprised, but the man seemed to have guessed that Jane would be surprised when he saw him like this

Ash had a slight smile on his face, Hello, long time no see, Jane!” 

Long time no see!Jane sat down, looked at Ash, wanting to ask him where he had been and why he didn’t reply to her messages

However, before she could open her mouth, Ash had already started telling her his whereabouts during this time

I went to Tibet once, and the signal there was not good, so I didn’t reply to your message.Ash explained

But this explanation, the two of them knew too well, that it was just an excuse. The real reason why he didn’t want to reply to the messages was because he hadn’t thought it through yet and wanted to calm himself down for a while

Did you go alone?Jane also followed his excuse

No, I went with a group of likeminded backpackers, I met a lot of interesting people along the way, and the scenery back there made me want to stay longer.” 

Jane, let me tell you, it’s really beautiful over there. The sky is as blue as the sea. Sometimes there’s no clouds, and sometimes colorful clouds will suddenly appear. Such a spectacle scenery you would really love there.” 

When Ash talked about his past and experiences in this journey, he spoke eloquently, and Jane just 

Chapter 356 

listened carefully

By the way, along the way, besides admiring the beautiful scenery, I also drew a lot of design drafts, take a look” 

As he spoke, Ash took out the album from his bag and handed it to Jane

Jane was startled, looking at Ash, her thoughts were a little complicated, she didn’t understand why the man still showed her the design draft, didn’t he already leave the company

Look quickly, I guarantee you will be impressed. Seeing that Jane didn’t answer, Ash urged her

Only then did Jane take the album, and slowly opened it. Seeing the first design draft, Jane was fascinated

As the man said, it really caught her eyes. Every design draft is a perfect work of art, it was so lifelike that people can’t take their eyes off it

Jane couldn’t control her amazement, so she read all the design drafts, and she liked every one of them very much

The drawings are so good, it seems that you have gained a lot along the way.Jane sighed sincerely

Of course.Ash raised his head proudly, he was still very confident in his ability

Jane handed the album back to Ash. She liked the design draft, but Ash had already left the studio. Although she had read the design draft, she wouldn’t copy it

Seeing Jane’s actions, Ash looked puzzled and said, What are you doing for? Take it back to the studio and see the finished product.” 

After his words, Jane became suspicious, but soon, she let go of her thoughts and displayed a smile on her face

Okay, then when will you come back to work?” 

I’ll go to work, but let me just go out and walk around so I would be able to draw the beautiful things outside. I don’t want to go to work step by step in the future. You won’t deduct my salary because of that right.Ash looked at Jane with a smile



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