Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 363

Chapter 363

With Drake’s honesty and explanation, they finally resolved their previous misunderstandings.

After taking a shower, Drake finally held the soft, fragrant, and warm jade in his arms, feeling fortunate in his heart.

However, suddenly, Jane thought of the matter with Annie and questioned again, “Are you going to let Annie go just like that and not pursue what happened before?”

Hearing this, Drake hesitated for a moment and immediately responded, “No, but it’s not the right time to deal with her yet.”

“Is that person really important to you?” Jane asked anxiously.

Hearing that, Drake was silent again, but he still answered very seriously.

“Honey, I should apologize to you about this. I have to find her!”

The days when he lost the light was the most difficult time in his life. Moreover, during that time, he also lost a relative who was very important to him. At one time, he felt that his life would no longer be bright.

If it wasn’t for that person’s appearance, which lit up the spark in his life, he might not be able to get out of that dark moment.

He did not say these words to Jane, but also expressed his attitude to Jane. He would definitely find the young woman he once loved.

What if you found her? Are you going to be the same as you used to treat Annie? Now that she had said it, Jane simply did not care and directly asked the question that she cared about the most in her


Drake could also hear Jane’s loneliness and understood that she was worried. Then, he pulled her into his arms and solemnly assured her.

Drake fell silent again, but he gave a serious answer, “Honey, I owe you an apology for what happened before. At that time, I had no feelings for you. I thought you married me for calculations and the status of the Warner family, so I did those things that hurt you.”

“But now, it won’t happen again. I will do my best to protect you and the children.”

Jane felt doubtful about his sincerity. “Is it really that simple?”

“I swear with my life that I will never let you down. If I do, may heaven strike me with lightning.

Jane didn’t stop Drake from making the oath. After everything they went through, she felt a lack of security, and only such a solemn vow could make her feel more steadfast.

“That’s what you said. If you dare to betray me again, I will leave with the children. I have money and a career now, and I won’t be restrained by you.” Jane raised a bright face and said slowly.

“I won’t give you a chance to leave me,” Drake said firmly.

That night, the two of them spent a beautiful night together.

The next day, when Jane woke up, Drake was already dressed and ready to go to work.

Jane had just returned from a business trip and had a three–day vacation. She lazily lay in bed and

watched Drake getting dressed.

“I have three days off, and I plan to take the children out for a walk.”

“Where do you plan to go?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll decide after asking the three little ones where they want to go.” Jane replied casually.

“Wherever they want to go, bring a driver. I’ll finish some work in the morning, and if there’s nothing urgent, I’ll come find you.”

The family had not been together for a long time, and Drake also wanted to spend more time with the children and Jane. However, he didn’t know Jane would come back yesterday, and there were many things that needed his personal handling at the company.

After getting ready, Drake sat on the bed, gave Jane a good morning kiss, and then went to work. Jane stayed in bed for a while. The fierce Drake from last night was a bit overwhelming for her. After getting up, the three little ones had already woken up and were having breakfast. Seeing Jane coming downstairs, they immediately asked her to join them for breakfast.

After breakfast, Jane was about to ask the three little ones where they wanted to go to play when an unexpected guest arrived at the Warner Crest Estate.

Courtney was not alone; she brought another woman, someone Jane was familiar with, Marina.

Seeing Courtney bringing Marina, there was a hint of complacency on Marina’s face. Jane understood Courtney’s purpose and her face immediately turned serious.

However, because the children were present, Jane didn’t speak first, but looked coldly at the two of them.

Courtney completely ignored Jane’s cold gaze and looked lovingly at the three children. She reached out to the closest Zachary and said, “Zac, come here. Let Grandma introduce you to this beautiful aunt. She is the family teacher Grandma found for you and your siblings.”

The three little ones were no longer going to school and were studying at home. Originally, Jane was tutoring them, but due to her busy work, Drake found a new family teacher for them, a talented male teacher whom the three children liked very much.

But now, Courtney’s attitude made Jane very unhappy.

Zachary was just about to go over when Jane stepped forward and directly confronted Courtney with her aura spreading out, directly facing her.

“They already have a teacher. No need to trouble yourself,” Jane said icily.

“That teacher has been dismissed by me,” Courtney retorted. She had experienced half a lifetime of storms, and her aura was not weaker than Jane’s. The two of them confronted each other, neither willing to back down.

Zane immediately recognized Marina. Jane had taken her in out of kindness before, but the three little ones didn’t know the reason why Marina was driven away.

However, they were very hostile to anyone their mommy didn’t like.

“We don’t want this teacher,” Zane said with a cold face.


Ma Mine Meu Brakin MANA


Chapter 363

Zane’s attitude irritated Courtney, and she looked at Jane coldly. She didn’t care about the three children and directly questioned Jane, “Jane, is this how you teach my grandson, letting them be so disrespectful to their grandma?”

“It has nothing to do with mommy,” Zane stepped forward again to defend his mommy.

“Mommy shouldn’t be bullied,” Zoe also reproached Courtney. This made Courtney even more angry.

“Hmph, they really are kids raised outside. They don’t listen to their grandma at all. Zachary, come here!” Courtney waved her hand at Zachary.

Zachary looked at Courtney and then at Zane and Zoe. He didn’t move.

“Zachary, you don’t even listen to Grandma’s words?” Courtney’s face became even more gloomy.

Seeing this, Jane immediately stepped in front of the three children and said, “Don’t trouble my children. If you have anything to say, just say it.”


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