Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 378

Chapter 378

As Drake had said, once the news of their marriage and the date of their registration were announced, the rumors about Jane being a gold digger and scheming to marry Courtney would naturally be dispelled.

More public opinion now focused on Drake, criticizing him for being a playboy who was already registered but still entangled with other women.

However, there were also many people who envied Jane for waiting patiently for Drake and finally winning his heart back.

The rumors were varied, but they didn’t affect Jane and Drake, who were busy preparing for their wedding. Jane’s wedding dress had already been designed and was waiting to be completed. Once it was done, they could set the date for their wedding.

Unexpectedly, during this period, they received a wedding invitation from overseas. At first, Jane was unaware of this, but she happened to see it on Drake’s phone. It turned out that Drake was going to attend Matthew Hughes’s wedding.

Upon learning this, Jane’s first thought was to prevent April from finding out about it.

When Drake came out of the bathroom, he found Jane looking at his phone and asked warily, “Honey, did you see anything?”

The day before, he had received the wedding invitation from Matthew, and he had chatted with Matthew about the wedding.

Drake had no intention of telling Jane about his relationship with April. He was afraid that she would feel sorry for April.

Seeing her phone taken away, Jane wasn’t too angry and just looked at Drake with a hint of annoyance. “You are so afraid of me seeing it, didn’t you plan to tell me from the beginning?”

“Honey, it’s not that I’m afraid…” Drake smiled wryly.

“Hmph, just keep it from April then.” Jane snorted coldly.

Though she was angry, it was ultimately between April and Matthew, and she couldn’t interfere.

She was only sad for April. Now that she was pregnant with that man’s child, he was going to marry another woman. Anyone in her situation would feel heartbroken.

“Honey, I know you feel for April, but it’s their matter, and we can’t do anything about it.” Drake comforted the angry Jane.

“Forget it, they were not meant to be together in the first place.” Jane sighed, thinking about how to keep the news of Matthew’s wedding from April.

Matthew’s wedding would probably become a hot topic, and she didn’t want April to see the news

about it.

“How long until the wedding?” she asked.

“Half a month.” Drake honestly answered this time.

“Are you planning to go to the wedding together?” Drake asked.


“Wedding? I might as well go to his funeral. He wants me to attend his wedding?” Jane said unkindly before turning around and leaving the room, intending to visit April.

Drake watched Jane leave with a bitter expression. He should have deleted those chat records


April’s pregnancy was over five months, and her belly was showing. When Jane arrived, April was sitting on the bed playing with her phone.

“You’re pregnant; you shouldn’t play with your phone too much.” Jane took April’s phone and stopped her from continuing.

“I’ll just play for a while; otherwise, I have nothing else to do.” April helplessly said.

“After three months, the pregnancy will be stable. How about we take you out for a walk? Is there anywhere you want to go?” Jane asked with concern.

Now that she had a regular job, she had more free time.

After thinking for a moment, April seriously answered Jane, “If you have the time, how about taking me to Eldoria?”

Hearing this, Jane agreed immediately without hesitation.


Eldoria had always been a place she wanted to visit, and it was also the place that person had promised to go with her. But in the end, they never had the chance to go together.

The next day, Jane told Drake about taking April to Eldoria.

Drake didn’t refuse and agreed to accompany them after settling his work and attending Matthew’s wedding.

Jane wouldn’t go to the wedding, so she could take April out for a break.

“Remember to bring a few people for protection.” Drake reminded her. He wouldn’t feel at ease if it was just Jane and April alone.

“I know.”

The trip to Eldoria was soon arranged, and Jane didn’t bring the three little ones along. She was afraid it would be too dangerous, and after explaining it to them, they didn’t insist on following.

However, just before boarding the plane, a familiar figure followed them on board.

April, who was pregnant, was seated in first class, and Jane had booked the seat next to her. But to her surprise, a familiar face took the seat beside them–it was Dr William.

Seeing Dr William, Jane was surprised and quickly understood why he was here.

April was also surprised, knowing the reason why Dr William had followed them. However, she couldn’t say anything and had to pretend that nothing had happened.

During the flight, April still felt somewhat uncomfortable Just as Jane was about to call the stewardess to get a cup of hot water, Dr William took the initiative.

He called the flight attendant and handed her a glucose powder, asking her to make a cup of glucose water.

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Jane watched as Dr William meticulously took care of April and couldn’t help but feel moved.

In the end, Dr William was a good person. Regardless of his past actions to help her and the children, he had a good character. Unfortunately, he had no future with April.

After getting off the plane, Dr William continued to follow them. His purpose was evident.

Upon arriving at the designated hotel, Jane took April into the room, and April grabbed her hand.

“Let him in, I have something to say to him.” April said.

Jane hesitated for a moment, then nodded and went to find Dr William.

Upon hearing that April wanted to see him, Dr William’s face lit up with a smile. “She’s willing to see me?”

Dr William had wanted to talk to April alone many times, but every time he got to Jane, April didn’t speak to him properly.

Now that April finally wanted to see him, Dr William felt overjoyed.

“I’ll go right away.” After being delighted, Dr William couldn’t wait to see April.

Jane sighed and went to the hotel balcony, from where she could overlook the beautiful Luminesa Lake under the blue sky. The gentle breeze blew, bringing coolness and relaxation, making her feel

much better.

In the room, Dr William’s smiling face gradually faded as he listened to what April had to say.

“Dr William, thank you for taking care of me before. I know your feelings for me, but we don’t have a future together. So, don’t be fixated on me anymore.”


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