Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 391

Chapter 391 

I didn’t call for any service, hurry up and get out of here!” 

Adolf is now really mad, the only thing that stops him from beating the life out of them is the fact that he’ll soon be having Jane for himself. But now, his patience has reached its limit. If this bastard doesn’t leave now, he’ll never see another day again

One look at his murderous gaze and the waiter pushed the cart and turned to leave

At that moment, the door to the next room opened and Charles walked out

Hey, wait up! I’ve been calling you guys. What kind of service do you have? You have not come for so long.” 

Charles walked out of the room and stopped the waiter who was about to leave

It dawned on Adolf that the staff have been mistakenly disturbing him, which added fuel to his already blazing anger

He looked at Charle’s pale face, he did not hide his anger and shouted at the man directly

You were the one who asked for room service, didn’t you know that I was staying in that room? You have the audacity to disturb me.” 

Really? Oh, I think I gave them the wrong room number. But why are you being so fierce? What, do you want to fight?Charles also showed a bit of arrogance

His answer completely cut Adolf’s patience off. He was a famous scoundrel in Berlin. How could he withstand such provocation? This man will never see the light again

How dare you talk to me like this! Believe it or not, I will make you diminished from Silverbourne.” 

You dare threaten me? Who do you think you are? Charles raised his head, he’ll never back down

Oh, I will show you who I am!Adolf charged forward in rage and tried to throw his fist at Charles

But Charles was prepared, he dodged the swinging fist and attacked Adolf too. His purpose was to delay the time and wait for Drake to rescue them

While the two of them were fighting, Jane, who was still in the room, leaned on the wall and staggered her way. She was ready to flee

Adolf saw her and he turned his back on Charles, ready to chase after her. But he was stopped by Charles

Jane hurriedly went to the elevator and pressed the buttons, willing it to open. She believed that once she reaches the hotel lobby, Adolf wouldn’t be able to drag her back and she’ll be safe

She was getting impatience when the elevator stopped and the door opened, then a tall figure walked out. Immediately, Jane was wrapped in a warm and familiar embrace

Baby, are you all right?” 

She would know that voice anywhere. Jane raised her eyes and saw her husband’s worried face looking down at her. Her knees buckled with utter relief

Drake, take me away from here, please!Jane said with a shaking voice. She was able to escape from a sure danger. She relied on her strong willpower

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Shh baby, it’s alright. I’m here now!Drake soothed and hugged his wife tight, all the while holding his rage back

Charles saw him too and ruthlessly pushed Adolf away

He breathlessly ran in front of Drake so Adolf chased him in fury

However, he stopped in his tracks the moment he laid his eyes on a newcomer. Adolf scowled at Drake 

So, you are here” 

Drake, with his arms still wrapped around his wife, addressed Adolf with a gaze full of wrath

Let’s just go! Let’s not mess with him anymore!Charles urged them

Now that Jane was safe and sound, Charles wanted to stop fighting Adolf, he knew the man’s influence and connections. It would not be wise for him to keep on provoking the powerful man

Drake could still feel his wife’s body trembling with fear and his intense eyes zeroed on Adolf. The bastard will pay 

We are not done yet!He muttered before turning away, holding Jane with him

Adolf was of course angry, but he did not have the courage to face Drake, not yet. Soon. He thought with a scoff

For now, he just watched Jane being taken away by Drake

After leaving the hotel, Charles spoke to Drake

Silverbourne is changing, it’s getting pretty dangerous.” 

Drake looked at Charles The two of them have histories, and Drake didn’t have anything to do with Charles as much as possible. But the man has been a great help this time

Thank you for the help!He said after a moment of hesitation

I did not do it for you, I did it for Jane!The man answered, glancing at his wife

Drake hid his wife’s body from Charle’s stares in a protective manner

Mean!Charles muttered

I owe you my wife’s safety, I will pay you in any way I can.” Drake is being territorial; nobody hits on 

his wife

Jane woke and felt her body aching all over like she’s been hit by a car

You’re awake!A low voice came from somewhere beside her

Jane touched her aching waist, pulled the cover, and sat up lazily

What did you do to me last night?She frowned

Drake raised his brows, I should be asking you the same thing. Don’t you remember how you treated me last night?” 

Drake took a deep breath and was about to tell her just what she did last night when Jane raised his hand, silently telling him to stop

Don’t. I’ve already suffered enough!” Whatever she did to him was the cause of that drug Adolf put 

Mr Warner Your Ex wife is Pilliant 


in her drink 

How are you going to deal with Adolf?Jane asked him, her words are filled with venom, she hated Adolf with every fiber of her being

What happened last night was a result of her carelessness. She never thought Adolf would go to such lengths given both her and his status in society

He was an evil through and through

If Drake wants to deal with Adolf, then she will not only support him, but she will also help him in any way she can

They have only been in Silverbourne for a short time, so they haven’t caught anything yet.” 

Drake has been wanting to get rid of Adolf for a long time now but the bastard was involved in Berlin, and he has yet to find a way to get rid of the group

A big family like theirs could not be ridden that easily. And right now, he felt so powerless for not being able to help the very person he loved the most



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