Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 399


Chapter 399 

Just like Drake said, Friedrich Schmidt stepped down from his position after three days. He was replaced by Silverbourne’s deputy secretary, Mr. Thaddeus Reed, who was recommended by Drake

He was also Drake’s very good friend

After the oathtaking, the new mayor invited Drake and Jane for dinner as gratitude for Drake’s help in making him the town’s new mayor

Drake attended with his wife in his arms. At the dinner table, the two men chatted happily. Mayor Reed even showed respect for Drake

Jane has been a total charmer over the course of the dinner

When it was all over and the couple went home, the mayor’s secretary asked him about Drake

Director Reed, I noticed the way you treated Drake. Why were you being so polite to him?” 

His bossattitude towards Mr. Drake Warner has been a puzzle for the young and beautiful 

secretary. The man’s a businessman, a far cry from his boss profession. But the director obviously 

respects him so much to the point of inviting him to an intimate dinner

Thaddeus was amused by his secretary’s confusion

You are underestimating Drake. I owe the man my position, if it wasn’t for him, I won’t be sitting here now as your new mayor. He was responsible for removing the Schmidts out of Silverbourne, and he is a good friend.The mayor answered

Mayor Reed was very impressed with Drake. The man is very capable in almost everything. And he’s a very good judge of character seeing that he only makes friends with good people, and ignores the bad ones. That’s it, if those bad ones ignore him and his family too. If they try and mess up with the people he cares about, then he can be a very ruthless enemy too. Take the Schmidts for example


Listening to his boss talk about Drake made the secretary think about the handsome face at the dinner table just now, she envied the woman beside him

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The couple did not go straight home. They went to Matthew’s place first

Jane went to see April, and Drake went to sit with Matt


The longer April stays inside the mansion, the more weight she loses. She looked a lot thinner than the last time Jane was here, her belly got a lot bigger too. Jane hates to admit but her friend looked terrible

Jane felt sorry for her, she used to be very beautiful and lively. Where was that little spitfire I raised?” 


I’m fine.April was lying on the chair

Having you here is enough to give me strength, thank you for seeing me.Her manner was a bit subdued now too

Please take care of yourself. Make sure that the baby is safe first, we’ll deal with Matt after you give birth. Protect your child, and you can only do that by protecting yourself too.Jane comforted her 

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Chapter 399 

After a few talks, Jane left him April alone again 

Matthew sent the couple out and, on his way, back, he meets the servant who was holding a porridge for April

I won’t eat it, take it!April said coldly

Miss, please eat some. You haven’t been eating these few days.The servant said worriedly

I said, I won’t eat.April was stubborn

The servant helplessly looked at Matthew who followed her to the room

Matthew strode in, took the porridge from the servant, and let the servant go. He brought the food to April

I’ve already given my permission for Jane to come and see you as often as you both like, what else do you want?Matthew was almost begging

April ignored him and stubbornly closed her eyes

Matthew sighed in utter helplessne 

Come on baby, take a sip, it’ll be cold in a while!He tried to spoonfeed April, but she just wouldn’t budge

She refused to open her mouth opened her eyes instead and glared at Matthew

His heart broke a little more

April then nailed her eyes to the wall on her left side. Matthew was standing on her right

Matthew had enough

You will not really eat? Fine!With a loud bang, Matthew smashed the bowl he was holding, it scattered on the floor


How long are you going to be stubborn? Are you seriously going to starve yourself to death? What about our baby? Don’t you even care for it?Matthew was breathless

April met his angry eyes with her own

And whose fault do you think it is?” 


you really hate me that much? Is the idea of being with me revolts you so much that you rather die than give us a chance?Matthew felt his heart breaks just a little more, it has been breaking little by little since he brought April with him

Yes, I feel so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep at night. I don’t have the appetite too.April replied calmly

A piece of his heart just fell out of place gain

Why was happiness so hard to reach? The woman he loved is here with him, and yet all he feels is searing pain

When he opened his eyes again, April has already turned her back to him

Okay, I’ll let you go.Matthew finally said with all the strength he could muster

His words didn’t register for a while but when they finally did, April abruptly sat up in disbelief


Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 399 

“Are you telling the truth?” 

Yes, you can go now. Hurry up before I changed my mind.Matthew said, his heart finally shattering

April stared at him for a few seconds, and then when she was sure that he’s being serious, she got off the bed and went out the door without hesitation 

Matthew heard her retreating footsteps but willed himself not to look because if did, he might change his mind and hold her here forever

April quickly walked out of the villa and stood on the empty street. Suddenly, she felt isolated and helpless. She did not know where to go

She took her phone out, intending to call Jane

A car was parked nearby, and unbeknownst to April, the woman inside was staring intently at her. Shirley looked at the photograph on her phone, a photo of a woman who looked exactly like the one standing not far away from her. Shirley was mad, so mad she might accidentally hit the woman

She came here to talk to Matthew, to ask him why he ran away from their marriage. But she didn’t need to do that anymore, the answer is standing there, looking like a lost child, with a very big and very round belly. 

All the rational thoughts flew out the window, and with an angry and vengeful heart, she stepped on the gas and rushed toward April

Jane accepted the call but before she could say anything, she felt herself flying off the road and slam into a concrete ground. Pain shot through her stomach. She wanted to call for help, but blood spilled out of her mouth, preventing her from speaking

On the other end of the line, Jane picked up the call, but she only heard the sound of the car’s wheels rubbing against the ground. She called April back several times, but nobody seems to be picking up the phone. This made Jane’s heart feel extremely uneasy





Chapter 400


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