Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 379

Chapter 379 

April had expressed her refusal to Dr William many times, but he stubbornly continued to pursue her, believing that she still had some feelings for him

Knowing that Dr William wouldn’t listen to her rejections, April decided to use a resolute approach to force him to give up

I will give birth to the child in my belly because it is the child of the man I love the most. In the future, I will raise this child, and my heart will no longer beat for anyone else. So, please keep your distance from me and stop causing me distress,April said firmly

Dr William had always believed that April had some feelings for him, maybe not love, but at least some fondness

But now April had personally told him that she wanted to have the child of the man she loved the most. Did that mean she never liked him

April, I know about the situation between you and that man. I don’t mind your past. We can see how things go in the futureDr William tried to suggest

There is no future, Dr William. Don’t you understand what I mean? From the beginning to the end, the only person I have loved is that man. I won’t develop feelings for anyone else,April said coldly

I know you like me, but your liking has already become a burden for me. So, I hope you can keep your distance from me. Do you understand?April’s words were decisive and cold, piercing Dr William’s heart like a knife

April was the girl he fell in love with at first sight and the person he wanted to protect, but now she told him that his liking had become a burden

Dr William closed his eyes in pain and then slowly opened them again after a long time. He looked at April and couldn’t give up just yet

Do you not even have the slightest liking for me?Dr William asked again

Hearing his question, April recalled the time they had spent together and the many beautiful moments they had shared, even though their time together was short. If it weren’t for the painful past and the unexpected child, she might have liked Dr William

But everything had no ifs.She suppressed the pain in her heart and looked at Dr William calmly, her lips parting slightly to speak in a cold tone


After saying this, April turned away, unable to look Dr William in the eyes. Tears silently streamed down her face

I’ve said enough. Leave now. I came to Eldoria to relax, and you following me like this only makes me more annoyed,” April stated firmly

Dr William wanted to say more, but April’s words cut him off completely. In the end, he could only 

turn and leave the room

On the balcony, Jane didn’t know what Dr William and April talked about, and she enjoyed the peaceful scenery, feeling the gentle breeze against her skin


Mr Warner Your Ex-wife is liant 


Suddenly, an unpleasant voice shattered the tranquility of the balcony

Miss Bentley seems to be enjoying yourself!The voice came from the balcony entrance, and it was none other than the despicable Adolf

What are you doing here?Jane questioned coldly, not believing in coincidences. She suspected that this man had followed her

Of course, I’m here to find Miss Bentley.Adolf didn’t hide his intentions and approached Jane with a teasing smile

What do you want?Jane became alert. She knew this man had bad intentions if he followed her all the way to Eldoria

I just want to spend a pleasant evening with Miss BentleyTo be honest, I am quite interested in you. It’s a pity you married Drake at such a young age,Adolf continued with a smirk

If I’m not any worse than Drake, how about Miss Bentley divorces him and marries me?he added, continuing to taunt her

Upon hearing his shameless remarks, Jane’s face turned cold

Last time, Mr. Schmidt claimed that you had no interest in a married woman like me, and now, what is the meaning of your words?she retorted

Recalling the incident at the party, Adolf’s expression darkened, feeling a little embarrassed

That man, Drake, not only did not give face to his Schmidt family but also dared to threaten him. Adolf had heard that Drake reported to the higherups, trying to have his father removed from his position as a city mayor, but the higherups didn’t agree

This grudge couldn’t be easily let go, and he was determined to bring down the Warner family

The woman in front of him was Drake’s legal wife, so he would start with her to get back at him

In a gloating tone, Adolf said, I might not be interested in you, but my people are very interested in you.” 

Hearing this, Jane felt a strange sense of foreboding

Before, when Adolf’s father, Friedrich Schmidt, appeared at the party, he seemed to be afraid of Drake, but now, Adolf acted like he was no longer afraid of him

It couldn’t be that they had something on Drake, right

But upon careful consideration, Jane thought that Drake was not the kind of careless person who would leave himself vulnerable to blackmail. How could there be something that Adolf could use against him

If it wasn’t about some leverage, then it was likely that they had gained new assurances and were no longer afraid of Drake’s power

Jane didn’t say anything; she didn’t want to argue with Adolf at this time. Instead, she turned to leave the balcony

Seeing that Jane was about to leave, Adolf reached out and grabbed her arm, trying to stop her

At the moment of contact, Jane recoiled like a frightened bird, immediately breaking free from his grasp and putting some distance between them

185 51 

Don’t touch me!Jane’s voice was as cold as ice

Undeterred by her rejection, Adolf’s face didn’t look good. However, he thought of the future opportunities to torment Jane and suppressed his anger

Heh, we’ll see,” he said provocatively

Jane didn’t bother to deal with him any longer. She shot him a cold glare and then turned and walked away

As Jane left, she couldn’t help but feel an unsettling sensation in her heart



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