Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 393

Chapter 393 

In the Royal Group, Jane was busy with paper works. She had to deal with both her and her husband’s company so she was very busy

Daniel pushed open the door and found Jane with her nose buried in papers

Miss Jane.Daniel hesitantly called

Jane looked up from the pile of documents and saw that Daniel was furrowing his brows

The people from the prosecutor’s office are here to do a thorough inspection.” 

Isn’t it already checked?Jane frowned in confusion. The sudden inspection is weird

Daniel sighed. The order was from the new mayor.” 

Daniel need not say anything else. Jane knew that Adolf is starting to perform his revenge

Just the thought of the scum gets her blood boil with fury. She desperately hoped for her husband to return and deal with that son of a gun

If they want to investigate, let them be,” Jane told Daniel. Since they arranged for someone to investigate, they definitely did not plan to let Drake go. Let them check it out

Sure enough, after the prosecutor’s search, Drake was accused of tax evasion. He was asked to suspend work and go with the investigation

Seeing the warrant filled Jane with dread. But she cannot do anything about it now

The man who handed her the warrant smiled cruelly

Miss Bentley, Mr. Schmidt has prepared a drink for you. I hope you will appreciate it.” 

Go back and tell Mr. Schmidt to go to hell.Jane wouldn’t show them any sign of weakness

Okay then, it’s your choice. Your message will be delivered in detailThe man snorted and turned to 


When they were gone, Daniel hurriedly went to Jane and asked anxiously, Miss Bentley, what should we do now?” 

She stared at the warrant in her hand, her face unreadable. We’ll stop the operation; you pass the word on. All the staff of the Royal Company will be on vacation, they’ll be notified once the work 


Daniel scowled. They’re going too far.He said indignantly

They want to bring the Royal family down, they must be planning different plots to do it, this is just the beginning.” 

Jane can only trust Drake’s promise to protect the family

Jane sat down on her bed to rest for a while, it has been an exhausting day. However, Courtney came barging in and started throwing questions. Jane groaned

Why did you stop working?” 

Jane sat up again, The prosecutor issued a warrant.” 

Chapter 393 

Courtney’s face turned unattractive. I heard that it’s the newly elected mayor’s son doing. Is it because of you?” 

Jane felt like someone punched her in the gut. You clearly have it investigated already. Why bother asking?” 

Jane was worn out; she doesn’t have the energy for pleasantries right now

The woman was taken aback but quickly regained her composure

Jane, you should just stay at home and take care of your family. You always show yourself in public. It’s no wonder that some perverted men see you as a target.Courtney fired back

The words Courtney spat brought a wave of anger in Jane. She was aware that Courtney was a popular artist, the type of actress who won big awards. But she was later married to Drake’s father and left the spotlight for her family

She has nothing against women like her motherinlaw, she even admires their bravery to leave their passion and profession for the ones they love

However, telling her to become one is another story

During her few years abroad, Jane realized in a hard way that a woman should be independent and careeroriented, and that she should never lose herself for love

Courtney, with all due respect to you, if you came here just to tell me how to run my life, then I would have to ask you to leave. The door is over there.Jane pointed at the door; all courteousness flew out the window

Is that how the young ones talk to the elders now?Courtney was furious

If you don’t like to be talked that way, then don’t come here to provoke me.Jane was exhausted and angry, so many happened that day and all she wanted was to take a rest

The older woman just stood there, speechless, mouth agape

Then thought of how his son loved this woman and how he was so protective of her stopped Courtney from throwing something hard on the bratty woman’s head

She doesn’t want to end up like Marina who was all alone with no children with her, so she forgot the idea of breaking the two up

As much as she hates her daughterinlaw, she still wanted to be close to her grandchildren

Okay, I won’t bother you anymore. What are you going to do about the company?Courtney asked

I’ll talk to Drake when he comes back.Jane saw Courtney’s attitude change, so she tried to be nice 


Speaking of which, why did you let my son go? Do you know how dangerous that place is!Thinking of Drake who had gone to that dangerous place just to resolve the ruckus caused by Jane, her hostility for her daughterinlaw came back again

Yes, we both know the danger, but you still sent my son there.Jane’s voice was cold again

The mention of the past made Courtney uneasy

I did it for our family. If only Zane stayed in that place, the Warners wouldn’t be in such a dilemma 



Me Warrya Maur 

Here in Silverbourne, nobody can touch our family, not even the mayor, and whoever dares to do so will face a grieve consequence,” Courtney said

But you have lost too much,” Jane told Courtney

Drake has been sharing facts about his family. Drake’s father and younger brother both died in that special place

If someone has to be sacrificed just to achieve the socalled status and respect of society, she would rather have none of it

Courtney was saddened by Jane’s words

Yes, she had lost a lot

Where are the kids? I’ll go see them.” 

They’re at the martial arts training ground at the back.Jane hasn’t seen the kids since she got home

Ever since they started practicing martial arts, the kids have grown quite a bit

And they are quite good at it too, which was good, considering their current situation. Jane supported them and will continue to do so

Courtney said goodbye and went out to find her grandchildren

As soon as Courtney closed the door, Jane immediately lay down. Claiming back the interrupted rest

Over the years, she had worked hard to strengthen herself but the connections she made were only in the business sector. Not many people in politics know her






Chapter 394


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