Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 361

Chapter 361

One of them was arranged by Jane to monitor Annie, while the other was assigned to the Warner Crest Estate to protect the three children.

After handling these matters, Jane returned to the company and continued to work hard to make


The recent hiring of two people cost her a lot of money, and making money was the top priority.

One month later, Jane, wearing large sunglasses and accompanied by her bodyguard, Thea, and her assistant, Christine, walked out.

The three of them had good looks and temperament, attracting many glances from passersby.

A month ago, while Jane was on a business trip, Spirit Studio and the Bentley family successfully merged and officially became a listed company.

Jane was busy expanding the company’s various businesses and went on another month–long business trip, finally bringing the company to new heights.

However, she hadn’t seen her children in a month, and her longing for them was like a surging river, wishing to return to their side immediately.

“Christine, you can go home directly. Take three days off and rest well.”

During this time, Christine had been running around with her, working hard, so Jane allowed her to take a break and rest at home.

More importantly, she also planned to take a three–day break herself and spend time with her children.

As for Drake, during this period, Jane was busy, and it seemed like he was intentionally avoiding her Their relationship had cooled down to freezing point.

In the car, Jane scrolled through her phone while Thea drove. Suddenly, she came across a hot topic

in Silverbourne.

The richest man in Silverbourne, Warner Group’s CEO, seems to have a new favorite and is generously providing various resources to a certain internet celebrity.

When Jane saw the hot topic, she was initially stunned, then she clicked on the news.

The blogger who wrote this post was quite elusive. There was no mention of Drake’s name in the article, nor was there any mention of who the internet celebrity was. However, the post left many hints and implications.

At the end of the article, there was a picture of a tall man walking with a well–proportioned woman.

As for whether the man in the photo was Drake, it was hard to tell.

Although she couldn’t tell if the man was Drake, Jane immediately recognized the woman in the photo as Marina James.

Don’t ask how Jane recognized her; it was just that Marina indeed had some charm, and it was the kind of natural beauty.

Although she had already given birth to a child, she didn’t seem to be very old.

And she probably became active on social media, posing as a fake socialite and gaining some fans by relying on her beauty.

That’s why she was defined as an emerging internet celebrity.

After reading the information, Jane put down her phone, feeling mixed emotions in her heart.

She had always believed that Drake wouldn’t do anything to betray her or had warned herself not to expect too much from him.

This way, even if she was disappointed, she wouldn’t be too hurt. But at this moment, she still felt her heart sinking and couldn’t describe the discomfort.

For the sake of her children, Jane ultimately didn’t message Drake and went straight back to the Warner Crest Estate.

The three cute babies were delighted to see Jane return, and she brought them gifts from her business trip, making the three little ones even happier.

In the evening, Jane personally cooked a sumptuous dinner for the three children. Just as she was about to serve the food, Drake returned home.

After returning home, Drake noticed that Jane was already there and hesitated for a moment.

“You came back from your business trip today. Why didn’t you tell me?” After regaining his senses, Drake walked up to her and asked softly.

Jane placed the prepared dishes on the table and still looked calm as she replied, “You’ve been busy with work, so I didn’t tell you.”

At first, she had wanted to surprise Drake and the three children, but after seeing the hot news about

Drake, she lost the mood to do so.

Her response made Drake notice that something was off. She seemed to be in a bad mood.

He wanted to say more greetings, but when he thought of concealing her matter, Drake did not know how to say it, and stood dumbfounded.

“You haven’t eaten yet. Wash your hands and eat together.”

Jane said softly, not wanting to show her estrangement from Drake in front of the children.

Hearing that, Drake immediately went to wash his hands and then came to the table.

The family had a pretty good dinner. After the meal, the three little guys went back to their room and let Drake and Jane spend alone.

Drake should be happy as he looked at the three children with such discernment, but when his eyes met Jane, he still felt guilty.

Jane did not know what Drake was thinking. She only felt that he was still hiding something from her, making her even more uncomfortable.

“I’ll go upstairs to wash up first.” Unable to stand the inexplicable atmosphere between the two of them, Jane got up and went upstairs.

After waiting for Jane to go upstairs a while, Drake went upstairs. Jane had just come out of the shower and was wearing her pajamas, ready to go to bed.

The two of them did not communicate at all. Jane did not even plan to speak to Drake. Just as the

two of them passed by, Drake grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace.

The sudden movement made Jane stunned for a moment, and then she felt Drake’s strong chest and heartbeat, as well as the strange atmosphere around him.

“I miss you so much!”

Just when Jane wanted to push the man away, Drake whispered softly beside her ear.

Listening to his words, Jane’s heart softened a little, but thinking of his indifference during this period of time, Jane still pushed him away.

“Go take a shower.”

Hearing Jane’s indifferent tone, Drake finally panicked.

Originally, he wanted to greet her more warmly, but when he thought of hiding something from her, he didn’t know how to approach her, so he kept his distance.

Is she angry?

Thinking of this possibility, Drake immediately spoke, “Honey, we’ve been apart for a month. Don’t you miss me?”

“We’re an old married couple. Stop saying these things.” Jane’s tone remained indifferent as she urged him to go take a shower.

Drake finally noticed something was wrong. While Jane was indeed cold to him before, it was a kind of resistant coldness. But now, it was a silent indifference.

This feeling made Drake uncomfortable, as if… Jane no longer cared about him.

“Honey, has something happened? You weren’t like this before.”

“Something happened? Shouldn’t you be asking yourself about that?” Jane raised her eyes slightly, looking at Drake with scrutiny.

Hearing her words, Drake’s heart sank. Could it be that Honey already knows?

“Honey, it’s not what you think. I didn’t do it willingly that night. I know I’ve wronged you, and you can scold me or punish me as you wish. I can accept any punishment.”


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