Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 376

Chapter 376

When Courtney arrived at the company, Drake was already conducting a meeting with the senior executives in the conference room. He was explaining his departure from the company and the handover of various matters.

The senior executives were taken aback when they heard that Drake was leaving the company. They wanted to dissuade him, but they didn’t know how to say it.

However, Drake was resolute and didn’t listen to anyone’s dissuasion. He calmly handled the major company affairs.

Near the end of the meeting, Courtney rushed to the company and barged into the conference room.

Everyone noticed Courtney’s arrival, including Drake, but he didn’t stop and continued with the


Courtney panicked because she knew her son’s personality well. He was serious about this.

“Everyone, leave.” Courtney glanced at the people in the conference room and spoke.

The executives looked at each other, then at Drake, who had stopped speaking. After a moment of hesitation, they all left the conference room.

Once everyone had left, Courtney immediately looked at Drake and asked with a trembling voice, “Drake, what are you plans?”

“You saw it yourself. Since you believe I’m incapable of managing the Warner Corporation and bringing a better future for it, then I’ll return it to you. From now on, do whatever you want with it, and I won’t interfere in you and Jane’s affairs either.”

All of this came back to Jane. Courtney’s heart burned with anger once more.

“All because of her. What kind of spell did she cast on you to make you so desperate for her?”

“Ask yourself who’s under a spell. Why do you have to break us apart? You weren’t like this before. Why have you suddenly become so unreasonable?”

Drake retorted with sharpness.

This was his mother standing before him, someone he had respected since he was a child. However, at this moment, Drake felt that he couldn’t see her clearly anymore.

Courtney’s heart ached from Drake’s words. She lowered her head, feeling a dull pain.


“Don’t say it’s for my own good or for the good of the Warner Corporation anymore. If you truly care for me, then you shouldn’t do these things that make me hate you.”

“We already have enough grandchildren. If not, Jane and I will have more children in the future. You don’t have to keep pushing people towards me. Do you want everyone to laugh at the Warner family?”

Courtney felt hurt by Drake’s words, and she looked up at her son’s cold gaze, feeling terrified.

“That’s not it. How could I want people to laugh at the Warner family?”

“Mom, I’ll make it clear. If you continue to interfere in our affairs, I will leave the Warner Corporation. I don’t care who takes over the company”

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Drake said coldly. He rarely used such an extreme approach, but he didn’t want to use it on his mother.

“Are you doing this all because the three children don’t feel close to me? In the past, Zachary used to listen to me, but now even Zachary doesn’t follow my instructions. I feel uncomfortable, so I thought…”

Courtney’s words trailed off, and tears fell from her eyes.

Drake understood his mother’s pain, so he softened his tone and gently said, “Zachary has always been a good grandson to you, and Zane and Zoe are the same. As long as you treat them sincerely, they will understand your intentions.”

“The same goes for Jane. If you stop being unreasonable, even if she doesn’t call you ‘mother, she will still respect you.”

Drake rarely tried to persuade others with a soft approach, but he couldn’t bear to use a harsh tone on his mother.

Gradually, Courtney calmed down a bit upon hearing his words. “Is what you said true? Will the three children really accept me as their grandmother?”

Courtney was still uncertain and regretted sending Zane away to that special place, but she had no other choice. She was also thinking about the future of the Warner family.

“They will. Look, in the past, Zane and Zoe didn’t even acknowledge me as their father, but now they have accepted me, haven’t they?” Drake spoke in a gentle tone.

Hearing this, Courtney also recalled that her two grandsons had indeed accepted Drake. She let out a deep sigh of relief.

“Alright, I understand. I won’t interfere in your affairs with Jane anymore.”

Hearing this, Drake felt relieved. His mother could still be persuaded, so he didn’t have to resort to

extreme measures.

“I promise you that I won’t interfere in your affairs anymore. You must take good care of the Warner Corporation. It’s your father’s lifelong effort, and it can’t fail in your hands.” Also, don’t make my previous choices wrong.

Drake didn’t finish his last sentence, but Courtney understood. Thinking about how she had chosen Drake over Darnell, she felt even more painful.

Drake noticed the sorrow in his mother’s expression. He gently held her hand and spoke in a softer tone, saying, “Mom, you should trust me.”

Courtney nodded and left the company feeling emotionally drained.

Outside the Warner Corporation building, the butler called out to Courtney when he noticed her troubled expression.

Courtney snapped back to reality, lowered her eyes to hide her pain, and said calmly, “Let’s go back. to the old mansion.”

Perhaps she had indeed grown old and should refrain from interfering too much in young people’s affairs.

In the car, Courtney received a call from Marina. After the incident the day before, Marina’s

reputation had soared, and she sounded a bit lost.

Even if she couldn’t win Drake’s heart, she could still marry into the Warner family with the support of the old lady. It was within her reach.

Unfortunately, after she answered the call, she sensed that something was wrong with Courtney’s attitude as her words sounded indifferent.

“Your child in my belly, I will arrange for someone to take care of it. If it turns out to be Drake’s, the Warner family won’t treat him poorly. But if it’s not…

Courtney didn’t finish her sentence, but her attitude was clear.

Marina was startled by the words, unable to comprehend what had happened to make Courtney’s attitude change so drastically.

After the call ended, Marina felt restless and anxious. What should she do now? If Courtney was no longer on her side, how could she protect herself?


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