Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 387

Chapter 387 

Chapter 387 

Today is William’s wedding day and he ran away from it!Drake said on the other side of the phone

Jane was speechless. Matthew ran away from marriage for April

The information was a lot to take in, and Jane was left speechless for a moment

But then she recovered and stubbornly stayed on William’s side, though with a little gentleness this 


Well, it’s too late, she already made her choice. He should’ve made his own choice earlier, none of these would have happened,she said, voice filled with conviction

Anyway, I’ll still stand with William, he’s more suitable for April anyways.She continued

Stop worrying about this, let them handle it by themselves, they’re all big enough.” 

Both of the men are his friends so he cannot choose between them, he never really expected them to fall in love with the same girl

How could you just sit back there calmly? April is my best friend and I can’t just watch her getting sad.” 

Then what are you going to do about it? Things are already very complicated as it is, don’t complicate it any further by adding yourself to the mix.Drake said helplessly

I don’t care, I will be by their side unwaveringly. As for Matthew, doesn’t he have a fiancéé? Didn’t he want to inherit the family business?April said calmly

What do you think the Potts family is? Matthew has to pay a price for escaping from marriage this time.” 

Drake felt that Jane had made things too simple, so he carefully explained it over the phone

Then what do you think we should do? Get April and Matthew back together?Jane asked in disapproval

That would be April’s choice. She’s free to choose whomever she likes. I just want you to stop meddling in their affairs.Drake persuaded Jane

Well, she already made her choice and it’s William,” Jane answered with matter of fact

Drake was silent for a moment, then he sighed, Okay, I understand.” 

I have booked a flight for me and the kids. We’re going back to Germany soon. When will you be back?” Drake decided to focus on them and forget anything else

I don’t know yet, soon, I presume,Jane answered after a moment of thinking

Okay, then we’ll see you back in Silverbourne.They haven’t seen each other for half a month now

Okay,” Jane agreed and hung up

Jane returned to the ward to find April all alone, face pale

April, how are you?Jane walked over and asked worriedly

April looked back with an indifferent expression

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I’m fine.She said slowly

Jane sat on the edge of the bed and comforted her softly, Stop thinking too much about it, at this point, you just have to hold onto your decision firmly, don’t get swayed.” 

Jane’s implication was obvious, April should not give up on William

I see.She answered sullenly, doing as Jane sald

The next day, Jane started preparing for their return to Silverbourne. April did not have any objection to it, so the group set off on their journey back

Matthew silently followed the group from a distance without actually talking to any of them

William was uncomfortable, but he remained by April’s side all throughout the trip, April remained silent too

She stayed close to William the whole time to ward off Matthew

Even on the plane, William sat beside her and took care of her

Matthew saw all of it and he was angry for the whole duration of the flight. His face was ashen, but he suppressed his emotions and did not step forward. He just kept his eyes plastered on April

They touched down at Silverbourne and went off the plane. However, before they could leave the airport, they were stopped by a group of people. Matthew, who was still following from a distance, finally stepped forward again and pulled April by his side

Jane and William tried to snatch April back but big, burly men suddenly step up in front, completely blocking their way

Mat, what is it this time?” 

William followed Jane, making up his mind that if Matthew does something, he will definitely put up a fight

Let go of her.William fiercely said

Matthew ignored them and focused on April

Come with me, don’t force me to drag you.” 

No matter how many times you say it, I won’t leave with you,April answered stubbornly

Okay, whatever happens after this, do not blame me.He picked her up and carried her on his shoulders like a child, despite her struggles and tantrums

Mat, let me down!April is now shouting

Let go April, Matthew!Shouted William who desperately tried to go after them, struggling against the men who holds them down

Jane was equally mad with the way Mat handled April

Jan saw that William was about to fight the men and she knew he would never stand a chance against them

Don’t do it, they’re not the enemies, they’re just following orders,Jane said rationally, tugging Will away from the men

We should head home first and think of a way to get April back.” 


Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Philliant 


Matthew carried April and deposited her in the car

If you ever try to escape, you will face a consequence,Matt muttered under his breath, looking down at her stomach, conveying a dangerous message

And it successfully stopped April from struggling






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