Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 385


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Chapter 385 

Jane was very happy with the outcome of William’s proposal; it ended really well for both of them. However, one figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere

Before Jane could react, that figure passed by her, and then, William and April were separated from each other by force

When Jane came back to her senses, he realized that the tall figure rushed up and ruthlessly grabbed April, away from William

They were all very surprised but when William woke up from confusion, he immediately tried to grab April back. But Matthew’s grip on her was immovable

How dare you be with another man without my permission, how dare you be with another man at all!Matthew did not shout, but he just better did, for his low voice sent a chill down April’s spine, scaring her more than his shout could ever do. A pair of scarlet eyes stared at her

April couldn’t believe her eyes, Matthew suddenly appeared out of nowhere and she wondered if she was just hallucinating. How could he be here gripping her like a vice

Jane came to her senses, marched toward them, and pulled April away from the stark raving mad Matthew. She hid her friend behind her body, in a protective stance. Matthew’s appearance is unexpected and they were really caught offguard

Mat, what do you want?” 

Matthew’s currently giving off a very frightening aura, like he was about to hurt them any second from now

Jane was afraid that he would hurt the pregnant woman

Get out of the way!” Matthew is now really mad. He hasn’t slept a wink, just to find this woman who has taken up residence in his mind, and when he finally did, she was in another man’s arms, accepting another man’s proposals. Damn it to hell

His anger is now being directed at Jane for pulling April away from his grasp

But Jane was never afraid of him and continued blocking April from Matthew’s reach

It’s you who should get out of the way!Jane replied coldly

Clenching his gently clenched fist, Matthew thought of Derek’s reaction if he happens to hurt Jane

At this moment, William decided to take action and immediately rushed over to block the two 


Jane, take April away!He was also scared that the man would hurt April

Matthew was so mad he saw red; he went and threw his fist at William. But William was angry too so he fought back and both men started throwing punches and kicking each other

They both have the same strength, and neither of them was at a disadvantage. After a while, both of them were injured to varying degrees

Jane did not bother stopping them, she could not interfere in the duel between the men

However, April was so worried she was about to step up and try to restrain both men when Jane 

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blocked her way

This fight is inevitable. The important thing is your choice. Whom do you want to win?” 

It will not take a genius to understand what Jane is trying to convey, she wanted April to choose between the two men

April was very confused. If Matthew did not appear, she would not hesitate to choose William, but then he did, and he’s here now, confusing her beyond words

If she chose William, Matthew would go crazy with anger, he would definitely not let William go. Besides, the child in her womb was Matthew’s. He is the father, no matter what happened between them

April didn’t know what to do, and Jane was also very worried for her. There was no way to solve this 


Besides, the two men are now really getting serious injuries because they still wouldn’t stop fighting. They were still fighting, Jane had enough and shouted

Stop fighting!” 

The men only paused for a moment, looked at each other, and started killing each other again

Jane helplessly looked at April and spoke. Only you can stop it.” 

April has been itching to do it for a little while and now that Jane finally told her to do it, she immediately shouted at the top of her lungs

Stop fighting!But then, even her words did not deter the men, they continued throwing fists like nobody spoke up

Listen to me, if you won’t stop killing each other right now, I’ll be killing myself too,shouted April, all the while walking to the edge of the roof

This time, the two men finally stilled and looked at her, she finally got their attention

April, don’t, that’s dangerous!William’s mouth was filled with blood and he was obviously hurt, but that did not stop him from worrying about her

Matthew’s expression was also unsightly as he looked at her and spoke in a domineering tone

Come here!” 

Matthew’s overbearing tone angered April. Maybe it would be better for her if she chooses William over this cold and angry man

Matthew, leave!April shouted at Matthew

Matthew heard her and it drove him even madder. He quickly flew over here after hearing her whereabouts, desperately giving up everything he had just to see her and now she wants him to leave

Is this woman serious? What is she thinking

He never moved a muscle, his eyes fixed on April 

Do you really know what you’re talking about? I’ll give you a chance to come with me!” 

Jane just listened to what Matthew was saying, her eyes turning very, very cold

Chapter 385 

The bastard, he was too dumb to say such things

I won’t go with you,April said coldly

Now Matthew is really mad, and then he coldly looked at William and asked through gritted teeth

Is it because of this man? Have you fallen in love with him?” 

April hesitated for a while before decisively nodding

Yes, I have. So, I won’t be leaving with you, and I won’t be seeing you in the future either.” 

Hearing April’s decisive words, Matthew’s voice became low and terrifying, like a prelude to a raging


April, how dare youMatthew muttered with much hate, mainly for himself rather than for anyone 


He hated himself for not looking for her earlier, for giving another man a chance to catch her attention, and for not doing anything to make her fall for him deeply

Their love has always been considered forbidden by society. He knew that April loves him too, romantically, but she suppresses and hide it in her heart. There were too many reasons for them to just fall apart, too many shackles holding them both, and being together is next to impossible. It would be easy for her if he just let her choose William

But he can’t, he just can’t let her go. Let the consequences be damned

Hearing April’s words, William’s spirit lifted up

April, come here, it’s dangerous over there,William said carefully

April looked at William’s outstretched hand and Matthew’s face full of pain and anger and made up her mind, she took William’s hand



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Chapter 386


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