Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 403

Chapter 403 

Chapter 403 

What’s the matter?Adam asked suspiciously upon noticing that Jane was slightly taken aback

Jane came back to her senses and shook her head. It’s nothing. Let’s go in.” 

After the two entered the auction site, many people came forward to greet Adam

Needless to say, both his background and famed talent were the perfect combination for him to get rather famous

When Adam’s acquaintances saw him attending with a lady, they all cast playful glances

This must be Mr. Stanford’s girlfriend. What a lucky gentleman to have such a beautiful girlfriend.” 

Please, you misunderstood. This is my fellow apprentice and not my girlfriend,” Adam explained with a smile

Oh? Then this lady must also be a master of restoration of cultural relics. What a talent for such a young age. She is indeed young and promising,” the other party praised with a smile and looked at Jane with more respect

This is my junior, Jane, who is as good at handling relics as I am,” Adam introduced to everyone with a proud smile

Because of that, Jane had to deal with a group of people who would come up to her for casual talks. Of course, she took the opportunity to expand her network

After the auction, although Jane didn’t buy anything, she still made a lot of connections in the capital. She was also able to see a lot of antiques that she wasn’t aware even existed, which broadened her horizons

After the auction ended, there was a selfhelp party. Seeing that it was getting late, Jane didn’t plan to stay, so she asked Adam to go back first. She took a taxi and went back

Adam originally wanted to send Jane off, but a friend he was acquainted with asked him to stay for a while, so he had no choice but to let her take a taxi back

After watching Jane get into the car with his own eyes, Adam returned to the venue

Jane sat in the back seat, took out her mobile phone and called the three little guys, asking if they were asleep

However, after calling for a while, it was never picked up. Jane had a bad feeling in her heart

Could it be an accident? Her heart skipped a beat

Mister, please hurry up.Jane was worried, so she could only ask the driver to go faster, and then used her mobile phone to call Thea

Thea’s phone rang for a while. Fortunately, it was connected, and she immediately asked about the situation of the three little guys

Hearing Jane’s worry, Thea told her, Boss, we have already returned safely. The owner of the villa has come, however. The young masters and the young lady were taken to watch a movie in the private theater in the backyard.” 

Hearing Thea’s answer, Jane breathed a sigh of relief

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Mr Warner Your Exwife is Brilliant 

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Chapter 403 

Okay, I see. I’m already on my way back, and I’ll be there soon.” 

The place where they live now was borrowed from one of Derek’s friends. The relationship between the two was actually close. They were not only friends but also partners

She heard that the other party participated in the most popular amusement park in Berlin this time, although Jane had never been in contact with him personally

However, from the fact that the other party took the initiative to come to the villa to receive them upon their arrival, she could guess that he had a good relationship with Drake, so she could finally relax when she learned that the children are with him

Back at the residence, the three little guys also finished watching the movie. They were just walking out under the guidance of the servant, followed by an elderly middleaged man who gave gentle and kind aura

Jane and the elderly greeted each other with a smile, and the two exchanged a few pleasantries. The man asked them to have a good rest here, handed over tickets to the amusement park, and left

Jane then took the three little guys to rest

The next day, when they got up in the morning, they had breakfast and rushed to the amusement park

Because it was the first day of opening, many people brought their children to play so the entire amusement park was full of people

With so many people, Jane couldn’t help but tell the three little guys to be careful and not to get separated 

The three were very excited and nodded repeatedly, but their eyes never left the various fun things 


Jane smiled helplessly, and could only ask Thea to look after them properly in case they ran off

As soon as the park opened, the three children rushed in immediately. The three of them held hands and went to play what they liked

Jane accompanied the little guys the whole time and played a lot of games

At noon, they were finally a little tired, so they went to a place where they could buy cold drinks and take some rest

Jane ordered freshsqueezed juice for the three little guys and stayed by the side as they drank

Mommy, I want to go to the bathroom,Zoe said as she pulled Jane’s sleeve

Do you want to go too?Jane asked the two boys

Mommy, I won’t go.Zane shook his head

I’m not going either.Zac also shook his head

Since Zane and Zac refused to go, Jane took Zoe to the bathroom

In the bathroom, Jane immediately prepared to help her daughter

Mum, I can do it myself,” Zoe protested immediately as soon as Jane was about to lift her clothes

Jane smiled, and didn’t continue to move. Alright then. You can do it yourself. I will be waiting for 


Mr Wamer Your Ex- 

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Chapter 403 

you outside.” 

Yes, Mommy.Zoe nodded obediently

Jane went out, washed her hands at the sink outside, took out her phone and looked through the nice photos taken today. She wanted to send them to Drake so he could at least feel included even if he wasn’t present

Just as she was looking at her mobile phone, a janitor passed her by while pushing a large trash can about half her size into the toilet room

After a while, she vaguely noticed that the cleaner exited the bathroom as she was busy sending pictures. A few more minutes, however, she found that Zoe hadn’t come out for a long time. She immediately walked into the toilet

Arriving at the cubicle where Zoe was, Jane knocked on the door and asked softly, Zoe, are your alright?” 

However, after Jane’s voice, there was only silence

Jane yelled a few more words, but there was no response. With a thump in her heart, she pushed open the door of the cubicle

Immediately, Jane was dumbfounded. There was no sign of Zoe in the cubicle

Jane panicked. Frantically, she began opening the other cubicles while calling out for Zoe. However, even after checking twice, there was no one else in the bathroom

Jane was so flustered. Looking back on what happened just now, there was no one else who came in and out except a cleaning staff

Could it be that Zoe was kidnapped

Thinking of this possibility, Jane became worried and immediately called Drake. Right now, she wasn’t even worried about being accused of carelessness

Drake, Zoe is gone!” 

Hearing Jane’s words, Drake on the phone was also taken aback. After a quick pause, he calmly asked Jane to explain what happened in details

After Jane explained the situation to Drake, he comforted her

I’ll be right over in a minute. Don’t worry.” 

Jane was already in a panic as she walked out of the bathroom. And looking at the crowd of people coming and going, she felt even more worried

In the vast sea of people, where was she going to find her daughter

On Drake’s side, he immediately asked Daniel to arrange a helicopter to fly directly to Berlin, and then called his partner there to ask him to help out with the investigation



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