Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 377

Chapter 377

When Jane received Marina’s invitation to meet, she was taken aback and instinctively wanted to refuse.

She didn’t want to see Marina at all, let alone listen to her nonsense, as she knew she was being targeted for harm.

However, Marina was persistent and insisted on meeting Jane at a cafe. Annoyed, Jane finally agreed to meet her.

When Jane arrived at the appointed cafe, she noticed that it was quite crowded, not only on the bustling street but also inside the cafe, where there were plenty of customers.

She found Marina in a conspicuous spot and walked over with a cold face, taking a seat with an indifferent attitude.

“Speak. What do you want?” Jane didn’t want to waste time and went straight to the point.

“You should know why I’m here to see you.” Marina looked at Jane with jealousy and resentment hidden in her eyes.

Her appearance was no worse than Jane’s. If it weren’t for her poor family background, she wouldn’t have become an older man’s mistress during college and now wouldn’t be ineligible to get the man she liked.

“Jane, I really envy you. You can make a man so devoted to you and willing to give up everything for


Marina looked at Jane, her red lips slightly parted as she spoke coldly without a hint of warmth.

“I don’t want to hear your nonsense. The path of life is chosen by oneself. When you made that choice, you should have thought about the consequences.”

Jane’s words were cold and indifferent, not moved by Marina’s words at all.

Marina’s expression tightened, but then she put on a sweet smile, “Alright, I won’t talk nonsense. Let’s talk about the child in my belly.”

“You won’t let me into the Warner family, so what do you plan to do with the child in my belly?”

Hearing this, Jane coldly snorted, “The child in your belly has nothing to do with me.”

“But it’s Drake’s child.” Marina sneered.

“Is that so? Then would you dare to have a paternity test after the child is born?” Jane retorted just as coldly, her gaze piercing.

Marina’s face showed no panic; instead, she wore a cunning smile. “Of course… I won’t give birth to her, but as long as I want, she will be Drake’s child.”

After saying that, Marina suddenly stood up and grabbed Jane’s hand. Startled, Jane didn’t understand what Marina was trying to do and struggled to pull her hand back. However, Marina suddenly let go, and then she fell heavily to the ground.

As screams and gasps rang around, Jane finally realized that Marina had set her up. Meanwhile, Marina held her stomach in pain and wailed.

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Chapter 377

“My child! Save my child!”

“Jane, I know you don’t like me and don’t want me to have Warner’s child, but how could you be so heartless and harm my unborn child…”

As Marina’s voice echoed, many onlookers took out their phones and recorded the scene.

Just yesterday, Courtney had taken Marina to an important event, making headlines. It was rumored that Marina was the daughter–in–law Courtney had chosen for the family. And today, there was already a big scandal about her. How could people not pay attention?

Seeing the increasing number of people recording, Jane finally understood that Marina had planned this carefully.

Without wasting any words, Jane immediately called the police while Marina was taken away by an


There was no way she would just wait to be cyberbullied after being falsely accused. This woman was malicious, and she couldn’t let her off easily.

After reporting the incident to the police, Jane also called the hospital’s ambulance. After all, she couldn’t understand how just that push could cause Marina to miscarry. The truth needed to be investigated by Dr William Harrington.

After the ambulance took Marina, Jane followed them to the hospital.

By the time Dr William finished the investigation at the cafe, he arrived at the hospital. Marina had already been wheeled out of the operating room, but she was still unconscious.

In such a short time, various news and videos about Jane pushing Marina and causing her to miscarry had exploded on the internet. The headlines were full of stories about a wife from the Kennedy family being ruthless, not tolerating any women around her, and even harming her own flesh

and blood.

The power of the internet was frightening, and while Jane heard about the rumors, she didn’t bother to read them. She focused her attention on the police investigation into Marina’s case.

When Drake rushed over, Dr William had just handed the blood test report of Marina to the police. The report showed that Marina’s blood contained traces of drugs used for inducing a miscarriage, although they were almost undetectable.

In other words, Marina had planned the miscarriage herself.

Jane had already guessed this result, but seeing Dr William hand over the test report, indicating that the truth would be investigated, she felt more at ease.

Once Drake made sure Jane was okay, he pulled her into his embrace and asked with concern, “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Jane answered nonchalantly.

Dr William glanced at the affectionate couple and left dejectedly.

After confirming that Jane was fine, Drake finally let her go and spoke with a slightly annoyed tone, “You knew she had bad intentions, so why did you go to meet her alone?”

“It was my carelessness.” Jane lowered her head and admitted her mistake. She thought that with so many people around, Marina wouldn’t dare to harm her, but she didn’t expect Marina to be so


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Chapter 377


From the beginning, Marina wanted to frame her, not hurt her.

“The rumors outside are flying all over the place, saying that this uncaring wife from the Kennedy family won’t tolerate any women around you, and even harmed your own flesh and blood.” Jane raised her head slightly, looking at Drake’s handsome face.

Hearing this, Drake gently touched Jane’s face affectionately and said, ‘I’ll clear things up.‘

“How are you going to clear it up?” Jane wasn’t really upset by the rumors. After all, they were just a few rumors, and in time, no one would remember them.

Especially in this rapidly changing era, rumors would soon fade away.

“Announce the marriage news, publicize the date of our registration, and clear your name!” Drake said without hesitation.

“But won’t people say that you are a scumbag? We registered our marriage a long time ago, and back then, you were openly with Annie.” Jane narrowed her eyes and said.

“A wanderer returns, and it’s worth more than gold. I’ll just say I, Drake, was blind in the past, but now I’ve come to my senses.” Drake didn’t care about others‘ comments. He couldn’t let Jane bear so many rumors alone, and announcing the marriage news was the best way he could think of.


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