Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 372

Chapter 372

Jane’s words brought Drake back to his senses. He looked at Jane but didn’t give a reply.


Ever since he found out that Annie was not the one he had been longing for, Drake had lost any feelings for her. However, he had people investigate the past events, but they couldn’t find clues. He didn’t dare to take action against Annie because if he couldn’t find out the truth in the end, he would still have to rely on her to find the person he was looking for.

But this situation was unfair to Jane. Drake was also finding it difficult to make a decision.

Jane noticed Drake’s hesitation and sighed in her heart. Maybe she cared too much.

“Let it be, you should handle Marina’s matter first.”

After saying that, Jane got up and returned to her room. She was exhausted after the events of the day, especially the argument with Courtney at home.

The next day, Jane went to the company. The Bentley family company had now officially become “SPIRIT STUDIO” no longer the Bentley family company. The five percent of the shares that were given to Andrew had also been transferred to him. Jane was aware that Andrew was in an abnormal state now, but she didn’t bother to deal with it.

The five percent of the shares were only enough to ensure Andrew’s normal life. As for Rosaline, if anything happened to Andrew and he died, she wouldn’t get a single penny. Now, she seemed to have calmed down a lot.

Jane had people keep an eye on them. Although Rosaline was fooling around outside, she still relied on Andrew for her livelihood and didn’t dare to do anything to him.

At the company, Jane immediately held a meeting to discuss the company’s future one–month project planning and development. After the meeting, she went back to her office to handle her work.

In the morning, Jane finished dealing with some important documents when she received a call from Marcus Jones.

Marcus was the person Jane hired from the organization where Thea was located to monitor Annie.

Seeing the call from the other party, Jane immediately answered it.

Marcus then informed Jane that Annie had met with Courtney.

Hearing this news, Jane was first stunned, and then she felt relieved. She couldn’t understand what Courtney was trying to achieve. Could it be that after trying to push Marina onto Drake, she now wanted to push Annie onto him again?

And Jane’s guess was correct. Courtney had arranged to meet Annie in the hope of bringing her back to Drake’s side once again. Her current goal was to do everything possible to separate Drake and Jane.

The two met at a cafe, and Annie looked at her prospective mother–in–law, whom she had tried so hard to please in the past, but who never treated her well. Now, they were sitting together in the cafe with a friendly demeanor, which was truly rare.

“It’s a pity that you and Drake couldn’t be together. Drake is really unfortunate not to marry such a good girl like you, Courtney said with a somewhat regretful tone.


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Chapter 372

Listening to Courtney’s somewhat flattering words, Annie was a little confused. The lady, who had never treated her with respect, was now saying such things to her, which surprised her.

“You’re exaggerating, Madam. It’s because I am not good enough that I can’t become Mrs. Drake,” Annie replied with a light smile.

“I can see that you are a good girl. It’s just that…” Courtney showed a regretful expression.

Then, she began to complain about Jane, mostly saying that Jane didn’t treat her as a mother–in–law, and despite being together with Drake for so long, she had never called her mother–in–law” She also said that the three children didn’t have a close relationship with her. Hearing Courtney’s complaints,

Annie already knew everything.

In the end, it was all about the bad relationship between mother–in–law and daughter–in–law, and Courtney had grown to dislike Jane.

Annie couldn’t help but feel a hint of satisfaction. Humph, she thought Jane would be so happy to be loved by Drake, but now, even her mother–in–law’s approval couldn’t be obtained. What was there to be so arrogant about?

“Auntie, you might not know, but I can’t have children,” Annie said calmly.

She had given up on Drake. Although she knew that Jane didn’t have Courtney’s favor, she didn’t want to pursue Drake anymore. Otherwise, she would be courting disaster.

Drake already knew that she wasn’t the one he had been longing for. He wouldn’t have any more feelings for her, so it wouldn’t be wise for her to come forward at this time.

Thus, she honestly told Courtney about her inability to have children, not wanting Courtney to use her

as a pawn.

Courtney was also surprised to hear Annie’s words. She hadn’t expected this situation. No wonder she and Drake had been together for so many years and still didn’t have any children.

“You’re just overthinking it. It’s also Drake’s fault!” Courtney smiled in response, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“How about we cooperate? As long as you can help me to separate Drake and Jane, I can promise you a request, Courtney suggested.

Hearing this, Annie raised her eyes and looked at Courtney with a dark expression. She seemed to be considering something.

Thinking about the assets that her father had transferred to Jane, which now made up half of the Warner family’s assets, Annie hesitated for a moment, and her eyes flashed with a cold light.


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