Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 367

Chapter 367

As soon as the man spoke, it instantly darkened the handsome face of Drake. Jane also turned to look at the man and didn’t expect that she knew him.

The man was none other than Warner Corporation’s archenemy, the current CEO of Holbrook Corporation – Peterson Holbrook.

Jane had some understanding of some prominent figures in Silverbourne, especially since Charles Holbrook had mentioned the Holbrook family before.

Therefore, she was quite familiar with Holbrook Corporation, and Peterson was the legitimate son of the patriarch of the Holbrook family.

Among the numerous illegitimate children of the patriarch, he was considered relatively mediocre He had average abilities and was particularly arrogant. When Charles was the company’s CEO, he had always been dissatisfied and found an opportunity to have Charles removed from his position, taking over as the new CEO of Holbrook Corporation.

After taking over, he naturally clashed with Warner Corporation in various ways.

Drake didn’t want to bother with such an incompetent person, but Peterson insisted on stopping them and confronted them directly.

“Mr. Warner, you never look at people straight. Your behavior is not good; you need to change,” Peterson said with a hypocritical cold smile. Then, his gaze fell on Jane, and he stared at her chest for a few moments with a lascivious look.

“This lady beside Mr. Warner is indeed beautiful. Mr. Warner is really fortunate,” Peterson said, feigning surprise. “I heard that you and Miss Warner have parted ways. It seems Mr. Warner has found new love and forgotten your old love.”

It was obvious that Peterson knew Jane’s identity, but he still pretended to be surprised, making a scene. He acted as if he was genuinely sympathetic for Annie.

Drake’s eyes turned cold as he glanced sharply at Peterson and spoke coldly, “I heard that Holbrook Corporation’s profits have dropped several percentage points since the beginning of the year, and several of your companies are operating at a loss…”

Before Drake could finish his words, Peterson’s face instantly darkened. He had big ambitions but average abilities, and the company had been continuously losing projects under his leadership. Drake’s words hit the sore spot, and his face looked embarrassed.

“Hmph!” Peterson snorted coldly and didn’t confront Drake further. He turned and left.

Jane looked at Peterson’s departing figure, her expression cold. She thought this Peterson was like a fly that kept sticking to her.

On the other hand, Drake and Jane continued to walk inside. Holding hands, they immediately attracted many side glances and whispers from the surrounding crowd. They ignored the gossip and continued on.

The venue for the party was vast, and the large exhibition hall was bustling with people. Drake soon encountered some familiar faces, including some seniors. Jane withdrew her hand in understanding. not wanting to draw attention.

Chapter 367

Drake engaged in conversation with the seniors, and Jane didn’t participate and moved on.

Her gaze shifted and fell upon a familiar face. She raised her wine glass and walked towards that


Meeting with Randy Jed, Jane smiled and raised her glass. The two of them clinked their glasses and took a sip.

“Why didn’t President Jed notify me in advance about coming to Silverbourne?” Jane asked softly.

Randy appeared humble and looked at Jane, who seemed even more radiant than before just arrived today.”

“Did President Jed come specifically for this party?” Jane was surprised.

Randy didn’t deny it and indirectly confirmed his purpose in coming to Silverbourne. This surprised Jane, making her wonder about the identity of the influential person Drake mentioned. It was significant enough to make Randy personally attend the party.

“Do you know who this important person is who came?” Jane asked, as she wasn’t aware of the most critical guest attending the party. Seeing everyone being so enthusiastic, she couldn’t help but become curious.

Randy was slightly surprised and then answered, “You don’t know?”

“Heh, I’ve been busy lately and haven’t paid attention to these things,” Jane said with a light smile

Randy didn’t inquire further and briefly explained the situation about the significant guest attending the party.

“This prominent figure who came might become Silverbourne’s future mayor,” Randy said in a lowered voice.

Upon hearing this, Jane was even more astonished. Drake had only mentioned that the person was from the Schmidt family, but he didn’t mention the purpose of the visit.

If this person was indeed coming to succeed as Silverbourne’s mayor, he was undoubtedly a significant figure. No wonder it attracted so many wealthy families trying to curry favor. It was the key to securing their future position in Silverbourne. However, given Spirit Studio’s current situation, she couldn’t get close to such a powerful figure, so she didn’t try to join the crowd.

After learning the truth, Jane remained calm. Even if this person was important, she had no way of interacting with such a figure. She didn’t want to force herself into the crowd and only waited. patiently for the end of the party.

As they were talking, a familiar voice suddenly interrupted them.

“You are here too. It seems we have a lot of fate together,” the voice said.

Upon hearing this familiar voice, Jane and Randy looked at the person.

Seeing the person, Jane’s smile immediately disappeared, and she cursed her luck for running into this annoying person.

Randy was also a bit surprised but quickly recovered. He politely said, “Did Young Master Schmidt come in so quickly?”

Upon hearing Randy’s address, Jane immediately tensed up. This man was from the Schmidt family in Berlin?

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He was so young, and even if he had a powerful family background, could he really become Silverbourne’s mayor?

“I was originally going to follow my father’s lead, but I saw an acquaintance and came over first,” Adolf Schmidt said. His gaze fell directly on Jane.

Jane immediately distanced herself from him. She wasn’t familiar with this man.

Surprisingly, Randy asked, “Does Young Master Schmidt know Miss Bentley?”

Jane was about to say that she didn’t know him, but Adolf immediately said, “Of course, I fell in love with her at first sight.”

At his words, Randy’s expression cracked for a moment, and Jane couldn’t help but glare angrily at


What kind of nonsense was he talking about? She had clearly stated that she was married and had a child. Was this man insane?

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