Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 371

Chapter 371

“Mom, she didn’t successfully trap me. How could she possibly have my child? Are you going crazy?” Drake felt somewhat speechless as he looked at his mother, not knowing what to say.

“Besides, why did you let her stay? I already have a wife and child, even if the child in her belly is mine, I’ll send her to the hospital.” Drake’s words were cold and heartless, making Jane feel a chill. Remembering Drake’s past actions towards her, it seemed that he could be so ruthless.

Fortunately, Marina was not a good person, and her child was not Drake’s. Otherwise, Jane might have felt some sympathy for her.

“Do you not want Marina because of this woman?” Courtney raised her hand and pointed at Jane, asking Drake.

Seeing his mother’s hostility towards Jane, Drake also felt exhausted.

“Mom, do you even know what you are saying? I already have a wife and child, and yet you keep trying to introduce women to me. Are you trying to make me live like those ancient men with multiple wives and concubines?”

“What’s wrong with that? As long as they can give you children, what’s wrong with having mistresses? I can provide the money.” Courtney’s words left Jane applauding silently. It was really ironic that Courtney, who used to criticize her for being involved with Drake, was now trying to

introduce women to him.

Drake’s face darkened at his mother’s words.

“Mom, are you out of your mind? If you continue like this, just stay in the old mansion and don’t go out. Listen to what you’re saying, is that how a grandmother should talk? How will your grandchildren view you in the future?”

If it weren’t for the fact that the person in front of him was his mother, Drake wouldn’t have said so much. He would have just driven her away.

Courtney finally regained her senses after Drake’s words, and her gaze landed on the three grandchildren beside Jane.

For a moment, she felt guilty. Not to mention Zane and Zoe, even Zachary, whom she had raised since childhood, was now speaking against her and looked disappointed in her. Therefore, she was hesitant and didn’t know where to start. Should she say that she simply doesn’t like Jane and doesn’t want to accept her?

Thinking of this, Courtney’s heart sank, and she sternly said, “Anyway, regardless of everything. Marina must give birth to the child. And she will stay here in the mansion. I will personally take care of her until the child is born. If the child is not yours, we can make other arrangements.”

Jane felt unhappy upon hearing this, she had no objections to Marina having the child, but this was her home, where the three children lived. She could not allow Marina, to stay here.

As for Courtney, Jane couldn’t trust her anymore. She seemed to be acting irrationally, and Jane didn’t want her children to be hurt again.

Fortunately, Drake was different from Courtney. He voiced his objection.

Hearing her son not allowing her to stay, Courtney’s expression turned sour. She hadn’t looked good


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Chapter 371

ever since she entered this mansion.

“Are you still my son? You are willing to send me away for a woman? Drake, do you still see me as your mother? If I had known that you would treat me like this, I should have chosen to leave back then. I should have let Darnell inherit everything from the Warner family.”

Hearing Courtney mentioning that name, which had been long forgotten, Drake froze for a moment, and a young face appeared in his mind.

His younger brother, Darnell, had left this world a long time ago. It felt like a distant memory, and mentioning him again made Drake feel guilty.

“Mom, there’s no need to bring up my brother. Regardless of what you decide today, my brother would not agree with your actions. If you insist on doing this, then don’t blame me if I don’t recognize you as my mother.”

Drake spoke resolutely, and Courtney stood there, stunned. She was shocked by Drake’s


At this moment, Courtney suddenly realized that she could no longer control her son.

As she left the mansion, Courtney felt listless, as if she had suffered a tremendous blow.

Marina timely acted understandingly, saying, “Aunt, it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have such a conflict with Mr. Drake. You don’t need to defend me. I will go to the hospital to get the

child aborted later.”

As Marina spoke, tears welled up in her eyes, looking pitiful and weak.

Hearing the word “child,” Courtney immediately came to her senses and grabbed Marina’s hand.

“No, you can’t. The child must be born. Don’t worry, Drake won’t let you in, but I will find a way for You must not do anything reckless. You must give birth to this child in good health.”


Looking at the still flat stomach of Marina, Courtney suddenly made up her mind. She must keep this child. She had lost everything and needed to find someone to rely on.

“Marina, come back to the old mansion with me now. I will personally take care of you until the child is born. If the child is not his, we can make other arrangements.”

Courtney spoke cautiously.

After the child was born, she will see if Drake still recognizes the child. If he didn’t, she would raise

the child herself.

If Drake grew up and became disobedient, she would raise another grandson to inherit everything from the Warner family.

After Courtney left the mansion, the atmosphere didn’t improve. The three little ones seemed downcast. Jane wanted to comfort them, but they seemed to want some quiet time and each went

back to their rooms,

Jane looked at Drake sitting wearily on the sofa.

Walking over, Jane didn’t know how to start a conversation, so she just silently accompanied him. No matter what, Drake had fought with Courtney because of her.

Indeed, as the saying goes, the relationship between mother–in–law and daughter–in–law has always been difficult to handle.


Chapter 771

However, Jane couldn’t understand why Courtney, who had been different from this attitude, suddenly became so unreasonable.

“Drake, what do you plan to do?” Hearing Jane’s voice, Drake lowered the hand covering his face, revealing a cold and determined look.

“That woman can’t stay!” Drake’s words made Jane understand his intention. Thinking of what happened to Amy later, Jane didn’t worry that Marina would cause any further trouble.

“What about Annie?” Thinking of Amy, Jane also thought of the mastermind behind it all, Annie. Drake hadn’t taken any action for so long. He wouldn’t really let Annie go, would he?


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