Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 369

Chapter 369

The party had not officially started, but Drake and Jane had already left the scene.

The commotion here caught the attention of many people, and discussions ensued.

When Friedrich arrived after hearing the news, Drake had already left with Jane. He looked at his son, who seemed unaware of the magnitude of his mistake, still basking in the adoration of the crowd, and his anger surged.

He immediately had his subordinates call Adolf to a quiet room.

Upon hearing his father’s summons, Adolf bid farewell to the people trying to curry favor with him and nervously entered the room.

As soon as he entered the room, a loud slap landed on his face, leaving him stunned.

Regaining his senses, Adolf angrily questioned his father, “Dad, why did you hit me?”

Friedrich’s face, wrinkled with rage, replied, “I’m asking you, did you offend Drake at the party?”

Upon hearing Drake’s name, Adolf’s heart skipped a beat; it was indeed because of that man.

Seeing his father’s angry appearance, Adolf tried to appear nonchalant. “Dad, Drake is just a wealthy businessman in Silverbourne. You’re about to take over as the mayor of Silverbourne. Who wouldn’t give you face? Why be afraid of a mere businessman?”

Friedrich knew a bit about the Warner family’s situation, and though he didn’t know the extent of their connections, he had heard of their reputation even when he was in the capital. Especially Drake’s father, David Warner, who had a well–known reputation in the capital.

“You know nothing. If the Warner family were just an ordinary merchant, I wouldn’t be afraid,” Friedrich replied with a hint of frustration. “But before the appointment order is issued, even though I’m the designated mayor, anything could happen. I warned you before, don’t cause trouble before everything settles. But you didn’t listen. If something really goes wrong, I’ll deal with you.”

“Dad, it won’t happen. The position is definitely yours, and everything is arranged from above,” Adolf said casually.

However, little did Adolf know that once Drake left the party, he immediately made a phone call to request that the higher–ups change Friedrich Schmidt’s appointment as mayor. The person on the other end of the phone hesitated, but eventually yielded to Drake’s request out of respect for him.

“The position has already been decided by higher–ups. It might be difficult to change it now, little cold. You know, although the Warner family has no one in that place now, they have provided significant financial support. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. If you keep asking for this, we might not be able to do anything,” the person on the phone said with some difficulty.

Drake’s face darkened, and his voice turned cold and firm, “What do you want?”

Hearing Drake’s response, the person on the other end of the line immediately changed his tone and said, “It’s been a long time since you recovered your eyesight, right? If you agree to return to the organization and continue serving them…”

“That’s impossible. My family has already suffered enough retaliation from the organization. It’s time for the organization to pay for what they’ve done to my family,” Drake’s voice was ice–cold.

The person on the phone could understand Drake’s predicament. He sighed, “Since you’re not willing to return to the organization, then you shouldn’t have taken away the child that was sent to the special training team with your mother. He was the future of the Warner family.”

Hearing this, Drake’s expression became even darker. It seemed that the higher–ups still remembered that incident. Although they hadn’t pursued it, they had withdrawn various privileges from the Warner family.

After hanging up the phone with a grim expression, Drake sat quietly in the driver’s seat for a while. Unable to hold back, Jane asked, “Is it because that special organization refused to help the Warner family?”

After Zane’s incident, Drake had told her about the Dragon Team, including the connection between the Warner family and the Dragon Team. Now, it seemed that the other party’s refusal to fulfill Drake’s request might be related to the incident involving Zane..

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer,” Drake replied. Just because they were unwilling to help didn’t mean he had no other means. If needed, he could take matters into his own hands.

“He didn’t do anything to me, so let’s forget about it. I’ll just avoid him if I see him in the future, Jane reassured him, afraid that Drake would do something impulsive.

Drake raised his hand and touched her beautiful face, filled with affection and tenderness. “No one can bully my woman.”

Despite the unpleasant incident at the party, the two of them left the hotel together. Jane had thought Drake would take her home, but he surprised her by taking her to watch a movie, have dinner, and then visit the riverside to enjoy the beautiful night scenery of Silverbourne. It was late at night when he finally brought her back home.

Although the party had been unpleasant, the two of them still spent a wonderful night together.

The next day, when Jane woke up, Drake was still at home and dressed casually, with no intention of going to work.

“Are you not going to work today?” Jane couldn’t help asking.

Drake shook his head and smiled at her. “No, I’ll stay home today and spend time with the kids and you.”

Jane had one more day of vacation left, and Drake wanted to spend the last day with the three little ones and her.

Jane was also happy about it. The whole family rarely had a chance to be together, so she was immediately excited.

“Since you’re not going to work, how about we go for a picnic as a family?” she suggested.

“Sure, get ready. I’ll have the servants prepare everything for the picnic,” Drake said, sitting by the bed He gave Jane a morning kiss and then went downstairs.

Jane got up, changed her clothes, and freshened up before heading downstairs. Breakfast was already prepared, and the whole family was waiting for her.

Because of her pregnancy, April was lazy and reluctant to move around, so the servants usually brought breakfast to her room.

The whole family, well–dressed, sat together and had breakfast,


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