Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 395

Chapter 395

“But Master did not torture Miss April. She refused to eat.” Gina desperately explained.

“That’s because he was imprisoning her. It’s entirely his fault for forcing April to live here with him?” Jane said angrily.

Gina opened her mouth, about to say something, but the changed her mind and closed it again.

Jane knew that there would be no point talking to a servant, so she left the room and marched off to Matthew.

Matthew was sitting very still on the sofa in the living room and even though he saw Jane striding towards him, he didn’t even acknowledge her.

“I will take April with me.” She stood at Matthew’s very front, her hands are in her waist and look down on him. Like a real feisty woman that she is.

Matthew finally raised his eyes to her.

“I won’t allow it,” Matthew stated the truth.

“Why are you trapping her here, you know you’re just hurting her, right?”

Matthew was silent and did not answer.

Jane was angry, “Mat, how long do you want to be stubborn? You’re just hurting each other. You can’t make April stay by your side by doing this. If you love her, just let her go.”

Matthew raised his head and looked at Jane with unfathomably deep eyes.

“Is this your way of showing your love for her? By hurting her?”

“We don’t share the same view about love. I love her, so I will never let her go. I will keep her by my side, even if she hates me.” Matthew’s decisive words stunned Jane.

For a moment, she saw how wrong his love for April is, it was a borderline obsession.

“Are you really happy?”

Jane felt sorry for Matthew, she knew that he truly loves her friend, but it was the wrong kind of love. A selfish kind. She’s sorry for April too, for meeting such a stubborn person.

“I only want her!” Matthew replied coldly.

Jane knew that she will be having a hard time convincing him to let April go, but she will still try. After all, this man is a friend to her husband, she needs to be gentle in dealing with him.

“If you continue doing this, you will only push April further.” Jane sighed, thinking about other ways to save her friend.

She couldn’t just watch April get trapped by Matthew’s obsession.

“Stop it, I won’t stop you from coming here to see her, but I won’t let you take her away from me, it’s not possible!” Matthew picked his phone up and started using it, completely ending up the discussion..

Jane walked back to April’s room with a heavy heart.

April knew that her friend could never convince Matthew into letting her go, so she wasn’t

disappointed when Jane came back, stomping furiously.

“He won’t let me go; I knew it,” April said.

She had not eaten for days just to be able to see Jane again. Should she do it again? For him to let her go this time, because no matter how she pleaded, he never budged.

“Stop getting yourself hungry.” Jane seemed to read her mind. “We have to think of other ways to get you out of here. Remember, you are pregnant, your baby needs you to be strong and heathy. Don’t let anything happen to both of you.” Jane gently persuaded April.

April stroked her belly and felt sadness and despair wash over her.

She didn’t know if this child would be born well, maybe the child was a mistake.

“Stop worrying and don’t stress yourself, I will find a way for you to get out of here.” April needs all the support that she can get right now.

April was no longer thinking about it. She looked at Jane with sorrowful eyes.

“Please tell William I’m sorry for him and that he can stop loving me.”

“I will,” Jane replied.

After all the things she had gone through because of Matthew’s love for her, April had enough, she didn’t want anyone to love her romantically anymore.

Sometimes, love was not a blessing, but a form of torture.

Jane eventually left and went straight to see William to pass April’s message to him. She also told him about April’s situation right now.

William stood up, ready to go to April’s rescue, but then Jane pulled him to sit down again.

“It’s useless for you to go now. You can’t take her away.” Jane told William.

“What should I do? Tell me what to do!” William covered his head with his hands, he was desperate

to have April back.

“We should think things over. Don’t be impulsive. I will help you find a way to rescue her. Matthew has gone over the edge with his love for April. She will not be happy with him.”

Jane will still stand by William’s side even though April told him to give up already. For her, William will suit April best.

With William, April’s life will be peaceful and simple. No complications to deal with.

William eventually calmed down, Jane was right, he shouldn’t move hastily. They have to think of a concrete plan to get April.

“By the way, I heard about what happened to Drake, how is it? Is there anything I can do for you?” William is a sweet man; he definitely has to end up with April.

Jane shook her head. Drake was not around, there was nothing else she can do.

“Actually, we do not have to use physical force in dealing with this kind of people. Sometimes, we can use their own position against them, it’s their weakness. We can go after their names and status, those are the things they protect the most.” William said.

Hearing this, Jane’s eyes lit up as she looked at William.

“Do you have any good ideas?”

“If we cannot hurt them physically, we can use the public’s opinion to bring them down.” He continued matter–of–factly.

“What should I do then?” Jane was completely lost.

“Let the victims speak out publicly. His father had just got elected, the majority of the citizen voted for him yes, but there are still some people out there who secretly wanted to bring him down.” William explained.

“But Percy and Christine will be put in the hot seat, and possibly in danger.” Jane did not want to make the matter worse for her two assistants, she just want them safe.

“Some things can only be obtained if you never give up.” William is aware of Jane’s worries.

Jane was still hesitating. She could not make a decision right away.

“I will think about it.” Jane decided to meet the two assistants first. They had to be willing to do this.

Percy and Christine were not from Silverbourne. They came from an average background. They were able to go abroad because of their excellent academic performance.

Later, they entered Jane’s studio abroad and stayed by her side.

She had always liked the two of them. When she moved her studio back here in Silverbourne, Jane rented a house for each of them in the best part of the city. They were classmates in college and worked together after graduation.

When Jane arrived at their apartments, they were still both restless.

It has been weeks since the incident involving the two of them happened, but she still hasn’t served them justice yet and she was feeling really guilty.


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