Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 358


Chapter 358 

Chapter 358 

When he’s done with all the tests, William said lightly, Everything is fine, after a while, I will continue to come for the tests.” 

April nodded, stroking her belly, her face was full of the radiance of maternal love, William looked at this scene with a complicated expression on his face

Suddenly, William turned his head to look at Jane, and said softly, Jane, can I take a moment to talk?” 

Jane nodded, Okay, wait a moment, I’ll take April back to the room first.” 

In the gazebo in the back garden, Jane was fiddling with the tea cups on the table. A few minutes later, a steaming cup of hot tea was placed in front of William

I didn’t expect you to have known the art of making tea. This method of making tea isn’t bad!” 

William took a sip of hot tea and agreed with Jane to tastes her tea

It’s just a trick.Jane chuckled, she learned the skill of making tea because of Drake, but it seemed that the man himself had never drunk the tea made by her

By the way, what do you want to tell me?Jane asked William what he wanted to talk about

Hearing Jane’s question, William put down the teacup and looked at Jane solemnly

I want to tell you about Mr. Carlton” 

Hearing Charles name, Jane’s expression turned solemn

His condition has stabilized and he is awake now. He asked me to tell you that he wants to see you.” 

Because accidents happened all the year round. After Charles was stabbed by Annie that day, Jane also called the emergency number of William’s private hospital and sent Charles to William’s private hospital

Jane actually didn’t want to see Charles in her heart. In the past few days, she just deliberately ignored Charles affairs and avoid thinking about it, which made her control her urge of visiting him

Leaning back, Jane looked indifferent, and her thin lips opened saying, I don’t want to see him, please convey it to him, I will settle his medical expenses for him.” 

In any case, he was injured by blocking the knife for her, and Jane would not really disregard human life, if she had been the one that was hurt, she would gladly bear it herself

Hearing Jane’s words, William was not surprised. Instead, he continued, No one in his family has come to see him since his accident. If possible, I still suggest you go and see him.” 

Hearing the man’s suggestion, Jane shook her head resolutely, I have nothing to do with him. If it wasn’t because he was injured because of me, I wouldn’t even pay for the medical expenses.” 

That’s fine, I’ve already relayed the words, it’s up to you whether you’ll go or not.” 

After conveying the matter about Charles, William left without staying any longer. After William was gone, Jane felt a little complicated. Her thoughts are crumbling

And with Drake’s strange behavior for not coming home, Jane was so upset for a moment that she was very irritable


Mr. Wamer, Your Ex wife is Brilliant 


Chapter 358 

At night, Jane finally couldn’t restrain herself and called Drake

After the call was connected, both of them were silent for a moment, and then Drake’s voice came 



Drake, why aren’t you back?” 

He didn’t come back during the whole day’s rest today, which is too unreasonable

Janey, I haven’t dealt with the matter here. I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend the weekend with you and the children.On the phone, Drake’s apologetic reply could be heard, which made Jane’s heart sink 

even more

Okay then, pay attention to your health.” 

Jane originally had a thousand words to say, but when she heard Drake’s reasons, she finally said nothing, told him a few words, and hung up the phone

Because she was not in a good mood, Jane went to the wine cellar of the villa, picked out a bottle of good wine, and prepared to drink it to relieve her fatigue

April came down from upstairs, as soon as she woke up. Seeing Jane drinking, her eyes lit up, and she trotted over immediately, with her eyes sparkling

Honey, give me a drink too!” 

As she spoke, she even smelled the wine, with an expression of enjoyment on her face

What a good wine, why are you leisurely drinking it?” 

Jane snatched back the wine glass in her hand, and looked at her solemnly, You are pregnant now, so you cannot drink.” 

Hearing this, April’s face instantly collapsed

It’s so unfair, I haven’t had a drink for a long time, ahI want to drink.” 

You can’t drink even if you want to.” Jane solemnly refused. How can a pregnant person drink 


In the end, April could only watch pitifully from the sidelines and drink her milk, while Jane was drinking her wine

After drinking for three rounds, April looked at Jane and asked

What’s wrong with you today? Why do you looked so frustrated?” 

April you’re so useless, she can already see that she’s not happy, but why do you have to asked her directly why she was unhappy. She chided herself in her thoughts

Jane was already feeling a little dizzy from drinking, and when she heard April’s words, she raised her eyes and glanced at her

Too many things have happened recently, I’m a little upset.” Jane said, and then continued to take a sip of wine

What is it, can you tell me?April asked patiently

Jane hesitated for a moment, but then felt that she should talk to her, and besides April was her 

Chapter 358 


Then she told April what happened during this period

After hearing what Jane said, April nodded slightly, So you are angry now because Drake still cares about that unrequited love?” 

It’s not really angry, it’s just that he keeps saying he loves me, but he let Annie go just because of her few words, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.” 

What kind of character does Annie have, he should know it by now, maybe Annie is just spouting lies to protect herself!Jane added

Jane thought a lot throughout the day, and thought of what Annie said before, maybe they were her lies again, and the purpose was to not make him dare touch her

I think what she said may be true.” April expressed her opinion

You told me before that Annie is a scheming person. Perhaps, as she said herself, she was just pretending to be the unrequited love of Drake all these years, just so she could stay by his side.” 

Then tell me, who is Drake’s unrequited love?Jane asked the question she cared most about 

I don’t know about this, but I think your concern doesn’t lie with Annie, but the woman who hasn’t appeared yet, but occupied an important position in Drake’s heart.April said directly

Hearing this, Jane was startled, but she didn’t deny April’s words

She really cared about that unrequited love whom Drake was looking for so hard. In the past, when Annie pretended to be Drake’s unrequited love, she had been bruised all over her body

If the real one appeared, Jane couldn’t guarantee whether the relationship between her and Drake 

would continue




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