Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 396

Chapter 396

After hesitating for a while, Jane still explained William’s suggestion to the two of them.

After listening to Jane’s words, Christine and Percy was hesitant. They are girls, of course, they care for her reputation. Once this matter becomes a big deal, then they will also be criticized.

Because if they did not stand up, the culprits will never be punished and they will continue doing their evil deeds, with other victims.

After a moment of discussion, Jane finally convinced the two to go with her plan. They will finally be going to speak up.

Jane’s feelings were contradicting, she was happy because she finally found a way to pin Adolf down, but she was also worried for her two secretaries.

Soon enough, the two of them recorded a video and released it through Joes‘ various high–traffic platforms.

As soon as the video was released, it immediately caused a ruckus.

Jane then took the opportunity to fan the flames and asked the company’s public relations department to retweet and share the video online.

Not long after that, people screamed for the suspects to be arrested, forcing the police to do their bidding and jail the two murderers.

However, Jane knew that the arrest was just for a show and when everyone calms down, she was sure that Adolf will be freed again, so she used all her abilities and connections to file a lawsuit, asking the court for a hearing as soon as possible.

Today, just as Jane was coming out of the company, a car stopped in front of her. Thea, who had been following her, immediately advanced to block her.

The car’s window slowly rolled down, revealing Adolf Schmidt’s annoying face. A pair of sinister eyes looked at her.

“Jane, you have the guts to challenge me. Let’s wait and see who will have the last laugh!” Adolf said menacingly.

Jane has come to the point of no return, she would never back down now.

“People are watching you prepared to be punished.”

“You’re really brave!” Adolf glared at Jane for a few seconds before telling the driver to drive away.

Jane ignored the encounter and got in the car with Thea. But as soon as she got in, a feeling of foreboding engulfed her, like something bad is going to happen. It automatically caused her brain to play back and analyze what just happened until something caught her attention, something she failed to realize a while ago.

“Wait!” She held Thea’s hand who was about to start the engine.

“Boss, what’s the matter?” Thea wondered.

“Let’s get off the car and call someone to check it.” She opened the car door and got off, followed by the confused Thea.

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It was very unlikely for Adolf to come all the way here just to taunt her with words, he must have a different intention.

Thea had her moment of shock, which she quickly recovered from. She immediately called someone.

Two hours later, under the inspection of the professionals, Thea reported back to Jane.

“Boss, the car was indeed manipulated, the brakes were removed, and the screws on the wheels were also replaced. If it’s driven on the road, there will inevitably be accidents.”

Jane was silent.

“Boss, did you call the police?” Thea asked.

“First go and checked the surveillance at the company’s entrance to see if anything is captured,” Jane ordered.

“Yes, boss,” Thea replied.

They were in for a big disappointment. The surveillance had been deleted and nothing was recorded.

Jane’s face paled.

“Then it would be useless to call the police, we have no evidence. Just log in to the platform and post what happened today. Say that the people behind it intended to kill.” Jane instructed Thea.

Jane then took her phone out, flipped through the comments for a while, and called Drake again, but still no one answered.

It’s been almost a week since Drake left and she hasn’t heard from him since then. She’s getting so worried and the worst part is, she couldn’t do anything about it.

At that moment, in a luxurious mansion somewhere, Adolf had just returned home when his father called him to study.

As soon as he entered the room, a resounding slap landed on his face, immobilizing him.

“Dad, what was that for?” He asked his father.

“What did you do this time?” Friedrich Schmidt asked.

“I haven’t done anything.” Adolf has not yet recovered from the slap. It freaking hurts.

“Really? Go take your phone out and see for yourself. The Internet is now exploding. That woman posted a video again, like she did before, turning the citizen against us. I know she is your business but you didn’t have to do that. I can help you. Why did you go and see that woman again?”

“You even meddled with her car. Do you know that this was frustrated murder? You thought that it would be enough if you deleted the roadside surveillance? Well, guess what? someone saw your car at the scene. Please give me peace of mind. My position as mayor has not yet been secured. Stop doing something that can destroy my career. It’s just a woman. Are you crazy?”

Friedrich couldn’t understand what does that woman have to make his son act this way.

Adolf just listened to her father talking, unimpressed. He was a natural troublemaker, and he wouldn’t stop venting his anger to Jane. There would be many more to come.

But his father didn’t need to know that. So, he patiently waited fof his father to end his discussion and got out, containing his anger.


Mr Warner, Your Ex–wife is Brilliant


Chapter 396

He asked his people to meet him in a bar before going out and driving over. He arrived with his companions already there, waiting for him.

Somebody came looking for him, but when he learned that it was a man, Adolf immediately dismissed him and continued drinking, with his arms wrapped around a woman’s body.

However, he changed his mind and told his subordinates to chase the man and ask him what he wants. They listened to his commands and went out to chase the said man. It was a bald and creepy–looking man in his thirties. Looking at him, they decided that he was not worth their master’s time. So, they sent him off.

“You will regret it!” The man cursed in a low voice.

“Our young master doesn’t have time to see you.” They violently pushed the stranger to the side of the road.

The man stood up patted the dust on his body, gave everyone a menacing look, and left.

After a while, the same man stood at the gates of Warner’s residence, asking the guard to let him

see Jane.

When the security guard saw how lewd the person was, he refused to admit his entrance.

“Tell your master that I have strong evidence that she can bring the Schmidt family down. I’m sure she would want to meet me.” The man sneered, and his face looked even greasy.

The security guard hesitated for a moment, but then he called one of the housekeepers and told him about the man at the door.

The butler went to Jane and her about the man at the door.

Jane also hesitated for a while, but the man’s information couldn’t just be ignored, so she asked the butler to bring the weird guest in.

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