Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 402



Chapter 402 

Hearing Adam say that he was a little carrot, Zac pursed his mouth unhappily. That was it! His impression of Adam was even worse

This is my other son,” Jane introduced without hesitation

Adam was surprised. Adopted?” 

No, my own.” Jane shook her head, not knowing how to explain her situation to Adam

Uncle Adam, long time no see,Zane said in a timely manner, changing the topic

Adam looked at Zane, and the smile on his face deepened, Zane has grown up.” 

After finishing speaking, he turned his eyes to the sweet and lovely Zoe, who also had a smile on her pretty little face

Zoe has grown up too.” 

Hello, Uncle Adam,” Zoe called out sweetly

Hey, Zoe! You’re a good little girl as always.Adam walked over and stroked Zoe’s soft hair, his eyes were full of doting

Zac watched from the side, feeling a little resentful in his heart

Zac, that’s your Uncle Adam,Jane introduced to Zac from the side

She noticed that his oldest was hostile to Adam. She was both amused and surprised as she didn’t know that there was such a great hostility from her child

However, Zac’s temperament was a bit like Drake’s. They both could be arrogant and jealous towards strangers, and Jane was more or less used to it

Although Zac didn’t like this Uncle Adam, since his Mommy spoke, he still obediently greeted

Good day, Uncle Adam!” 

Adam’s eyes fell on Zac again, looking at Zac’s arrogant little face, he suddenly felt a little funny

This child is the same as Zane when he first met me,Adam remarked with a smile

Adam, you should sit down first.” 

Right.Adam nodded. After they were seated, they ordered food

Afterwards, Jane also started chatting with Adam. After briefly asking about each other’s current situation at first, the two moved on to topics about cultural relics

Adam was the most recognized best disciple of Master S. He was known to be greatly skilled in understanding and restoring cultural relics

Jane was the last close disciple of Master S, so her talent in the field was naturally not bad, but compared to Adam, she was, of course, not better than him

For a long while, the two chatted about cultural relics, the torrential rivers stretching on and on, and other deeper topics. Meanwhile, the three little guys just ate until their stomachs were round

After the dinner was over, Adam had to go to an auction of cultural relics. Hearing that, Jane was

Chapter 402 

little eager to try as well

Adam could guess what she was thinking, so he invited her to tag along

Jane glanced at her children who were yawning after eating and hesitated

Mommy, you can go and let Aunt Thea take us back home.Zane was the most sensible when it came to things like these. He could see that his mother wanted to go and he wanted to be considerate of her feelings

Anyway, his Mommy had been in a bad state for so long. She had been disillusioned and rarely went 

out of her room

It was rare these days to see her be excited about something. Zane hoped that she could recover more by letting her do what she wanted

Zoe was also on her brother’s side so she immediately followed suit in assuring her Mommy and Uncle Adam that they should go together

Only Zac didn’t speak. He was still staring at Adam’s face like a very worried father

For him, it was not good for Mommy to go out alone with other men when Daddy was away

Mummy, you can go. Zac and I are both grown men. We can protect our sister,Zane spoke again

when he noticed Jane’s hesitance

See? Even your child expressed his approval, so let’s go together. I heard that today’s auction is going to be interesting. They said a rare relic was going to be there. It’s good to go and have a look,Adam informed, trying to tempt Jane even more

At that, Jane became more interested and looked at the three children

Is it really okay for the three of you to go back on your own?” 

Of course, Mommy. Don’t worry.Zane patted his chest

Okay, then. Mommy will go with Uncle Adam. You all obediently listen to Aunt Thea and let her take you back.” 

Jane reminded the three children

After watching them and Thea get into the car with her own eyes, Jane and Adam finally rushed to the auction place together

In the car, Adam curiously asked about Zac’s situation. Jane thought about it for a second and answered truthfully

They are triplets. Some things happened the year I gave birth, so he has always been by his father’s side.” 

His father? Have you reunited with their father?Adam asked in surprise

When he was abroad, he actually harbored thoughts for Jane. After all, Jane was beautiful and had a good talent in the restoration of cultural relics

The two were under the same teacher, and they had spent a lot of time in contact. In addition to being beautiful, she and Adam shared the same ideologies and were quite likeminded in many aspects. She also had a kind soul. It was impossible to not fall for someone like her

But when he found out that Jane had a child, Adam finally gave up. After all, his family would not 

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Mi Wamer Your Ex wife is Williant 

Chapter 402 

allow him to marry a divorced woman

Adam also had a high status in the family, so he naturally couldn’t decide on his marriage alone until his family approved

He did have his regrets afterwards, however

When he was abroad, he somehow got the information that although Jane had children, she did not have a husband. There was only her and the twins in her house

Of course, now that said missing husband was actually present, Adam was naturally curious about it and had his own questions

Well, we will have a wedding soon.Qiao nodded with a smile

If it wasn’t for what happened with April, perhaps their wedding date would have already been set 

Thinking back to the time when Drake suddenly mentioned the wedding, though it couldn’t happen immediately, she still felt a burst of sweetness. She had taken his proposal to heart, so she would hold on to it no matter how delayed

Seeing the happy smile on Jane’s face, Adam felt a bit envious

However, Adam was sincerely happy that she could find her own happiness

He wasn’t the type who could only rest when he got the woman he loved. His love for her was. nothing obsessive. He was content as long as she was happy

Then I guess I should congratulate you,Adam said with a smile

What about you, Adam? You don’t plan to get married yet?” Jane asked cluelessly. Adam had never once made any move that hinted his liking for her, so Jane never figured it out

Anyway, Jane has always treated him like a friend and senior whom she respected very much

IWell, it’s better for me to be single,” Adam replied with a playful smile

If you don’t meet the right person, I guess it’s fine to be alone.Jane didn’t like the idea of forced 


In her opinion, a marriage should involve love, and both parties should be willing. Tying two people who held no affection for the other was only going to end up in a disaster

If she had understood these things when she was young, she wouldn’t have devoted herself to Drake and insisted on marrying him even though she knew he didn’t love her

In the end, there were so many misunderstandings which ended up burning the two of them

Fortunately, their final ending was happiness

Yeah, it’s nice to be alone.” 

Adam replied with a smile

The car drove all the way, and soon arrived at the auction venue. To Jane’s surprise, the address of this auction was the same as the venue where she and Drake once participated in

Jane could still vividly remember the last time that Drake bought a rare orchid from the auction and got poisoned, then it was up to her to go to the mountains to gather the antidote for him


Mr Warner, Your Ex wide is 


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