Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 383

Chapter 383 

Chapter 383 

Zachary’s question left Matthew speechless for a moment

Of course, he didn’t want to marry Sylvia, but he had to

But Sylvia was not ugly, he thought amusedly

Matthew’s silence gave Zach the answer he was looking for, he is now sure that his Uncle Matthew never really wanted to marry the ugly woman

Uncle Matthew, you’ll be miserable. If you marry that kind of woman, you wouldn’t want to have birthdays in the future.” 

The kid’s innocent yet agitated face brought comfort to Matthew’s pain

He picked up a few roses that were still intact from the ground and walked in front of Zach

How do you know that I’ll be miserable if I marry her?” 

Because she’s very fierce, she shouts at people and has a very bad temper. She’s not gentle like my mother, nor is she as beautiful.Zach proudly raised his head, praising her mother

Matthew laughed lightly. He had seen Jane before and she was undeniably beautiful, but not too attractive, in his opinion

Because he already had his eyes on one woman, and for him, no other woman can be as beautiful as she

Your mommy didn’t come with you?Matthew asked casually

Nope. Mommy and Aunt April are on a trip. Zach happily took the roses from Matthew

Aunt April?Matthew was puzzled

Yeah, she is our godmother with the same surname as you, Uncle Matt. Dad said that you two are siblings.” 

Which reminds me, why didn’t Aunt April go to your engagement party?Zach looked up at Matthew innocently, eyes curious

Matthew was shocked. The person he had been looking for, for so long, was actually by Jane’s side all along 

Drake had mentioned that April was in Silverbourne. Because of his engagement, he was only able to send someone to look for her there, but he wasn’t able to find her

He was very angry for a long time because of this and then, his family forced him to stop looking for 


He was so surprised by what the kid told him, and the happiness and satisfaction he felt is immeasurable

Where is she?Matthew took Zach’s hand and asked excitedly

But then the kid is obviously smart and when he saw his Uncle Matthew’s reaction, he decided not to answer him immediately

Uncle Mat, why are you so excited? You two are siblings, right?” 


Mr. Wamer Your Exwit 

Just tell me where she is kid, now!Matthew is now giddy with anticipation and did no kid’s intention

But Uncle Mat, you haven’t answered my question yet?Zach pouted in disappointment

I lost her!Matthew blurted and lowered his eyes, filled with sadness

The kid quietly stared at him for a while seemingly having an inner battle, but then he finally decided to end his suffering and disclose April’s where about when Zane’s voice suddenly boomed from the distance

Don’t tell him!Zane’s command interrupted Zach’s words

Both of them looked at Zane at the same time, charging towards them with a determined face

Why can’t we tell Uncle Mat?Zach was puzzled

Because he doesn’t deserve to know.Zane stepped forward and looked at Matthew bravely. He was smart enough to figure out something

Matthew looked at Zane, a little annoyed, Stinky brat, don’t even begin thinking that just because you are Drake’s son, I won’t dare do anything to you!” 

Hmph, I’m not afraid of you.Zane snorted coldly and pulled Zach to his side

We won’t tell you where our godmother is. You’re a bad person who hurt Aunt April. And now you’re even going to marry another woman. Why do you want to know where she is?Zane talked back coldly

Matthew was dumbfounded by what Zane said

However, Zach could not understand Zane’s hostility towards Matthew, so he gently tugged at Zane and whispered

Uncle Mattew is not bad, why can’t we tell him?” 

Seeing his brother’s innocence, Zane had no choice but to whisper in his ear

After listening to Zane’s words, Zach suddenly turned hostile toward Matthew

Matthew was even more puzzled. What did Zane say

Uncle Matthew, you have gone too far. I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person.” 

Without a word, Zach took the rose and left with Zane

When Matthew saw that the kids are really leaving him in a puzzle, Matthew went after them and gently grabbed them both

Wait you little brats, why couldn’t you just tell me?” 

Because you hurt our godmother.Zach sadly said, pouting

With that, he broke free from Matthew’s hand and pulled Zane away

Matthew got nothing from the brats who were too smart for their own good so he went straight to their father, Drake

Drake was torn between her loyalty to both his friends. He knew where April was, but he couldn’t tell Matthew 

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Because if he told him, April would be furious. On the other hand, if he continued keeping quiet, Matthew will forever be worried

Matthew is unaware of the inner battle that is currently happening inside his friend’s mind. Drake already admitted that he knew about the trip Jane and April were currently taking, however, he’s still not telling him the exact location

Are we still friends?Drake did not answer for a long time and it made Matthew anxious

Seeing that their friendship is in danger, the three kids, whose been listening to the adultsconversation, decided to make an appearance

Don’t force my father.” 

The men looked at the three little kids who appeared at the door. Zane had already told Zoe his guess and now, the three of them decided to unite and went up front

You’re a bad man. You bullied and hurt our Aunt April and now you’re threatening Daddy.Zoe stepped forward and reached out to her father and hug him

Derek helplessly picked up his daughter and looked at his friend, silently sending him a message of how helpless he was too

I didn’t bully her,” Matthew explained bitterly

He never bullied anyone in his entire life

Hmph; if you didn’t bully Aunt April, why does she have a big belly?” 

Right, Matthew was even more confused now

What do you mean by having a big belly? What’s wrong with April?” 

Looking at his friend who was now starting to lose his cool, Derek could only stand there in total helplessness

Don’t get too excited Mat, and don’t forget that you’re about to get married.” 

Matthew got what Derek was trying to say, that even if he knew where April was, the two of them just couldn’t happen. He’s getting married, after all

Just please tell me where she is!He begged because, at this rate, he doesn’t care about anything anymore, he just wanted to find the person he loved the most

And if I tell you, are you willing to give up everything for her?” 



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