Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 357



Chapter 357 

Of course not.Jane immediately responded

The two chatted for a while, and then they parted ways, and Jane went directly to the company

At the hotel, when Drake woke up, he was lying naked on the bed, and there was no sign of woman beside him

His memory immediately returned to last night, the last person he saw was Marina James

And that woman also used dirty tricks on him. Thinking of this, Drake’s handsome face immediately darkened, forming a black cloud

He wouldn’t be really cooed by that woman, would he

Thinking that he had touch a woman other than Jane, Drake felt uncomfortable all over, and thought that he was already dirty

However, the medicine that the woman gave him made him have no memory of what happened last night. Thinking of this, Drake immediately rushed into the bathroom

He turned on the shower, regardless of whether the water was cold or not, he just stood under the shower and let the water wash over his dirty body

And Jane didn’t know what Drake had been acting just now. She heard Thea’s voice in the car

Madam, that woman was rescued last night. I took her downstairs. But before I could do what you ordered, a black car drove over and took her away forcefully and I wasn’t able to stop them.” 

Did you see clearly, who are those men?Jane asked

The other party is wearing sunglasses, so I can’t see their whole faces clearly.” Thea’s jawline was tense, and she felt guilty for failing to complete the task

Madam, after sending you to the company, I will immediately investigate the car last night to see if I can find any clues.Thea wanted to make up for it

Okay.Jane didn’t object. Marina was taken away without a sound, which meant that there was someone behind her

As a mistress, she was hunted down by the capital. How could she find a backer so quickly. In order to prevent her from becoming the next Annie, Jane felt the need to investigate the other party’s background

Three days later, in the villa, it is the weekend. The merging of Bentley company and Spirit is also coming. Jane took the advantage of the weekend to spend time at home with the children

But Jane didn’t have the mood, because she hadn’t seen Drake for several days now

In the past three days, the man has been sending messages of concern and greetings, but he never came back. Jane was a little puzzled and wanted to ask, but her selfesteem restrained her again

He couldn’t let her take the initiative to ask him, why he didn’t come back, right? She isn’t so short of men, is she

Moreover, because Drake’s attitude was unclear, Jane also put the matter of the wedding dress on hold

Chapter 357 

Divorce, even if she wanted to, Drake won’t let her either. If they ever got divorce, the impact of it on the three children will not be good

In this world now, there are so many couples who stayed in their marriage life mainly because of the children and appearances. As long as Drake doesn’t do too much, she will be so particular about staying with him

No matter what, she had her children already, she has her own business, and she doesn’t need Drake at all to support her

Mommy, what’s wrong with you?Just as Jane was thinking wildly about how to deal with her relationship with Drake, Zach’s call from the side brought Jane back from her immersed thoughts

What’s wrong, Zach?Jane came back to her senses, and looked at her child lovingly 

Mom, are you unhappy? Why are you always in a daze.Zach asked with some doubts

Mommy is fine, just thinking about something.Jane responded with a smile

Are you thinking about Daddy?Zach asked bluntly

Hearing this, Jane hesitated for a moment, then nodded, she was probably thinking about Drake, but she was just thinking about how to keep a distance from Drake in the future

Mommy, I asked Daddy. He was too busy during this period, so he didn’t come back. Don’t worry, Daddy won’t do bad things outside. He used to be busy sometimes, and didn’t come back for half a month.I couldn’t see him at all!” 

But if you want to see Daddy, I have a solution.After Zach finished speaking, he added another sentence mysteriously

Jane was amused by him, so she asked with a smile, Oh? Then what methods do you use to attract his attention?” 

The most common thing is to pretend to be sick, or run away from home.Zach excitedly talked about the past with Jane

Although Zach had a smile on his face, Jane felt so sad. Zach did this because he lacked love and 

attention from his father

Suddenly, Jane felt guilty when she thought that she had been so busy during this time and hadn’t spent a time with the three little guys

Zach, Mommy is so busy now that she doesn’t have time to spend with you, do you feel unhappy?” 

Hearing Jane’s question, before Zach could speak, Zane who was beside him answered maturely 

No, Mommy is working so hard for us. Why do we blame Mommy? Besides, Mommy is always with us when she is free.” 

Hearing this, Zoe nodded at the side as well. The two little guys grew up beside Jane. When Jane had just started her business, she was even busier than now. At that time, she spent less time with her children. But the two little ones are very sensible, and they’re not noisy at all, which made her come this far

When Zach heard what his siblings said, he immediately said that he would not be unhappy with mommy

As long as Mommy is always by my side, Zach will feel very happy.” 


Chapter 357 

With her three adorable babies words, Jane’s heart became more resolute. No matter what, she still 

had three children

Men are no big deal

Afterwards, Jane no longer thought about Drake, but enjoyed herself to being with the three little 


For a while, the yard was full of laughter

Ma’am, Dr. Harrington is here!” 

While Jane and the three little guys were having fun, the housekeeper brought William over

Jane stopped playing with the three children, looked at William, and smiled

Dr. William, why are you here?” 

Well, routine inspection.William answered bluntly

Jane nodded, April’s morning sickness has improved a bit, but the usual pregnancy tests still needs to be done

The villa is equipped with complete medical equipment, and April doesn’t need to go to the hospital to do all kinds of examinations, as it can be done in the villa. Jane informed William specifically before coming here

Jane also asked April’s opinion, and April said she didn’t mind, so she let William come over

Let the housekeeper take you there.” Jane said

Afterwards, under the housekeeper lead, William went directly to the medical room. Jane let the three little guys continue to play, and personally went to April’s room to escort her to the medical 


In the medical room, William had already changed into a sterilized white coat. Seeing Jane helping April in, he wanted to step forward to help, but in the end he held back his movements




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