Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 365

Chapter 365

As the horses approached, and one was about to bump into her, Jane quickly dodged, but she was still slightly pulled by the fast–moving horse and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, she reacted quickly, and although she fell, she wasn’t hurt.


As Jane stood up and dusted herself off, the galloping horse was also brought under control by its rider.

Soon, a person dressed in equestrian attire rushed to Jane and greeted her with concern.

“Hello, are you okay? I’m sorry for not controlling the horse and bumping into you, miss.”

The person’s attitude was not bad, and since Jane wasn’t injured and didn’t want to make a fuss, she casually replied, “I’m fine, just be more careful next time.”

There were several areas in the equestrian venue; one for learning to ride horses and another for fast–paced riding. The rider was riding in the area for learning, which was indeed his fault.

However, it was normal to lose control if one was a beginner, and there was no need to blame him.

After saying that, Jane was ready to leave but was called back by the person.

“Miss, I’m really sorry for the collision: Can I have your contact information? I will make it up to you later.”

“No need.” Jane politely declined and was about to leave again.

However, the man persisted and chased after her once more, reiterating his intention to compensate her. This made Jane a little impatient, as the man’s attitude was overly enthusiastic, which she didn’t appreciate.

“I said it’s unnecessary. Please stop following me,” Jane’s tone became slightly heavier.

The man was startled by Jane’s tone and realized that he might be annoying her, but he still wanted her contact information.

“Miss, I may be presumptuous, but besides wanting to compensate you, I mainly want to get to know you.”

Hearing this, Jane looked at him carefully. Was she being approached again?

Regardless of the man’s intentions, Jane pointed to the three little guys not far away in the equestrian venue and said seriously, “Those three are my children. I am married. Can you stay away from me now?”

Jane thought she had made it clear enough, and the man should back off, but instead, his eyes lit up. seeming even more excited.

“So, Miss is already married. You don’t look like it. You seem quite young,” the man appraised Jane with admiration.

Jane was speechless. Was this man crazy?

“For the last time, stop following me. Otherwise, I will accuse you of sexual harassment,” Jane warned with a cold expression.


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Chapter 365

After speaking, she ignored the man and left directly.

Watching Jane’s elegant figure walk away, the man smiled meaningfully.

So, she was already married, no wonder she had such charm.

As for Jane, she found April and sat next to her after she left.

April had been sitting in the spectator’s seat and naturally saw the scene between Jane and the man. With a smile, she asked, “Got approached again?”

Jane’s appearance was beautiful, and these years of financial freedom had allowed her to focus on maintaining her health. She didn’t look like someone who had given birth, and her mature charm attracted men’s attention, which was not surprising.

April had been by her side for a long time, and she was already used to seeing Jane being approached by men.

“Don’t mention it. I thought he was a gentleman, but he turned out to be a piece of adhesive plaster,” Jane didn’t have a good impression of men who were too forward from the start.

Besides, she was already married and had a child. Even if a man was good–looking, he was nothing more than a passing cloud in her eyes.

Jane thought this would be a mere incident and pass quickly. However, she didn’t expect that when they finished the horse riding activity and were ready to leave, the piece of adhesive plaster

approached her again.

“Miss Bentley, wait!”

Hearing the man call her name and knowing her surname, Jane remained indifferent.

“Miss Bentley, are you leaving already? I feel deeply sorry for today’s incident. I wonder if I can invite you

to dinner to apologize,” the man said, still smiling politely. However, Jane still didn’t have a good expression towards him.

“No need!” Jane resolutely refused and didn’t want to waste more words with him. She was about to leave with the children, but the man persisted.

“Miss Bentley, why do you reject people from miles away? I mean no harm; I just want to express my apology. Even though you’re married and have children, it shouldn’t prevent you from making new friends, right? You wouldn’t be so petty as to limit your friendships, would you?”

Hearing the man’s words, Jane remained composed but thought of Drake, the vinegar jar. He wouldn’t say anything about her normal social interactions, but dealing with this kind of man who clearly had intentions, he might get jealous.

Moreover, she didn’t have the habit of forming deep relationships with unfamiliar men.

“I’m sorry, sir. Please step aside,” Jane firmly said.

The man wanted to persuade her again, but the moment the car arrived, Thea stepped out of the car and stood in front of Jane.

“Madam, please get in the car!”

Unobtrusively blocking the man, Thea opened the car door and let everyone get in.

Without a trace of interest, Jane got into the car with April and the three children. With the car door

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Chapter 365

closed, she finally separated herself from the annoying man.

As Jane’s close bodyguard, Thea glanced coldly at the man who seemed unkind and then got into the driver’s seat, driving the car away.

Helplessly watching Jane drive away in the luxury car, the man’s polite smile faded.

No wonder she rejected him so coldly. It turned out she was a kept woman.

At this moment, the man had already categorized Jane as a beautiful mistress kept by someone



his only made him more determined to conquer her

He didn’t believe that with his wealth and handsome appearance, he couldn’t make Jane, who married an older man, interested in him.

Unaware of the man’s vulgar thoughts, Jane returned to the villa estate, which was almost evening.

Upon returning, the kitchen had prepared dinner. Jane called Drake to ask when he would be back and was informed that it would be a while longer. So, she took everyone to have dinner first.

After Drake returned, Jane had the housekeeper reheat the food she saved for him and sat at the dining table with him, talking about taking the children to the equestrian venue today.

As for the annoying man, Jane simply ignored him.

“Tomorrow, accompany me to a reception,” after finishing dinner, Drake looked at Jane and said softly.

“A reception?” Jane wasn’t particularly interested in such occasions, but since Drake mentioned it,

she didn’t refuse.


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