Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 394


Chapter 394 

Jane has been lying for a while when a thought suddenly occurred to her, a thought of a man’s face to be specific

Before she can change her mind, she got up, took out her phone, and search for a contact of the man she hadn’t reached out to for a long time and video call it

The phone rang for a long moment before the call finally connected and a handsome face appeared 

on the screen

So, you still know how to call me after all?The man said, smiling

Adam, it’s been a while!Jane was smiling as he greeted the man

Okay now speak, what do you need me to do?Adam really knows her well and he never beat 

around the bush

How did you know that I need something from you?” 

Oh girl, the only times you remember reaching out to me is when you need something from me.The man over the phone smiled and joked

Jean blushed out of shame because what Adam said was true, she hadn’t contacted him for years

She didn’t even expect him to still have the same contact number

Well, you are not entirely wrong.She said sheepishly

Well, why don’t you tell me what’s going on?” 

You’re from Berlin, right? Do you know someone named Adolf Schmidt?Jane asked

I don’t remember anyone with that name, but I do know a Lucas Schmidt, the person in charge of 

the Schmidt clan,Adam said

Wait, why? Have you somehow got yourself involved with the Schmidt family?He asked, frowning

Jane has been anxious about Adam’s possible connection to the Schmidt clan, scared to find out that they’re friends or something. But now, hearing him talk about the clan without familiarity, she was sure that they have nothing to do with one another

So, she told him everything that happened

Adam’s handsome face was filled with worry the moment she was finished telling her story

That clan has always been shameless,Adam muttered angrily

Adam, can you help me find a way to get rid of them and drive them off Siverbourne?” Jane knew that what she was asking is next to impossible, seeing how powerful the Schmidt family is. But she has to give it a try

I did not expect a Schmidt family to infiltrate Siverbourne. I can help you with legal matters but as for completely sending them off, I can’t guarantee. Adam said slowly

Jane was relieved even though she did not completely get what she called for. At this rate, she’ll be needing all the help she can get

Thank you so much, Adam.She didn’t really know Adam’s real identity. They met abroad

Chapter 394 

She was a close disciple of the internationally renowned restoration master, Mr. S, and Adam was 

her senior

When the two of them were abroad, they got along pretty well. Jane has a huge respect for Adam

Adam was also very concerned about Jane

After hanging up, Jane returned to her room and changed, ready to go see her two assistants

She felt guilty for what happened to her assistants, their safety was her responsibility, and she just put them in danger

However, a car suddenly appeared out of the blue and blocked her way. She was stunned and for a moment there, she thought it was going to be Adolf again. So, when Matthew got off the car, she sighed with relief

She got off her car too and walked towards the man, this one’s got some explaining to do

Where’s April?She asked directly

She wants to see you. Come with me.Matthew’s voice was clipped and his face is unreadable

What did you do to her?Jane had some feeling that she knew what this bastard’s done with her friend, and she didn’t like it at all

You’ll know if you go.Mat had the nerve to act indifferent

April better be fine, otherwise, you are dead meat.Jane stared at Matthew, intimidating him with her piercing eyes, before finally getting into his car

They were both silent all throughout the long drive. Nobody tried to start a conversation until finally, they were driving into the premises of the Maplewood mansion, where they lived before. Jane glared at Matthew

No wonder she hadn’t found April for so long. Matthew had hidden her in Maplewood

This man is cunning

Don’t look at me, I just learned from you. The most dangerous place is the safest place.Matthew did not even bother to look at her

Jane was furious but kept her silent, there’s nothing she can do about it, anyway

Soon, the car parked in front of the humungous mansion. Jane strode inside without looking back at her companion

Upon entering, Jane found out that the place is impenetrable, no wonder April wasn’t able to leave nor contact her

Where is she?she didn’t see any trace of April so she turned and glared at Matthew

Gina, take her to April and please, bring some food and drinks with you,Matthew said to one of the 


Yes, sir.” A middleaged woman agreed, then walked over with a tray with food on it

Come with me, Miss!The servant respectfully called Jane

Jane has withdrawn her murderous gaze and followed the servant into a luxurious room

Inside, April was lying on the bed. Her face was pale, her eyes were bloodshot and sunken. Her 


Chapter 394 

whole body was very weak

Jane was by her side in a matter of seconds, she hugged her friend tight. She felt April’s body lose. some weight and she almost cried with worry

April, what happened to you? Did that man do something to you?” 

April looked at her, and when it finally dawned on her it was her friend talking, she bawled and hugged her too. Jane, you’re here.She couldn’t believe her eyes

Don’t cry.” Jane quickly wiped off April’s tears

“I’ll take you away now.And she will do it, there is no way she’s leaving without April. She couldn’t leave her here alone again

Miss, she has not eaten for a long time, please feed her first.Gina stepped forward and handed over a bowl of lean meat porridge

Jane looked at April’s sunken eyes and asked, How long have you been not eating?” 

Hearing that, April pouted, full of resentment, I’m not hungry, he won’t let me see you at all.” 

Oh April, don’t worry, I’m here now. I’ll definitely take you with me today.Jane stroked April’s hair, her heart aching

She knows the feeling of being imprisoned, for she had been in the same situation before. The days of being locked up, unable to go anywhere, and having to endure all kinds of torture were really 


Come on, let’s eat first.Jane took the porridge from Gina’s hand and personally fed April

April has been hungry for a long time now, she refused to eat until she sees Jane and now that her friend is here with her, she has every reason to dig in

After eating the whole bowl of porridge, April feels better, much to Jane’s relief

Jane suddenly stood and gently pulled April up, intending to take her away. But Gina was there to stop her

Miss, where are you going to take her?” 

Hearing this, Jane’s eyes swept over her

I’m taking her away; I’m never leaving her here and endure your master’s tortures for another 







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