Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 398


Chapter 398 

After careful consideration, Jane’s secretaries have both agreed to publicize their video. Jane watched again and deleted the most sensitive part, for Her assistant’s sake

She permanently deleted all of the copies in Carloscomputer too before logging out

The next day, Jane took the videos with her and find her assistants

She carefully explained what she was going to do

I’m going to have to ask for your permission again, just to be sure. I’m going to release your videos in public and let the people help us put Adolf and his men in jail. It’s going to be hard for you, but I will be here to support you. So, tell me, do you agree?” 

Watching the video took them back to that tragic day gain, and they trembled in pain, especially Christine

But they also knew that this was the best evidence the authorities were looking for, so they had to do it

With their consent, Jane quickly posted the video. This time, the public roared even more, calling for the authorities to arrest the suspects. The police weren’t able to resist the pressure anymore and finally began to pay attention to the case

The court had to accept the case, affecting the mayor too

Although they were fast to plea nonguilty and stubbornly told the court that they did not do it. The Schmidt family claimed that they have nothing to do with the two defendants and that although they were their subordinates, they acted solely on their own

Some people went against the newly appointed mayor, saying that he didn’t deserve his position

The public was bent on giving justice to the victims, creating great damage to the mayor’s reputation. He was livid, and his son will be the receiving end of his wrath

Friedrich was replaced as the mayor of Siverbourne, and the people couldn’t agree more. They were all too happy with how things turned out

Drake was back from his mission and saw how the Schmidts lose the battle

However, he did not catch his wife in their home. As it turned out, she was in the courtroom with her secretaries

The case of the assistants was officially opened and Jane felt the need to be there for them

At the end of the day, the suspects were found guilty beyond reasonable doubt and were given grief punishments. They maybe weren’t able to bring Adolf down, but he was greatly affected by what happened to his men. Their name was pulled down in the mud. Their power was lessened, and they were now one of the most hated families

After walking out of the courthouse, Jane told Thea to escort her assistants back to their home to rest, she will just take a taxi back home

Thea hesitated because, after all, her job is to protect Jane

I’m fine, you can send them back.Jane insisted


Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 298 

Thea was having second thoughts when a luxurious car parked in front of them

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the familiar plate number 

Very well, I will go and send them home then.Thea mused

Jane saw his husband’s car too and nodded, Yes, go now.” 

She saw Drake get out of his car and walked towards her

When did you come back?” 

I just arrived.” Drake obviously missed his wife judging from the way he was looking at her

Jane, on the other hand, was still a little reserved, thinking that it was not the right place to show how much they missed each other. But Drake was having none of it, because in the next second, she was engulfed in a familiar embrace, sniffing the familiar scent

Drake! We’re in public!Jane gently pushed his chest away. Struggling to free herself from his arms

Stay still, and just let me hug you, I’ve missed you so much!Drake loses himself in Jane’s embrace

Jane stops struggling and just lets her husband hold her

Drake eventually let her go. His body has suddenly gone stiff and his aura changed from a loving husband to a dangerous man

Jane felt the change in her husband’s demeanor so she followed his gaze and saw Adolf walking out, his men in tow. She couldn’t contain the joy she felt when she saw his ashen, loser face

Adolf stopped walking when he reached them. He stared at them with bloodshot eyes

Don’t ever think that it’s over, Jane. I will come back for you” 

Adolf was feeling territorial over Jane for some reason. He is now burning with jealousy seeing her get too close to another man, husband or not

He wanted her for himself, and he will get her. He’ll make sure of it

Let’s go 

ome!” Drake ignored him and pull his wife away, leaving Adolf seething with anger. He is a speck of dirt not worthy of his time and attention

You sure know how to deal with him,Jane said, referring to Drake’s calmness

Her husband has never been a violent man and she loves him even more for that

But Drake will not stop until he drove Adolf and his family off Silverbourne. He won’t resort to physical; he has other ways of doing it

They both got in the car and drove away

In the car, Jane interrogated Drake about the mission he took, asking him for details about what he did for the past two weeks, asked about Yu Mohan’s situation in the past two weeks. Drake answered her patiently, tactfully leaving all the confidential information about his mission out

That abominable family will soon leave Silverbourne. Soon, you won’t have to see their faces ever again. Give me three days and Silverbourne will be clear of them.Drake nodded affirmatively

Really Drake? Thank God You’re really amazing!Jane looked at his husband’s gorgeous profile and sighed, her eyes shining with admiration. She’s just snagged herself a perfect man for a husband


Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 398 

Drake saw her wife’s eyes and felt his heart filled with joy. It has been so long since he last saw that kind of look from her. She used to look at him with pure adoration that he loved so much. But it was slowly getting lost as time goes by. Seeing her like this felt nostalgic, it’s like finding again the Jane that he lost along the way

The car suddenly skidded to a full stop

Jane panicked, and just when she was about to confront the person behind the wheels, a hand came up her nape, effectively pulling her to its owner’s waiting mouth

Drake kissed her senselessly, pouring all his longing into it, probing her to kiss him back. Jane, however, was caught offguard, her eyes were wide open with shock so she saw Drake’s expression while he was kissing her. His eyes are closed and his eyelashes are fluttering and before she knew it, she was kissing him back with the same ferocity, nipping his lips and tasting the sweet taste of his mouth. They kissed each other for a long time before Drake finally got the courage to stop and continue driving




Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 399


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