Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 400


Chapter 400 

Drake, let’s go back, I have a bad feeling about this,” Jane told her driving husband

Drake did exactly as she said, without any question. They turned around and went back to where they came from

April was lying on the ground covered in blood. She was in despair and pain

Then, a figure got out of the car. It was a woman, with blond hair flowing like honey

April looked at her with difficulty

She knew the woman, and she never thought that she would do this to her

She hurt her, all because of Matthew. She’s been hurting because of Matthew, and she’s on the verge of dying, still because of Matthew

That child should die.April was covered in her blood, and Shirley just watched her there, wishing 

her dead

Hearing Shirley’s words, April tried her best to talk, she wanted to ask the woman for help. She wanted to tell her to call an ambulance and save her baby

But when she opened her mouth, only blood spilled out. Seeing her like this, Shirley felt a perverted 

satisfaction in her heart. 

If this woman dies here, Matthew will go back to her, she was almost sure about it

Just then, Jane arrived and heard what the crazy woman was saying, she was quick to take out her phone and record the woman’s voice 

Without this child, you won’t be able to keep Matthew.Shirley looked at April’s desperate eyes and felt very happy

April, you can now go to hell!She squatted down and reach for April’s neck to kill her completely

Matthew finally gave in to the urge and ran after April. But he was surprised by the scene he caught 

outside the mansion

Without any hesitation, he immediately ran over and forcefully pushed Shirley away, who was about to murder April

Shirley was thrown to the ground but Matthew couldn’t care less, all he saw was April, lying in the pool of her blood. His mind went blank

April, baby! What’s happened to you? Don’t scare me like this, April. His voice was shaking

Why did this have to happen?Matthew blamed himself for allowing April to leave, this shouldn’t have happened if he just forced her to stay

In the emergency room, the red light was currently on. A group of people were anxiously waiting outside the door, all of them were praying for a good result

They were oblivious to the time. They don’t know how much time has passed since the red light went out, and the door opened

The people immediately got up and walked over there. William slowly walked out of the room and took off his mask. His face was unreadable



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Chapter 400 

How is April?It was Jane who asked first, the other two just looked at him worriedly

William took a deep breath first before talking I’m sorry, but we couldn’t save the child” 

How about April??Matthew asked urgently

Hearing Matthew’s question, William raised his bloodshot eyes and didn’t speak for a long time

Matthew didn’t wait for William’s answer and simply rushed into the emergency room

But he was stopped by a furious William, What else do you want? You’ve already caused her enough harm, why don’t you leave her in peace for the last time?” 

What do you mean?Matthew prayed that he just mistakenly heard William

She’s dead. Leave her in peace, just for this last time” 

Matthew felt like he was punched in the gut. The pain was so raw he almost collapse, he leaned on the wall for support

What did you say? How could something like that happen to her? How could it be possible?” 

Didn’t you see her, weren’t you the one who brought her here? She was covered in blood! It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t taken her away, she would’ve been alive by now.” 

Everything is because of you. You did not only ruin her but also cost her life.William continued

Matthew kept quiet, he just pushed William away and ran to the emergency room


Jane heard it, her knees buckled and she sat down on the floor, crying 

Drake quickly supported her and said anxiously, Baby, are you all right?” 

Jane’s vision was starting to blur, she was having a hard time breathing

She couldn’t believe that April was gone. The pain that she’s feeling now is unbearable. She was just talking to her earlier that day

The next moment, Jane was also running to the emergency room. Matthew was sitting by April’s side, never daring to open the blanket that was covering the remains of April

He would be fine as long as nobody lifts the coverup. Seeing her dead body will be the end of him

But Jane was braver than him because she was able to summon the courage to lift the coverup and 

see her friend’s face

But when she saw the pale face under the white cloth, her bravery evaporated into thin air, she held on to the edge of the bed to stop herself from falling

Matthe finally ran forward in disbelief and hugged April’s pale body. His own body shook with tremors as he sobs like a little kid

He held April’s lifeless body for the longest time, refusing to let it go

Are you satisfied now?Jane choked with sobs as she questioned Matthew

Matthew ignored her, he ignored everything and everybody, he just continuously held the body of the only woman he ever loved

Then he got up and took April with him

What are you doing? Where are you taking April?Jane immediately ran to stop him


Mr. Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 4 00 

Get out of the way!Matthew’s voice was cold as he answered Jane

But Jane was also tough, I won’t let you. This time, I will definitely not let you take April away. Put her down!” 

I said get out of the way!Matthew’s voice was louder this time

The noise alerted Drake and William outside the door and the two of them immediately rushed in and saw Jane and Matthew, who was holding April’s body in his arms, facing each other, obviously shouting at one another too

Matthew looked dangerous

Drake stepped forward, looked at them, and asked in a cold voice

Matt, what are you trying to do?” 


Take care of your woman.Matthew coldly told Drake

Drake, stop him. I do not care how you do it, just please stop him. Don’t allow him to take April away again, please.Jane was begging her husband

Yu Mohan looked at the two of them and was in a dilemma

William now stepped forward too. Haven’t you had enough? Would you really want to repeat what you did to her while she was still alive?William said

Hearing this, Matthew was startled and hesitated for a moment. Thinking of what he did to April, and how April died because of his actions



A moment of hesitation was all William needed to go and take April away from Matthew

This time, I will never let you take her away


He regretted the last time he let Matthew take April away, now, he will never let such a thing happen again



























Mr. Warner Your Exwife is Brilliant 



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