Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Jane spoke like that only because she couldn’t control her emotions and wanted to question Drake about the rumors of him being involved with other women while she was away.

But after hearing Drake’s words, Jane’s thoughts were in chaos.

What did he mean by that? What has he done to betray her?

He said that night, did he mean he had intimate relations with another woman behind her back?

Thinking of this possibility, Jane immediately distanced herself from Drake. She didn’t have a cleanliness obsession, nor did she demand that Drake maintain purity during the years she was away. But now that they were together and their relationship was established, he should not do anything that would betray her trust.

Even an accident was unacceptable to her.

Sensing Jane’s movement, Drake immediately tried to reach out and hold her hand.

“Honey, let me explain. It’s not what you think…”

“Alright, go ahead!” Jane took a few steps back, preparing herself for the worst outcome.

Seeing Jane like this, Drake felt a panic in his heart. As expected, things had developed to the worst

scenario he feared.

“Honey, I…” He hesitated and didn’t know how to start.

During the years Jane was away, he hadn’t had any relationship with Annie and had remained pure both physically and mentally. But because of that despicable woman’s scheme, his innocence was tarnished, which was truly infuriating.

Unfortunately, that woman used it as a tool to blackmail him and obtained many valuable resources from him.

“What? Having trouble saying it?” Drake didn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for a while, and Jane looked at him with impatience, not suppressing her emotions.

“Honey, I was set up. I know I’ve done something wrong to you. You can do whatever you want, but I beg you, don’t divorce me!”

In the end, when he said those three words, Drake was full of humility. He was the powerful and aloof king of Silverbourne, but when had he ever been so humble?

Hearing the outcome that was the most difficult for her to accept, Jane felt a sharp pain in her heart, but she calmed down after a while.

Then she raised her head and looked at Drake with an exceptionally calm expression. “When did it happen?”

“Over a month ago, Drake replied with difficulty. He didn’t want to recall that night, as it was a shame

in his life.

“What do you mean? Did she force you? Who is that woman?” Jane continued to inquire.

Hearing this, Drake suddenly looked up at Jane, not knowing how to answer.

“It was Marina.” He could only say the woman’s name, as he couldn’t bear to go into the details, and


he also couldn’t remember everything clearly.

It was indeed her! Jane wasn’t surprised at all upon hearing Marina’s name.

“So, she forced you, and you provided her with valuable resources?” Jane’s voice now had a cold edge to it.

“It’s not like that. That wicked woman used despicable means and took many photos. I couldn’t think of a way to deal with her temporarily, so I had no choice but to…”

Hearing this, Jane understood. He was forced and blackmailed after being forced.

Thinking that Drake the powerful king of Silverbourne, had been blackmailed, he must have felt very frustrated.

Wait a minute… Jane tried to bring her thoughts back to the point.

Over a month ago, she interrupted the forced act that night, right?

Could it be that before he arrived, they had already…?

Thinking of this, Jane immediately carefully recalled the events of that night. She was sure that Drake had only been stripped naked on the bed and nothing else had happened.

Moreover, the timing didn’t match. It was only about ten minutes from when she learned about Marina’s plot to when she found them. There was barely enough time for anything to happen.

She knew Drake’s abilities well; it was impossible for him to do such a thing in such a short time.

She was certain that she was the one who forced Drake that night.

No, it was the person who spent that night with Drake who was her.

With that in mind, Jane’s mood suddenly relaxed. She looked at Drake, who was full of self–blame and fear of losing her, and she couldn’t help but want to laugh.

“Are you sure the person you were forced by was her?” Finally, Jane’s tone eased as she asked.

Hearing this, and seeing Jane’s relaxed expression, Drake became even more anxious.

Honey, you won’t leave me, will you?

“Honey, I…”

Seeing Drake’s worried look, Jane didn’t tease him any longer.

“The person that night was me.”

Hearing this, Drake was stunned, looking at Jane in disbelief.

After a moment, Drake came back to his senses, and excitement and joy filled his heart. If the person that night was indeed Jane, then he hadn’t done anything to betray her. The worry that had been haunting him was just an illusion, and he wouldn’t have to feel guilty anymore.

“If what you’re saying is that you went out with another assistant and were taken away by Marina that night, then yes, it was me. But if you have had other experiences of being taken away by other women, I’m not sure if you’ve done anything to betray me,” Jane said in a relaxed tone.

Hearing this, Drake immediately shook his head in denial. “After that incident, I became vigilant. How could I let the same thing happen again?”


Chapter 362

Drake firmly shook his head. During this period, he had been working hard to try to forget about the incident. How could he have the leisure to go out and socialize?

“So, you’ve been staying at the company during this time and rarely coming back because of this incident?” Jane asked about Drake’s behavior of keeping his distance from her.

“I didn’t know it was you that night. I thought it was that woman. I couldn’t face you and was afraid that if you knew the truth, you would leave with our child,” Drake confessed.

Seeing this, Jane suddenly realized that the overbearing wolf–like Drake also had such a submissive side, and her anger dissipated completely.

“If you really did something to betray me, then I would definitely leave with our child,” Jane said calmly.

As her words fell, Drake immediately pulled her into his arms, fearing to lose his precious treasure.

“Honey, don’t leave me, never leave me, I beg you!”

This humble love made Jane’s cold heart melt completely, and she no longer held any hostility

towards him.

Jane suddenly understood why they said that the first person to fall in love was the most miserable. This Drake, who was now so humble and begging, reminded her of her past self.

In the past, she loved him so humbly, so carefully, and love was unrequited.


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