Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 360

Chapter 360

When Annie rushed to the hospital, Jane was about to leave the hospital.

As soon as Annie appeared, she spotted Jane, and rushed to her, cursing loudly.

“I asked, why my dad had people transferred so many assets. It turned out that you, a bitch, did the trick. Did you ask my dad to transfer the assets to you?”

Facing Annie’s angry curses, Jane’s expression was indifferent, and her slightly raised eyes lightly fell on Annie.

“Your dad has been stabbed by you and has been here for so long. Yet this is the first time you have come to the hospital, but not to see him.”

Hearing this, Annie’s complexion turned bad for a moment, but she retorted immediately.

“I’m just too busy, that’s why I didn’t come.”

Afterwards, Annie walked up to Charles, pretending to be a good girl.

“Dad, have you been bewitched by this bitch? I’m more worried than anyone else about your injury,


you also knew that when I was sent back, I was also covered in injuries, so I haven’t come to see you for a few days. You, you can’t just listen to this bitch and transfer your assets to…”

Charles looked at Annie with a livid face, and said sternly, “Enough, she is your sister, you keep saying bitch, what have you learned all these years of upbringing?” Hearing her father berated her Annie’s complexion turned bad.

But thinking of the assets transferred by her father, Annie could only endure the dissatisfaction in her heart and looked at her father.

“Dad, even if she is really your daughter, you can’t transfer so many assets to her name. If you do this, have you thought about me and my mother? I’m your daughter too, you can’t be so selfish.”

“The part that belongs to you, I will keep it for you.” Charles said indifferently. He felt a little bit unsatisfied in his heart about this daughter of his who never appeared after stabbing him.

But even if he is dissatisfied, it is still his child. Of course, he will not favor one another and transfer

all his assets to Jane.

“No, you can’t give her so many assets.” Annie still disagreed with her father’s decision of giving so

much assets to Jane.

“Dad, she has got Drake as she wished. The Warner family is much richer than us. Why do you still need to give her so many assets? They all belong to me.” Annie looked at her father with dissatisfaction.

Her words successfully angered Charles even more. He looked at Annie angrily, “I’m not dead yet, the assets under my name, I can do whatever I want with it.”

Charles’s resolute attitude made Annie’s face turned grim, and she wanted to continue to say something, but Charles shut her up as he didn’t want to listen to her complains.

“If you’re only here because of the assets under my name, then shut up. What I want to do with my assets is my business, and it’s not your turn to comment.”

Charles attitude was firm, and Annie understood that no matter how much she’ll persuade him, she


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Chapter 360

couldn’t change his decisions, so she could only mutter in dissatisfaction.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for me, the Carlton family wouldn’t have developed to where it is today.”

Annie has been by Drake’s side for many years, although she has not obtained a legitimate status, nor has she had any relationship with him.

But over the years, she has gained a lot of benefits from him, including obtaining various good resources for the Carlton family.

Therefore, when she said this, Charles had nothing to refute.

After leaving the hospital, Jane was about to leave, but Annie stopped Jane from behind.

Jane turned around leisurely and looked at Annie with an indifferent expression.

“Jane, you were the one who tricked my dad into transferring the property to you, right? You already got Drake, why do you have to do this?” Annie looked at Jane dissatisfied and asked.

Hearing this, a sneer appeared on Jane’s face, “I’m also curious, when you appeared as Drake’s unrequited love back then, you could have directly asked him to divorce me and marry you in a legitimate way, why did you not do that back then?” Why do have to do so many things that torture and humiliate me instead?”

Hearing this, Annie was startled, of course because of jealousy.

Jealousy, whether it was in the past or later, she can’t just make Drake love her.

But Annie was not stupid, she would not tell Jane this reason, but she understood that Jane was just doing this on purpose to avenge the torture and humiliation she had done to her back then.

“Jane, I’ve already given up on Drake. You don’t have to be so desperate. It won’t do you any good.”

“Who said that I can’t gain benefits.” Jane chuckled, her face still looked was beautiful.

Annie’s eyes is full of resentment. Jane smiled and said slowly, “It can make you restless and unsettled, which is the greatest benefit to me.”

While Annie’s eyes were raging, Jane continued to say coldly, “By the way, not only the current assets, but also all the things that belong to you in the future, I will snatch them one by one.”

Hearing Jane bluntly say that she wanted to rob her with everything, Annie burst into anger.

“Jane, don’t go too far. If you really dare to do this, don’t blame me for retaliating.”

Hearing this, Jane sneered, “Have you done so little to hurt me? Heh, try messing with me or people around me. Even if you use Drake as a shield, I won’t let you go easily.”

“The taste of prison rice may be very suitable for you.”

When she’s done talking, Jane turned around and left without glancing at Annie.

After getting into the car, looking at the cold figure driving in the front seat, Jane asked.

“Thea, can we still hire more people from your organization?”

Thea Jones identity is a member of a secret service agency, and this agency is full of people with strong military strength or retired navy personnel.

After Drake’s former tearnmate retired, someone took up the management position of this organization, and most of the available people in his hands were provided by this organization.

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Mr Wamer Your Ex–wife is


Chapter 360

Thea was selected by Drake from this organization to protect Jane personally.

Jane already understood that relying on a man is worse than relying on herself, she needs her own people.

Hearing her boss question, Thea immediately replied.

“Madam, if you want to hire other people, I can introduce them to you.”

“Okay then, take me to your company, and I’ll pick them personally.” Jane said lightly.

With all the lessons learned before, she won’t be the same again.

She wanted manpower, and she was specifically preparing for it, lest Annie would jump the wall in a hurry and really do something that would caught her off guard.

They drove to the company where Thea works. When she came out again, Jane was followed by two figures, both of whom she had hired at a sky high price equipped with their good talents.


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