Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 375

Chapter 375

After a moment of intimacy, Jane gently pushed Drake away.

“We’re still at the company, don’t act recklessly,” Jane said, stepping out of his embrace.

As the soft and fragrant warmth receded, Drake felt a little disappointed, but he refrained from taking advantage of the situation.

“You’re not going back to the company?” Jane glanced at the time. It was still early, and he didn’t. seem like he was planning to leave anytime soon. Did he want to stay with her all afternoon?

“I’m not going back, I’ll keep you company.” Drake picked up the pen on Jane’s desk. His slender fingers made the pen spin gracefully between them, creating a beautiful sight.

Jane was attracted by his long fingers and couldn’t help but express her surprise. “You can spin pens too? Not bad.”

Seeing Jane’s eager gaze, Drake felt quite pleased and pulled her into his embrace once again.

“I can do many things you don’t know about,” he said with a deep, magnetic voice, his words gently settling into Jane’s heart.

After her heart fluttered, Jane calmed down the excitement he stirred in her and snorted softly. “Hmph, smooth talker.” Although she said he was a smooth talker, her heart was filled with sweetness.

Finally, she had won Drake’s heart, and from now on, he belonged to her.

“Alright, you can stay here if you want, but please don’t disturb me while I’m working. I still have a lot of things to handle,” Jane said, trying to hide her heart’s turmoil from Drake. She quickly shuffled a pile of documents in front of her, preparing to continue her work.

“I’ll help you,” Drake said. Instead of leaving, he continued to embrace her, sliding his arms under her armpits and placing them on the pile of documents.

They seemed ready to work in this position for the rest of the afternoon.

Jane blushed; this was too embarrassing. If someone found out, she’d be so embarrassed.

But Drake didn’t let go, and she couldn’t break free. She was forced to work in this position, with the man’s scorching breath spraying on her neck, making it impossible for her to concentrate.

After finally managing to focus on the documents, Drake made another small move, making her keenly aware of the man behind her.

The whole afternoon was extremely difficult for Jane, and Drake wasn’t feeling any better. Holding the soft and fragrant beauty in his arms, he struggled to maintain composure and endure the longing.

Finally, they made it to the end of the workday, and Jane immediately got up and left the company with Drake.

In the car, with Drake at the wheel, Jane couldn’t help but ask about Marina.

“What are you planning to do with Marina?”

Mildred’s attempted murder this time was still due to Annie’s arrest. If Annie hadn’t caused trouble. none of this would have happened. The mastermind behind all this was still Marina.

Chapter 375

“What do you think we should do?” Drake asked back. Apart from disgust, he had no feelings towards Marina. As long as Jane had a preference, he would handle it accordingly.

“People like her won’t stop until they’ve tasted the bitterness.” Jane’s voice was cold. A woman like Marina didn’t deserve any sympathy.

“Alright.” Drake nodded.

“I will arrange for someone to deal with it.” Drake didn’t want to be involved with Marina, so he would naturally leave it to someone else to handle such a minor matter.

What surprised them was that before they could act, Courtney brought Marina to attend an important event. Courtney was seen holding Marina’s hand, appearing friendly and cordial, and the media caught them on camera.

Previously, there were rumors about Marina and Drake, and now with Courtney personally bringing her to such an occasion, the rumors escalated.

During the interviews, reporters asked Courtney about his attitude towards Marina and her identity. Courtney smiled and said that Marina was the daughter–in–law he had set his eyes on.

This statement further fueled the speculation, and the media headlines were full of reports. Although Jane had given birth to Drake’s child, she still hadn’t received recognition as the legitimate

Mrs. Warner.

When Drake heard the news, his face turned dark. He had ordered people to deal with Marina, but before they could take action, this happened. If he acted now, it would attract even more media


Helplessly, he could only instruct his subordinates to hold off for now.

After hearing the news of Drake’s phone call, Courtney had already guessed that Drake would come

to her.

After the phone call connected, Courtney greeted affectionately, “Drake…”

“What have you done?” Drake’s voice was cold, and he questioned her sharply.

Hearing Drake’s tone, Courtney knew he was angry, but when she thought of what she had done, she felt justified and confident.

“What can I do? Everything I did was for the future of the Warner family…”

“Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll hand the Warner family back to you.” Drake’s voice was icy, and courtney sensed that something was wrong. She became anxious.

“Drake, what are you planning to do?”

However, Drake had already hung up the phone, leaving Courtney feeling uneasy.

After hanging up Courtney’s call, Drake called Daniel Turner and asked him to arrange a press conference. He wanted to announce that he was stepping down as the CEO of the Warner Corporation and would never take over the company in the future.

Upon hearing Drake’s command, Daniel was stunned and looked at him in disbelief.

“Sir, are you…?” Daniel wanted to dissuade him, but also wanted to clarify what exactly was going on. “Do as I command,” Drake said indifferently.


Mr Warner Your

Chapter 375

Although Daniel was full of doubts, as a subordinate, he could only follow Drake’s instructions.

Courtney, who had been hanging up on by Drake, felt uneasy. It didn’t take long for rumors to swirl that he was leaving Warner Group and suddenly everything seemed out of her control. She was stunned.

She tried calling Drake numerous times, but no one answered. Courtney had to go to the company to

find Drake.


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