Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 389

Chapter 389 

Chapter 389 

How could I do that? April is pregnant and Matthew forcefully just took her away. What if she hurts her baby?Jane said worriedly

Drake disagreed. You’re overthinking. Matt would never hurt them.” 

Drake knew that Matt really cares for April, so much that he escaped from his own marriage and chose to face the wrath of his family than marry another woman. He could never possibly hurt the pregnant woman

You’re not really sure about that. Matthew was stark raving mad. Who knows what kind of perverted things he will do?” 

Drake remembers his friend’s attitude towards April, his being overprotective and paranoid when it comes to the woman. And he decides that he was not worried at all

*Jane please, Matt is not a monster. Stop worrying and stressing over nothinghe comforted softly

He’s your friend. Of course, you will say that! You will always choose to side with him. By now, I can’t imagine what he’s doing with my friend!Jane fired back

It’s your fault? If you hadn’t revealed our location to him then April and William were probably together nowshe added said angrily

Drake helplessly agreed just to shut his wife up

Okay, I’ll find a way for you!” 

Jane calmly nodded and watched her husband call Matthew

Unfortunately, Matt’s phone just kept on ringing, he never answered his call

Jane is now mad, See, he probably knows that you’ll be looking for April so he did not answer the phone.” 

She was furious, she could never let Matthew take April away

Okay, just stop worrying, he would never harm April, trust me.Drake consoled his wife again

You better be telling the truth, otherwise, if something happened to April, you shall be punished too.She fiercely told her husband

Drake, innocent as he is, just watched his wife getting all riled up

He could not get hold of Matt, his wife couldn’t contact April either, and the company’s affairs also made them sleepy

Today, Jane made an appointment to renew the contract and discuss cooperation, at a highend 


To express her importance, she specially reserved a room and brought two assistants with her

Upon arriving, Jane saw an acquaintance, Adolf Schmidt

The moment she saw him, she quickly turned around, ready to leave, but was blocked by the two bodyguards in the room

She looked at her business partner who was sitting with Adolf Schmidt in the room. Her words were 

Jane looked at the glass of wine like it was a snake, ready to strike at any time. Do you want to get me drunk?” 

Are you kidding me? You are a good drinker; how could I get you drunk?” 

All right, but we are going to talk about business after this?Jane said coldly

Of course.Adol Schmidt answered, raising his eyes

After a few moments of hesitation, Jane took the glass and emptied it again

Her two assistants on either side of her immediately whispered worriedly, Boss, are you all right?” 

Jane nodded and his eyes fell on Adolf Schmidt’s face

Can we talk about business now?” 

Okay, then let’s get to workMr. Schmidt fulfilled his promise and really talked about business from 

then on

Jane opened her folder and continued where she left off, while Mr. Schmidt just stared at her from the other side of the table

That’s when she realized that something was wrong. A wave of nausea swept through her body. shaking her. Her visions were slowly dimming, dark spots are starting to swarm around, her leaving her in confusion. What was happening to her

Her body swayed, she tried her best to stay alert, leaning herself against the table but she just couldn’t take the dizziness anymore

Boss!Both assistants Marie and Mariz were shocked

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