Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 388

Mr.Wamer Your Ex-wife is 



Chapter 388 

April looked at Matthew with hatred in her eyes as she gritted her teeth

Bastard, I hate you!” 

Hate me all you want, just don’t ignore me,Matthew answered nonchalantly

Let me go, even if you take me away, you will never have my heart,she said coldly

Her words brought pain inside Matthew’s heart and his hold became a little too tight

Why? William already got your heart? Why? Why can’t I have your heart no matter how I try?Matthew asked out of desperation

His voice tugged a familiar pain inside her and she took her eyes away from him, refusing to look at his broken beauty, scared she might do something she’ll soon regret

Because your hands are colder than his. You shouldn’t have come to find me. You should have completed your mission, marry that woman, gotten your inheritance, and shoulder your responsibilities.April said indifferently

But baby, do you know what you’re talking about? I gave up everything for you, why don’t you understand!he said with helplessness and vulnerability he only shows to April

He had said it too many times. He only wanted to keep April by his side and be with her as long as he lives, but she always run away from him

What don’t I understand, Matt? You’re my brother, we grew up together. And even if I gave in to what you want, our family will never hear any of it, they will kill us?she had enough, she just wanted to make him see what she’s been seeing all along

Her words brought a tiny bit of hope for Matthew, and she was looking him straight in the eyes. It’s better than having to endure her silent treatments

I told you; I can handle this as long as you accept me.” 

She was always scared of his attitude. She had never been able to accept him because of the brothersister relationship between them

April has always known that any romantic feelings between them will be useless in the end, they’re siblings in society’s eyes, so she suppressed her romantic feelings for Matthew to the deepest part of her heart and steered clear from him as much as she could

But Matt, you can’t fight them.Growing up with his family, April knew that no matter how Matthew tried, there was no way to break free from their shackles. Their ending would be tragic if they push their feelings through

How will I know if I don’t try?he’s never giving up

But I don’t want to, and I don’t want to gamble with you. I just want to live a simple life with a simple person, don’t you get me?She calmly said

Matthew felt like he was punched in his guts. This was what he’s been scared of

So, you will still choose that man?” 

Yes.He answered without hesitation, which deeply hurt Matthew

April looked at him and sighed her resignation, he really was stubborn and a bit spoiled, refusing to let her go like that

Matthew directly brought her to a Villa in Silverbourne and nonetoogently grabbed her and led her to the door

She tried struggling to escape, but she was threatened by Matt, again

You’re going to lock me up again, Matt, just like before? Do you really think that locking me up will change my mind? Because I’m telling you, it will not

Matthew was hurt, again, and yet remained calm and collected

It doesn’t matter. Hating me is still feeling something for me, I’ll take what I can get. Since you don’t want to gamble with me, then I’ll force you to bear with me.” 

Matt had made up his mind. The moment he escaped from his marriage, he vowed to find April and never let her go ever again

April wrongly read the situation, she thought that Matt was holding her hostage so that he won’t be facing his family’s wrath alone, forcing her to face the incoming storm with him

Matt, you’re really being selfish!She shouted and went to her room

Since she could not escape, she would just ignore Matt, let’s see how he will like it

On the other side, Jane has arrived at the Villa, Drake, and the kids were already waiting for her

The moment she entered the villa, she was engulfed by three pairs of hands in a tight hug, expressing how they miss their mother

She also missed her kids so much, so she hugged them too and brought them back to the living room. The two little boys sat on the sofa while Zoe sat on Jane’s lap

Mommy, is Eldoria fun?Zach asked eagerly

Jane gathered them in her arms and seriously answer them one by one

Mom, I want to go to Eldoria too,” Zoe said in her lap 

Okay, Mommy will take you there, next time,” Jane said softly

After bonding with the children for a while, Jane left them to play by themselves and went to study to find Drake

Drake has been waiting for his turn to bond with Jane and be alone with her, their kids miss their mom so much so he gave them time to have their fill first. And now he could hear her footsteps and he knew that his wife is coming over. He missed her too, so much he couldn’t wait

As soon as Jane entered the study, she was pulled by and pressed against the wall by her husband. He kissed her senselessly before she could react

Jane was breathless when Drake was done

Did you miss me?!Drake pressed against the wall again, urging her to answer

Let me go!” 

Say you miss me first?He continued to press her


She was out of breath from his pressing, so she could only vaguely say, Let me think about it first, let me go!” 

Did you miss me as much as I missed you?” 

Hearing Yu Mohan’s questioning, Qiao Huan raised her eyes and looked at her handsome face in a daze

That depends on how much you miss me!” 

Feel it yourself.” 

Jane blushed, they’d been married for years now, and she knew what her husband means

She playfully glared at him, I was not being serious, I have something to tell you though, this time, it 

is serious.” 

Oh, but what I’m saying is serious tooDrake emphasized, taking her hand and pulling it down to his crotch. She quickly withdrew her hand and lightly slapped his shoulder

Stop kidding, I really have something to tell you. April was taken away by Matthew and I need you to help me find a way to rescue her.” 

Matthew’s mood turned sour, he glared at her and spoke

Didn’t I tell you not to mingle in their affairs?” 


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