Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 386


Chapter 386 

Matthew’s patience finally snapped. He stepped forward and grabbed April’s other hand

I said, come here!” 

Let her go!” William was tough too and they’re now facing each other again, ready to kill each other

April please, stop this for once. You know me, I can be very ruthless if provoked and right now, I am at the very edge of my sanity.Matthew muttered, trying hard to resist killing anyone

April’s whole body trembled with fear. She knew and understood this man and she know that his words are not empty. Matthew can be very ruthless when angry

She has to deal with him alone, she doesn’t want Jane nor William to be the receiving end of Matthew’s madness

She doesn’t want to. Why do you force her?William is done watching April getting scared, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He looked at Matthew coldly. If he dared to do something, he would not let him go easily

Why? Because I’m the father of the child she carries.Matthew looked at April’s bump and felt his heart swell with joy despite the current situation

She was pregnant and pretty soon, they would have a lovely child. This was the only thing that makes Matthew happy

April’s face paled at Matthew’s words

Jane, couldn’t take the scene any longer and took a step forward to block Matthew

Who told you that it’s yours? It’s William’s.” 

William took a step forward too and willingly agreed with Jane. Yes, the baby she carries is mine and they have nothing to do with you,William said, referring to both the child and the mother

The trace of gentleness on Matthew’s face was instantly gone, replacing it was a cold and very dark. expression that threatened to resolve everyone’s bravery

April, whose child is in your womb?” 

Matthew suddenly had a second doubt about April’s pregnancy, they have separated for a very long time and he had forgotten about the last time

April is now very pale, she stared longingly at Matthew’s handsome face and closed her eyes, feeling a dull tug of pain cross her heart. However, when she opened them again, they were now cold and indifferent

Yes, this baby is not yours.She spoke

You’re lying!Matthew could not believe what she was saying, he stared at April with bloodshot eyes. He will never believe her

I am telling you the truth, I don’t care if you believe me or not?April turned her head away, refusing to look at Matthew

Let her go!With April’s words, William became even more confident in facing Matthew’s anger

All right, even if the child in your womb isn’t mine, you’re still carrying my name and if you really want 


Chapter 386 

to be with this man, you must have me at the same table. And I’m going to have to tell you right now that I don’t approve of him so you have to come with me.Matthew is still patiently negotiating, resisting the urge to be consumed by his anger

And you really think that I like carrying your name?April raised her eyes in pure indignant

Yes, she admits that if she hadn’t been adopted by the Hughes family, she might have lived a very hard life. However, she shouldn’t have to bear the pressure and pain from the said family and she should have been able to run her life the way she wanted

She might give William a chance, but she actually knew that she could never decide whom she was going to marry. Once the family decided, she will be married off to some stranger

Matthew please, just let me be, I just want to have a moment of peace. Why can’t you just leave me alone?April looked at Matthew with pleading eyes

Her words affected Matthew more than he care to admit. He wanted to give her happiness, but he just couldn’t leave her alone

April baby, come with me. I’ll give you what you want, I promise.His tone mellowed down. He really wanted to tell her that he had escaped from the marriage, just for her

How would you do that? Even if you give up everything for me, would our family allow you to do it? They’re going to come after us.April looked at Matthew and realized that he should have been in his wedding now. He had escaped from his own wedding

She wasn’t lying when she said that it was going to be complicated, but she also knows Matthew’s line of thinking, it’s always been deep, too deep

Baby, believe me, I can handle this,Matthew assured her, slowly melting her icecold defenses

A scene that hasn’t gone unnoticed by William’s keen attention, April’s hesitation evoked fear in his guts, he could see how April’s wall crumbled with each word that Matthew muttered and he could feel his chance slowly slipping away from his hands

April! Don’t listen to him!William tugged her hand harder, waking her up from Matthew’s spells

She came to her senses and looked at William holding her hand, face filled with worry. She then buried what she felt with Matthew a moment ago deep in her heart

She already accepted William, and if she still looks at Matthew the way she did seconds ago, it 

would be unfair for him

Just go, I don’t want to see you, I am tired of saying the same things over and over again.She pulled her hand that Mattew was still holding and leaned close to William

Matthew was hurt and mad at April’s choice, however, he stopped fighting her and did as she pleaded, he let her be. With a heavy heart, he watched her being taken away by William, by another 


Jane trailed behind them and left too, but not before looking back at Matthew and witnessing how the man looked at April’s back, it was full of love and longings

William took April back to her room. Jane guessed that the two have something to talk about, so she did not follow inside just yet, instead, she found a quiet place to call Drake

Someone must have told Matthew their location, and he could not get rid of Drake as a suspect


Mr Warner, Your Exwife is Mrilliant 


Chapter 386 

As soon as Drake answered the call, she immediately fired up her questions, never missing a beat

Drake guiltily admitted telling it all to Mat, including April’s pregnancy

Jane was so mad she could strangle him if she could reach him. Why did you tell him? You know how hard April worked to forget him.” 

Also, what would William do now?She was definitely on William’s side, the man is much warmer and more patient than Matthew, not to mention how he helped her before. Where April was concerned, William is way better than the cold and domineering Matthew

And why are you in contact with William again??Drake asked in confusion

Of course, I am still in contact with him, we’re good friends, thanks to you. You don’t even know that William is interested in April. And you know what, he just arranged a very romantic proposal today, which was actually ruined, again, thanks to you. She was about to give him a chance when your good friend here showed up! April was awfully confused, again, thanks to you!Jane said angrily. She definitely wants to punch Drake in the face

Drake did not expect things to be like this, but Matthew was his friend

Furthermore, Matthew had given up on his family and ran to find April. If he hadn’t seen the sincerity in his friend’s eyes, he wouldn’t have disclosed April’s location




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