Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 368

Chapter 368

Adolf didn’t care about Jane’s displeased expression and continued to pester her, “Miss Bentley, I still don’t know your full name. Could you please tell me?”

“We’ve met for the second time, which means we have some fate. Can you give me your contact


Seeing Adolf’s eager attitude, Randy’s gaze towards Jane became somewhat strange Whether it was because they were business partners or because of Drake’s face, Randy still explained for Jane. “Young Master Schmidt, you may not know, but Miss Bentley is already taken.”

Randy said this to prevent this wealthy young master from doing anything strange and causing an embarrassing situation.、

“Is that so? I wonder what kind of cow dung this Miss Bentley is sticking to.” Adolf looked at Jane with scorching eyes.

This remark left Randy at a loss for words. He intended to come here for the sake of the Schmidt family and hoped to establish a relationship that would benefit the Jed Group’s development in the future. Naturally, he didn’t want to offend anyone.

Jane’s expression tightened, her face indifferent, and she was ready to leave. The crowd was bustling, and she didn’t want to attract attention.

But Adolf didn’t want to let Jane leave so easily. That day at the racecourse, he only found out that Jane’s last name was Bentley. Later, he had people continue to investigate Jane but found no information about her. He still didn’t know who Jane’s man was. If he was just an unknown person, then it would be easy to deal with. He had set his eyes on this woman, and his father could easily get

her for him.

“Miss Bentley, don’t go. Last time, I invited you for dinner, but you refused. This time, you can’t possibly refuse again.”

As he spoke, Adolf tried to grab Jane to stop her from leaving. But before his hand could touch Jane, she was pulled into the embrace of a tall man.

In the blink of an eye, Adolf looked up and saw Jane in the arms of another man. The two of them looked like a perfect match.

Adolf’s face instantly turned gloomy. He coldly looked at the man who appeared out of nowhere and questioned, “Who are you?”

Drake’s icy gaze stared back at Adolf. He knew Adolf’s identity, but that didn’t make him fear him in the slightest.

Seeing that Adolf didn’t recognize Drake, Randy kindly reminded him, “Young Master Schmidt, this is Warner Group’s CEO.”

“Warner Group?” Adolf murmured, then suddenly recalled the news he heard about Silverbourne. He raised his eyes and looked coldly at Drake. “So, you’re Drake Warner?”

Even though he had just arrived in Silverbourne and didn’t know much about the local situation, he had heard of Drake’s name. Moreover, his father specifically instructed him that in the entire Silverbourne, he could disregard anyone except for Drake, whom he should show some respect. However, when he asked for the reason, his father shook his head and didn’t say anything.


Mr Warner Your Ex–wife is Shikant

Chapter 368

Now that he saw Drake in person, Adolf no longer remembered his father’s warning and only wanted to regain face.

Ignoring Adolf’s questioning, Drake looked at Jane and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

Jane shook her head and gently pushed Drake away. She wanted him to release her; she felt uncomfortable being embraced by him in front of so many people.

But instead of letting her go, Drake held her even tighter. “I’m fine. Let’s go somewhere else”

“Stop! Did I say you could leave?” Seeing the two about to leave, Adolf raised his voice and glared at


Drake shot a cold gaze at Adolf, making him feel like he was being stared at by a fierce eagle, causing him to tense up.

Feeling a momentary fear, Adolf quickly reminded himself that even if Drake was powerful in Silverbourne, his father would soon become the most influential person here. Why should he be


Then he continued to glare at Drake and Jane, “You can go, but she has to stay!”

Adolf pointed at Jane, showing his determination. However, Drake’s eyes became even colder because of Adolf’s words.

Randy watched from the side and inexplicably felt the urge to step back. It was true that Drake was known as the cold–faced King of Silverbourne. When he became fierce, he exuded a terrifying aura. making people shiver. Fortunately, he didn’t do anything to offend the other party.

Regarding Jane’s matter, he didn’t help much and had only kindly reminded her.

“What do you mean when you’re from a prestigious family from Imperial, but you have bad intentions towards my wife?”

Hearing Drake personally admit that Jane was his woman, Adolf’s expression became even more embarrassing.

Moreover, Drake was talking about a wife, not a woman, which meant that the two of them were


Thinking of this, Adolf’s expression really did not improve. He rarely saw a woman, but she was a woman he could not touch.

Drake’s words also caused a lot of discussion around them. They couldn’t believe that Drake actually

admitted that Jane was his wife.

You had to know that even when it was Annie, who had made him arrogant, he was only saying that she was a girlfriend and that the wedding was approaching.

Such a comparison showed how important Jane was to him.

All of a sudden, everyone was very curious about Jane’s identity, and they were talking about it

Unwilling to be humiliated further, Adolf replied with disdain, “A woman like her means nothing to me. I just find her somewhat attractive. Since she’s the plaything of Warner Group’s CEO, I won’t bother with her.”

Drake’s face turned ashen upon hearing Adolf’s words. “Very well! So, even before Friedrich Schmidt becomes a member of the Silverbourne board, his son dares to act so arrogantly. Let’s see if he can

still take that position.”

After speaking, Drake glared coldly at Adolf and then held Jane’s waist, turning around and leaving with large strides.

Seeing Drake, who was a man of few words, boldly leave with a beautiful woman in his arms, Adolf suddenly had a bad feeling.


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